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Marvel Superheroes Hulk (2013)

March 14 032

I remember finding this little guy last year some time ago as I strolled around the super market.  It’s funny – I think the week or two before my wife informed me we were going to have another child and I sort of knew it was going to be a boy.  I said it right away and even had everyone referring to the baby as a “him”.  I was overwhelmed and crazy excited at the same time.  Then I stumbled across this little Manga looking Hulk and it made me laugh.  It was a scene from a movie where the new expectant father is unsure of what the future holds and then he sees something and the world make sense again.

March 14 033

March 14 034

This little dude resides in Antone’s room – where he will hopefully become his favorite toy someday – and he will keep him forever.  The big chunky wheels with the “H” hub caps – hey, any pimp can have personalized plates – but personalized hub caps?  That’s a whole different level of incredible-ness!  And what other color would his car be?  It’s got to match his attire!

March 14 036

Great Article


Blog friend Zeno had offered up this link weeks ago – being as busy as I was I didn’t have time to check it out… until now.  Read this over – it’s pretty cool.  Click the image for the article.

Guess That Panel 3.27.14


Here’s the latest gem Hulk shot – who knows where this shot came from?  As always, series & issue # – aaaaaannnnnd GO!

A Mystery Solved


I recently received an inquiry about a comic that is in possession of viewer of this blog.  He had the above comic and was inquiring about what it was.  He knew it wasn’t an original copy of Hulk #1 but couldn’t find information on what he thought was a reprint.  Well, after some digging, I was informed by someone that this is actually a piece of the first trade ever released by Marvel titled “Origins of Marvel Comics”.  While the trade is very sought after by collectors – having only a piece of the trade, like this, has unfortunately no real value.

origins book

The man who let me know – we’ll call him Bud (mainly because that’s his name) – sent me the pics of the trade cover and the page inside.  He let me know he has seen it a few times – especially when the trade first came out – where people cut out the pieces of the trade and sold them off as original #1’s.  Please be aware!

origins hulk

For the record – this is what a authentic #1 looks like:


Hulk Key Chains… Key Chains EVERYWHERE!

princess party 050

If there is one things I know about it is certainly dressing your car keys to look cool.  I mean, it’s super important to have something dangling from your ignition while you drive… and also just as important to have some hard plastic or metal object jabbing into your thigh after you shove your keys in your pocket.  Since the Hulk doesn’t really have a logo – unless you count the very bland “radioactive” symbol – it’s pretty difficult to find a good Hulk key chain.

princess party 049

Some of the older ones shown like the metal Hulk face at the top is a decent start – based on the Herb Trimpe cover art to issue #116 – but a better, more fun addition is the silver Hulk fist – which is pretty solid and heavy.  I have seen that there is a colored version – but I like the silver colored key chain better.

 my boy 012  my boy 011

Of course, if you want to start having more fun then you can begin and end at the Lego store.  They released the exclusive Hulk figure as a key chain.  How can you go wrong with a Lego Hulk key chain?  I will confess – I’ve started a little collection of these guys – currently on my car keys is a Lego Batman, Lego Donatello, Lego Loki and Lego Hulk.  When caught in traffic I make them all battle.

princess party 047 princess party 045

I also have the TokiDoki Hulk key chain – I actually liked these so much I have 2 Hulks, Punisher, Surfer, Thing and Thor.  My LCS is pretty decent when it comes to these blind boxes – they actually open most of them up and display the hidden figures inside.  I have made it clear on this blog that I am not a fan of the blind boxes…

princess party 043  princess party 044

Speaking of which – I also have the Munny Hulk… I think that stands for mini-dunny – which isn’t actually a key chain – but a zipper pull instead.  Not interested in putting this on my hoodie – but I do like the look of this tiny addition to the Hulk room.

princess party 045 - Copy

Mini-Series: Spirits Of Venom (1993) – The Review

Spirits of Venom

W: Howard Mackie
I: Kubert/Reinhold
(Spirits of Vengeance)
(Web of Spider-Man)

There isn’t a whole lot of favorably memorable 90’s mini-series.  Most of them are downright laughable when you start to think about them – but there is one that I don’t think gets enough credit.  Now, hold on to your hats because here’s the crazy part – this doesn’t feature the Hulk at all – and I love this thing!  No worries, I am not going soft, I just thought I would take a post off from the Hulk to revisit one of my favorite miniseries from good ‘ole 1993.


When Venom was introduced in the late 80’s he was an instant hit – mainly due to McFarlane using his rock-star status to create an evil, muscular, black-suited Spider-man that could fight with regular Spider-Man.  In the beginning, you could tell Brock adored the power that the symbiote gave him – it wasn’t until Erik Larsen drew him that he started to show a disgusting, humongous, non-human tongue and started acting more like an monster than a man – claiming he wanted to eat Spider-Man’s brains.  You’ll be pleased to know that his craving for brains is sedated by chocolate.  Of course, it was only a matter of time that Marvel turned their newest fan favorite baddie into a watered down version who really wanted to do good.


