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Have a Hulky Memorial Day!

Hulk Cheer Pictures, Images and Photos

Have a great day!  See you tomorrow for more Hulky goodness!

Second Defenders MM Volume – on the way!

I was psyched to pick up the first MM Defenders – and in the previews for the summer months it states a new volume is coming out in May – click on the image to find out more!

Remember People!

If you want to be in the contest then please mail your card out by today – the 28th of May!  I can’t wait to see what everyone has come up with!  I have recieved 3 cards so far – one from the very talented 465 – and all I can say right now is… WOW!  I am planning on baking a cake and decorating it Hulk style!  I will be posting pics!  See everyone next week!

BD’s Planet Hulk Statue (2010)

Planet Hulk - in all his glory!

He will mace you...

This is the one I was waiting for!  Out of all the Hulks released by BD – this was the one I knew I had to get – no matter what!  And BD really has outdone himself with this one!  Earlier Hulk statues have had a rocky base – and while that makes sense to the Hulk – and display wise it helps that they are all similar – but this time around Bowen went crazy with the bases.  First off, the Retro Green Hulk had pretty normal base – it was unique in it’s own way – but similar to the others, but then the Grey Hulk came out and blew me away!  The desert base just rocked beyond anything I had ever seen – and that was just the beginning…

The Hulk - with sort of a smile...

Hulk knows fashion... and red is the new... red

The Maestro shows up and completely blows me away in a new way!  All of the characters that appear on the base is outstanding!  So, now we get to the Planet Hulk base.  I want something that tells part of the story – and this does just that!  The spikes tentacles, the alien skulls, the rocky, desert scene – all straight out of the comic!  Can you tell I am excited about this statue?  Even better?  All the options available to display it.  See, the shield is held on by magnets – so displaying without is easy – but so is the HUGE ax that the Hulk comes with.  It can attach to his back but ALSO – the axe fits snugly into the base and looks bad ass near his feet.

The Base - wow!

One of things I look for is accuracy – and with the Hulk it’s not too hard to get it – usually you are looking for purple, ripped pants, sometimes a ripped white shirt, and a green (or grey) monster looking to kick some butt.  But the Planet Hulk isn’t as easy as that – with Planet Hulk he really needs to be shown in his gladiator get-up – helmet is a must, the mace or axe and shield should be included, but the most important is the obedience disc.

A shot of the shield - some have found fingerprints in the sculpt - awesome!

The disc is what makes the story fit into continuity so well – because the Hulk would never be able to be contained without something holding him down.  The disc is what kept the Hulk fighting.  The Hulk is a survivor, no matter what, and he will do what he needs to to live.  In this story, the Hulk almost started to enjoy fighting everyday against a new enemy – only waiting to get his shot at the Red King.  And then, when he was freed from the disc – the story got a whole lot more interesting!  So, yeah, the disc, to me, is pretty important!

How amazing does this look? Answer: totally!

Now, I have all 4 of the “real” Hulk statues that Bowen has realeased this past phase – and I can’t say enough good things about them!  The killer is, is that Bowen has already been asking around for what people might be interested in if he has a NEW Hulk statue in the upcoming phase.  I think more and more people have been saying Fixit – to which I say, yes please!  That or a merged Hulk would make me a very happy fellow!

The Back...

...or with the axe - held on by magnets

Marvel Glassware Set (2010)

Marvel Glassware Set

I found this set at Newbury Comics a while back.  The set includes 4 glasses and one is the Hulk!  These are very similar to the Toon Tumblers – but the issue with those are that, with each wash, they fade and fade until the image is gone.  And they aren’t cheap!  The newer glasses are a bit better – but still not perfect.  Well, these aren’t Toon Tumblers – they come from Marvel – and they also say to hand wash only.  But this set, selling for $20, even though they are a better deal – you still have to buy ALL 4 to get the one you want.  So, while I usually bought an extra of the Toon Tumblers to use – I only bought one of these sets.

Hulk Glass!

The interesting thing is, the paint application is very different.  They make the images look very old and scratched up, kind of “antiquing” them.  While the Toon Tumblers pint application is very smooth and crystal clear – the Marvel glasses definitely take a different route.  Not worse – just different.  I kind of like it – but prefer the Toon Tumblers crisper style. 

