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Ummm… Part 71


Can you imagine a Making of the Band docu-series chronicling these guys rise to fame with their single “Save Yourself for Once”

Avengers: Endgame Funko Pop Hulk and Thanos 2-Pack (2019)

hulk 2019 032 (2)

This piece is another case of talking to the right clerk.  When I called Barnes and Noble originally the gentleman who answered told me flat out that unfortunately he would not be able to put this set aside as it was limited. I understood and didn’t push the issue further.  A week later I went into Barnes and Noble and discussed this set with a woman who worked there and she said they did not have the piece in yet but she would set it aside for me when it did.  She took my name and number and wouldn’t you know it, she called me not even an hour later telling me they just arrived.  They also said they could hold it for a week so I didn’t have to head right back there.  It just goes to show you that some of these “rules” that they apply are arbitrary and change from worker to worker!

Killer Shrike: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 30

A military man who was given a new bad guy life by Roxxon but unfortunately spends most of his time getting beaten up by the Hulk and other superheroes.

First Appearance: Rampaging Hulk #5 (1977)





Happy Birthday, King!


I still get bummed at the knowledge I was never able to meet him.

Last Call Variant Alert!

CCI06062019 (2)

Be on the lookout for the WalMart variant cover to Hulk: Last Call.  It’s subtle but also not at all.  Above is the original cover and below is the new variant:

CCI07062019 (2)

If you still can’t tell the difference here is a side by side shot:

So make sure to get to your local Wally World to get your variant today!

You’ll also want to go to your LCS for the 2nd print that came out:

CCI07192019 (2)

That Terrible Hulk Series gets a Immortalized in Plastic…


Love it or not the She Hulk series titles Hulk, where the She Hulk goes grey, for no apparent reason, is getting a new action figure due out in the coming months.  While the series was a bit of a waste of time this figure looks pretty bad ass.



Hulk Rules!


An interesting article that addresses the Hulk rules.  Fun read – click the image!