In this excellent series – which spans across 4 books in 2 separate titles (Web of Spider-Man #95-96 and Spirits of Vengeance #5-6) – Venom is treated as the wild card he is – and truly should be.  He isn’t ever a welcome part of the team – but sometimes used as a necessary evil – and he actually is more trouble than he’s worth.  But I digress, let’s begin with the story.  Spirits of Vengeance, which employs Ghost Rider and a total bad-ass, the non-superhero Johnny Blaze, were hot on the trail of the Deathspawn, an army of dark minions who, with the help of Hag and Troll, seek to bring their master, Deathwatch, back to life.  They cross paths with Spider-Man as he is trying to protect the Hobgoblin from the Demo-Goblin, (with the cheesiest, best Spider-Man foe of the 90’s in tow, Spider-Doppelganger) who is trying to “cleanse” the world of the Hobgoblin’s existence, while also trying to turn the foe over to the authorities.  Of course, things get real hairy when Ghost Rider and Blaze run into Venom… who, for some reason, is hanging out in the sewers.


The only thing this mini-series may be guilty of is having too many awesome side stories cluttering the plot.  Spidey, Hobby, Gobby and Doppy all get dragged into the Spirits of Vengeance quest as they get intertwined and the Deathspawn, needing life force to reanimate Deathwatch, kidnap whomever they can.  Venom is in full force here as he has a hankering to kill Hag and Troll but then gets sidetracked when he notices Spider-Man has joined the fray.  Everything else is a second priority to killing Spidey – but he continues to get denied – first by the Doppelganger who wants a piece of Venom for itself (this is a fantastic match up I would love to see play out in a full length comic), then by an accidental grazing of Blaze’s bullet, and finally, by Ghost Rider, multiple times, snatching his jaws away from Spidey’s skull with his chains.  Venom is both a hindrance and a help the entire, action packed, four issues and it ends with another full-out brawl where Blaze has to weigh the options of letting Venom loose once again in order to save Spider-Man, even though, in turn, it will put Spider-Man in more imminent danger with Venom on the loose.


This mini-series not only hold up over time it also had me energized enough to begin picking up the whole Spirits of Vengeance run again.  I can’t even tell you a whole lists of negatives because I think the only small criticism I have is that I wish Kubert did the art for the whole run.  Since the installments traded between the Web of Spider-Man and Spirits of Vengeance (which was aptly switched to Spirits of Vengeance Venom for two issues) he only graces the pages of parts 2 & 4.  Every issue of the 4 parts sports an impressive cover.  I have no other words to describe this forgotten gem from the days of “grunge” except: Absolutely Stellar.  I mean, it is filled with awesome enemies with classic 90’s names Llike Deathwatch… and Deathspawn!  Hag!  Troll!  Wait – those last two actually sound like things my mother called me back in the 90’s.  Seek these issues out right away and enjoy the short but sweet taste of  what the 90’s did right.  Grade: A+


Marvel Infinite Hulk Now (2014) – The Review

my boy 008

So, like I stated before in an earlier post, it’s nice to get a new Hulk figure especially in a line that has just began and served up 2 previous releases in it’s first wave.  Both Cap and Iron Man are the same figures that were released under the MU line – and amazingly Hasbro, in their infinite wisdom, has given IM the lion’s share in the case assortment.  From what I’ve been told the breakdown is as such: IM – 3, Cap – 2, Hulk – 2, Grim Reaper – 2 Hyperion – 2, Wasp – 1.  I guess they decided to give an extra IM because there aren’t enough Stark figures already cluttering up the pegs at your local big box store.

my boy 007

The Hulk figure itself looks pretty good.  A new head sculpt to reflect the recent look of the Hulk is pretty spot on – and the inclusion of the SHEILD armor is a nice touch.  Still not sure exactly why the Hulk wears the armor – but the design is fun enough that I don’t let it bother me.  The only thing I think could have been better is the paint application.

From the beginning of the MU line the figures were washed over with a dark paint to catch the crevasses and highlight the details in the sculpt.  They seemed to forgo the washes this time leaving the figure looking somewhat flat and cheap.  From what I’ve been told – since I only have a single figure and I always keep one on the card, when I find another I will open one – but the top armor is re-moveable.  That’s a somewhat decent feature since I know someone who doesn’t like the armor and wanted to take it off – but the gloves, pants, belt and boots are painted on.

my boy 009

While the line itself might be off to a rocky start, IMO, the first serving they gave us of the Hulk is actually one of the better figures!  I do like the new packaging – but it still pales in comparison to the Marvel Universe backing cards – the original art of the character inside beats the new, sleeker black packing of Marvel Infinite.  Grade: B-