Hulk Cup with a Lid (2016)

There are Hulk dry spells where new Hulk products are few and far between!  It’s sometimes difficult to know what to do with this site when there aren’t a whole lot of Hulk items to post.  It should be no wonder then why I get so excited, during these dry spells, to find Hulk cupsContinue reading “Hulk Cup with a Lid (2016)”

Hulk Movie Cup Topper (2018)

There are a few Avengers: Infinity War opening day collectibles.  Did I tell you the story how I went to the opening day event at my local theater and received the Infinity Gauntlet coin and collectible cup went awry? You see, I am so accustomed to throwing away my trash after the movies that IContinue reading “Hulk Movie Cup Topper (2018)”

Marvel Hulk/Captain America Glass (2016)

They have released so many glasses at this point it’s hard to keep track of them all.  I found these at Target – and noticed something a little different.  These glasses didn’t feature just one classic image of a hero – in a move both brilliant and a little disappointing – they have shared glassesContinue reading “Marvel Hulk/Captain America Glass (2016)”

Hulk Pop! Ceramic Mug (2016)

Funko has managed to take over the world of actions figures.  I can’t imagine any other company that rose as quickly and dominated the market as fast as Funko.  They’ve done so mainly with simply sculpted small figures in covered boxes.  The biggest selling pieces they offer are, of course, the POP figures.  They doContinue reading “Hulk Pop! Ceramic Mug (2016)”

Hulk Glass (2016)

The Marvel tumblers they release are certainly plentiful – I hate to admit that I am such a sucker for these things I snag every new one I see. Marvel seems to be getting smarter though as they are printing two different characters on one cup.  This one features the Hulk and Cap – whichContinue reading “Hulk Glass (2016)”

Hulk Fist Mug (2016) and Big Mouth Green Fist Mug (2016)

This past week I turned another decade older.  I hit middle age and spent the day in NJ at one of my favorite places, Zapp Comics.  Many pics will follow of my adventures there – but until then I will showcase a couple of gifts I recieved.  These two mugs may look the same butContinue reading “Hulk Fist Mug (2016) and Big Mouth Green Fist Mug (2016)”

Funko Pop! Ceramic Mug (2015)

There is something adorable and awe inspiring about the reach of Funko’s licenses.  They have everything from John Hughes movies to horror classics to Star Wars and DC.  It’s staggering to see the TV series, video games and more all sculpted into little pieces of plastic.  They have been creating more and more – includingContinue reading “Funko Pop! Ceramic Mug (2015)”