Marvel Covers Sticker Set (2011)

While I am digging other things out and rearranging the Hulk room (cleaning it) in order to take some decent pictures for you lovely people – here is a set of stickers that I picked up at my LCS sometime last year.  I think I liked this because of their choice for the Hulk cover. Continue reading “Marvel Covers Sticker Set (2011)”

Finally – a Whole DEFENDERS Set!

I know I will start to hear the debates on here – I can already hear some of you chiming in – but the REAL Defenders set can now be displayed thanks to the MU addition of Dr. Strange being released. To me, it’s Namor, Hulk and Strange – and you can throw Surfer inContinue reading “Finally – a Whole DEFENDERS Set!”

Lex – Littlest Big Hulk Fan?

It’s been a while since I updated you on my daughter – and I must say she is growing up quite wonderful… and beautiful!  Of course she gets that from her Daddy!  And just to set the record straight – her Mother dressed her this morning – and I came downstairs this evening to seeContinue reading “Lex – Littlest Big Hulk Fan?”

Bowen Design’s Dormammu Bust (2011)

Last year I picked up one of Bowen’s best busts – admittedly it is not the Hulk so I have yet to show it – but Dormammu is one of Dr. Strange’s (and the Defenders) best villains.  His look, though, is one that some thought to be pretty impossible to capture in 3 dimensions.  But BowenContinue reading “Bowen Design’s Dormammu Bust (2011)”

Marvel Gummy Finger Puppets (2011)

Let me tell you something – when I walk into a store I am on the search for anything green – then the scope narrows from green to Hulk – then, even more so, to anything Hulk that I don’t already own.  Sometimes memory is a little fuzzy in that respect, but I digress, if IContinue reading “Marvel Gummy Finger Puppets (2011)”

The Incredible Hulk #4 (2012) – The Review

And here I thought we were going to get something to look forward to… does that statement let you know where this review is going?  Let’s get started. Story: Aaron is heading somewhere – I am sure of it – will it be a fantastic reveal?  Maybe – but most of the fun of aContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #4 (2012) – The Review”