Closer shot of the scratched up image!

The set includes a FF, Cap, Spidey and Hulk glass.  The packaging is pretty sweet itself – littered with a bunch of classic images from A list characters.  The Hulk image… oh boy… it sure does look familiar but I really am not sure from where.  It sort of looks like a Trimpe, more Buscema… but I am not sure – maybe someone else out there knows better?  Anyone?

Marvel Set

FRANCO! Defenders Commission (2010)

Franco! does the Defenders!

I know I was pretty lazy last week – as far as the blog goes anyway – but remember – this is kind of a spare time kind of thing, and when I don’t have spare time… you don’t get posts.  But something I have realized this past week – I never posted some of my Boston Comic Con Art!  I couldn’t believe it!  I have a ton of stuff to show you! 

I will start with the Franco! Defenders piece I picked up.  Franco! is great – really great – and the real great thing about him was that he decided to do all of his commissions at the con for just one dollar.  That’s right, one dollar!  You could have as many characters you want in the piece – and it was one dollar.  Even cooler, it was done all in crayon!  Freakin’ crayon!  Man, it was spectacular!  He had a few pieces that he did before – ready to purchase – and as much as I wanted one of his $1 crayon masterpieces – I went with the bit more pricey ready made crayon commissions – and I am so glad I did!  The Defenders!  Wow!

Giant Size Super-Stars featuring Fantastic Four #1 (1974)- The Review

My Nice and Reader copy of GSSS#1

This is the all time favorite Hulk vs. Thing match up.  Throughout the years, this is still one of the hottest comics featuring this match up – and if you can get your hands on a sweet copy, do it!  I was lucky enough to find a nice copy AND a sweet reader copy – and this is what I chose to read waiting to get into Boston Comic Con this year.

Hulk and Thing - no couple in history needed more counseling than these 2!

This issue starts with Bruce Banner looking for Reed Richards – who is supposed to have a cure for him!  But when he arrives at the Baxter Building it is only the Thing who is home.  Hearing that Reed has perfected a cure for the two man-monsters Thing has Banner hook the machine up and try it out on them.  Banner, ready and willing to get his cure, and almost as smart as Reed, figures out the machine and straps Ben in.  But the Hulk decides to take a part in the experiment and begins to destroy the machine in a fit of rage.  This makes the machine go haywire and the most remarkable thing happens…

Thundra joins the party!

The machine explodes and when the smoke clears we see the Hulk – but the Hulk doesn’t sound like himself – in fact, he sounds a lot like Thing – and for good reason!  The Hulk and Thing’s minds have been switched!  This may have been the only time that Thing could have taken Hulk, but such is not the case!  Thing/Hulk comes charging out and attacks Hulk/Thing and sends him flying!  Down on the street, the public see the explosion and head for the hills – but there is a person in the crowd heading toward the disaster… a beautiful powerhouse named Thundra! 

Thundra’s soft spot for Thing has her going to his aide – only, it’s the Thing/Hulk – and she is greeted with a powerful punch!  Meanwhile, Hulk/Thing and Thing/Hulk really go at it.  One of the best and most brutal fights between the heroes ever!  Sure enough, the FF (minus Sue Storm – who was missing at that point- but replaced by Medusa) finally arrive and see that Grimm is in trouble!  They follow the brawl as it goes into a boxing arena and watch as the Thing/Hulk is really giving Hulk/Thing a run for his money!  Suddenly, Reed knows what to do!  He grabs some tranquilizer and injects Hulk/Thing.  Ben shouts out – saying that Reed has made a huge mistake!

One of the best Hulk/Thing issues EVER!

But as Hulk/Thing is knocked out he transforms into – not Grimm – but Bruce Banner!  And even better, the Thing suddenly has his mind back!  But now Thundra comes out of nowhere to exact revenge on Grimm – who she thinks has hit her, not one, but TWICE!  The Thing wants to reciprocate – but Reed tells him to just let it go.  The story concludes with Thing claiming that it was just not worth getting out of bed some days…

A classic tale drawn by a master, Rich Buckler.  It’s a tale that has a twist, written to perfection, and a whole lot of fun.  I love everything about this issue!  A+