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Air Powered Hulk Action Cycle (2012)

mike hulk 041 (2)

These toys are really fun.  The amount of fun really lies within your enthusiasm to slam your foot down on the included air pad.  I need to bust this out and really see just how far me and my kids can make this go!  30 feet?  I think we can beat that!  If all 3 of us slam on it at the same time?  We could make this thing SAIL!

mike hulk 042 (2)


Hot Wheels Avengers: Infinity War Hulk Car (2018)

IMG_1245 (2)

It’s shocking to see that things are still being released from Thor: Ragnarok let alone the new Avengers movie.  This Hot Wheels car was released with a whole bunch of other personalized superhero cars.  None of them actually carry the Avengers title – which makes me think Hot Wheels didn’t get the rights to it.  The characters are classic Avengers with some great artwork from over the years.

IMG_1247 (2)

Hot Wheels Hulk (2017)

IMG_1002 (2)

I like the cars that offer an actual image of the character – even something from the comics – but really, anything would do!  I don’t exactly mind these cars because the color scheme still screams the Hulk but really, it also could be the color scheme of a number of characters including the Green Goblin, Donatello from TMNT, etc… That’s why I prefer to have a cool picture portrayed on the car itself.  Either way, thank you to my wife for picking this little guy up for me at Target the other day!

Hot Wheels Gladiator Hulk (2017)

IMG_0891 (2)

I love these themed cars!  I was not aware of this until I saw another Hulk fan post this on Facebook – by the way, if you are on FB then you should like my page, I post things on there way faster than on here.  The poster who made me aware of this gem also mentioned that he was not willing to pay scalper prices.  I understood what he meant when I looked on the bay for this big guy and sure enough it’s been posted for double it’s going retail rate.

IMG_0892 (2)

I was able to mosey on into a Target and found two sitting on the pegs.  I consider myself lucky because I probably would have caved and paid the higher price for it.  I’m not obsessed with making sure I obtain every Hulk car – but this one is unique enough that I would’ve been remiss to not get this big guy.

IMG_0894 (2)

Hot Wheels She Hulk Van (2017)

IMG_0659 (2)

Always happy to see Retro images being used on today’s merchandise!  The image on the package comes from the cover to Savage She-Hulk #1! The image on the van is different of course and, as a total guess, I’d have to say it’s from an interior page – but where exactly will have to stay a mystery for now because I’m not scouring my books for one image!  Maybe someone out there knows – let me know in the comments!

RC Hulk ATV (2015)

antone 2 038

Walgreen’s certainly has a great deal going on with exclusive Marvel products on their shelves – but they can’t all be home runs.  Take in point this radio controlled vehicle with the Hulk aboard.  Never mind the fact that any “Hulk riding a motorized transport” toy makes little sense as the Hulk can pretty much tackle thousands of miles in a single leap.  I picked up the TRU Radio Controlled Hulk Smash car a bit ago that is absolutely astounding – this is a different story.  Originally priced at $14.99 I was pleased to see it marked down to only $4.90.  I picked it up, not because I had to have it, mind you, but because I felt bad no one else wanted it!  But – behold!  Another addition to the Hulk room!

Busy, busy, busy…

meme 90th 008

A few things are happening that is holding up my many updates due to this site.  First and foremost is the fact that I have a new computer since my laptop died.  That combined with this being an extremely busy time and it adds up to not being a conducive time for Hulk postings.  I do apologize as I have been keeping up generally well this year!  But I have a few hours and I’m taking the time to deliver and catch up with everyone out there!

meme 90th 009

I found these Hulk magnets a few months ago while in New Hampshire.  The very top magnet is favorite of the bunch.  The few other items I found are a light switch plate, a zipper pull, which I am guessing is used to… pull zippers?  Also, a small Hulk head tin filled with mints  – which also include little Hulk head shaped mints.  A Hulk head filled with mini Hulk heads?  Mind. Blown!

meme 90th 027

meme 90th 031

Last but not least I am showing off the Remote Control Hulk Smash vehicle.  When initially released it was a hard pill to swallow when it came with a $70 price tag.  I waited forever for the price to go down and it took a while before TRU decided to put it up for $60… but still I didn’t bite.  It was hard to pull the trigger even for $10 off.  Then it went to $49.99 online – and with a coupon and my discount it came to an earth shattering $35.00.  It was well worth it at that price as this car runs on a wireless remote and those huge Hulk fists smash to the ground, flipping the car over and over!

meme 90th 003

So, there you have it – a little catch up with a hope to have everything up and running again in the next week.  I have a new computer – I just need to set it up – and I will have more free time in the coming week.  Alright, Hulklings!  Keep it green!