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Friday Review! The Immortal Hulk #26 (2019)

CCI11162019 (2)

Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Penciler Joe Bennet
Artist: Inker Ruy Jose
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$2.39 – $4.00

Variants: 0 NONE!
Publisher: Marvel Comics

After the insane barrage of variant covers that have littered this series it seems we finally get a break and, with issue #26, it’s a single, gorgeous Alex Ross cover!  It’s a refreshing change of pace as the well written comic is usually over shadowed by the sheer insanity of covers available!

With the Gamma group taking over Shadow Base it’s finally time for Bruce Banner to have a little camera time informing the world of his plans to kill humankind.  He even meets with the most unlikely of heroes – Amadeus Cho, or as he’s apt to calling himself these days “Brawn”.  Amadeus, who, as we all know, stole the Hulk’s power back when Greg Pak was still ruining his legacy as one of the better Hulk writers and Bruce sort of acknowledges why he did it.  Amadeus wants answers though stating that the Hulk is born from anger and it can only consume you if you let it.  Like Bruce needs to be reminded of that.

CCI11162019_0001 (2)

We also get quite a few responses from different perspectives in the world.  While some are immediately ready to paint the Hulk as a villain others are picking up the movement and lashing out!  Meanwhile, Amadeus wants answers that Bruce doesn’t have exactly.  We see Samson discussing the details with McGowan who seems on board with Bruce’s new direction for Shadow Base.  We also catch up with McGee who is getting all sorts of accolades for her reporting on the Hulk situation.

CCI11162019_0002 (2)

Amadeus leaves Bruce with a warning about how he is watching him.  Not sure is that’s a threat or a joke but in the end Namor in drag comes over letting the readers know he is ready to take up the “death to humankind” movement with Bruce and Devil Hulk.  Before we go we are treated to a Roxxon board meeting being headed by… The Minotaur!  I guess this means we’ve just met the new big bad in the series?  Reminds me of the Man-Bull from TIH #341 but… whatever.  I mean, how amazing would it be to have it be the Man-Bull, seeing as we last left him for dead, to make his way all the way up the chain to Roxxon chairman?!?!?

CCI11162019_0003 (2)

While still a great issue and a fun read it wasn’t as intriguing as the last volume – but we’ll see how it pans out!

  • Brawn
  • Minotaur
Grade: Bag and Board It

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Re-Imagined Cover!

hulk swI LOVE the original cover but let’s be honest – this re-imagining of this classic cover is so amazing!

Ummm… Part 75


Even if this DID happen the Hulk’s naughty beans might ache a bit but he wouldn’t just die!

Marvel 80th Anniversary Retro Hulk (2019)

IMG_1798 (2)

IMG_1799 (2)

The Hulk-world was suddenly set a blaze a few months ago when I was announced that Hasbro would finally release a Retro 80th Anniversary Hulk.  I know I was definitely one of the people beyond  excited! This line has been one of my favorites since the beginning with their bright and colorful cards and (even though quite a few were re-releases) perfectly sculpted figures!  When the Hulk was announced it was even said to be oversized – much like the Wolverine from this series was shorter than the regular figures to be consistent!

IMG_1800 (2)

Then it was finally released – and immediately sold out.  It was one of the hottest tickets of SDCC.  They were immediately posted on eBay for double the price.  All this for a figure with the same body sculpt as the 80th Anniversary 2-pack but with a new head!  I was still there for it though – I thought being patient was the way to go.

IMG_1801 (2)

IMG_1805 (2)

Turns out, Hasbro announced that they would release some on Hasbro Pulse sometime at the end of August.  Sure enough I was going to be one of the lucky ones who was able to snag it off the Hasbro site!  So, yeah… that didn’t happen.  The figure was gone in mere seconds.  Well, eBay here I come!

IMG_1806 (2)

I am not one to pay secondary prices but figured this was really going to be the only chance I was going to have to secure one.  Only problem?  With the figure selling out in seconds the price also jumped on eBay.  Now we were looking at $90 rather than a measly $70.

IMG_1807 (2)

I still pulled the trigger figuring if I waited again I could see another price hike!  I didn’t want that so I went for it.  Not willing to spend another $90 I only have the one so I don’t have any out the box shots.  I was able to find few online so you could get a closer look at it:



But this guy is a huge mutha!  Here’s a comparison shot with the already enormous BAF Cull Obsidian:

IMG_1808 (2)

Jarella: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 47

Even a rage beast like the Hulk deserves love.  When Hulk was shrunk down to a tiny Hulk he found a world where he was not only accepted – he met one of the loves of his life, Jarella.  The Hulk found someone more suited to him – even better than his original crush, Betty Ross.  The Jarella saga is easily one of the most enjoyable and also heartbreaking Hulk stories ever you’ll ever read!  Check it out!

1st Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #140






Dollar Bin Finds VIII

CCI10282019 (2)

I think everyone knows my huge dislike for Rob Liefeld – I think he is an egomaniac who deserves all the criticisms that befall him.  I usually avoid all and any Liefeld works of art but my love of all things Hulk supersede the Liefeld hate – so that is how this 1989 book based on the Canadian mutant’s life found it’s way into my comic collection. Because, as you can see below, the Hulk has a prominent place in Book One of Wolverine’s history!

CCI10282019_0001 (2)

Marvel Decals!


Can anyone tell me who the hell the blue guy is on the bottom?  I mean, I’m trying to read the label below the character but I still can’t make it out.  Who wants to help me out?