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RC Hulk ATV (2015)

antone 2 038

Walgreen’s certainly has a great deal going on with exclusive Marvel products on their shelves – but they can’t all be home runs.  Take in point this radio controlled vehicle with the Hulk aboard.  Never mind the fact that any “Hulk riding a motorized transport” toy makes little sense as the Hulk can pretty much tackle thousands of miles in a single leap.  I picked up the TRU Radio Controlled Hulk Smash car a bit ago that is absolutely astounding – this is a different story.  Originally priced at $14.99 I was pleased to see it marked down to only $4.90.  I picked it up, not because I had to have it, mind you, but because I felt bad no one else wanted it!  But – behold!  Another addition to the Hulk room!


Busy, busy, busy…

meme 90th 008

A few things are happening that is holding up my many updates due to this site.  First and foremost is the fact that I have a new computer since my laptop died.  That combined with this being an extremely busy time and it adds up to not being a conducive time for Hulk postings.  I do apologize as I have been keeping up generally well this year!  But I have a few hours and I’m taking the time to deliver and catch up with everyone out there!

meme 90th 009

I found these Hulk magnets a few months ago while in New Hampshire.  The very top magnet is favorite of the bunch.  The few other items I found are a light switch plate, a zipper pull, which I am guessing is used to… pull zippers?  Also, a small Hulk head tin filled with mints  – which also include little Hulk head shaped mints.  A Hulk head filled with mini Hulk heads?  Mind. Blown!

meme 90th 027

meme 90th 031

Last but not least I am showing off the Remote Control Hulk Smash vehicle.  When initially released it was a hard pill to swallow when it came with a $70 price tag.  I waited forever for the price to go down and it took a while before TRU decided to put it up for $60… but still I didn’t bite.  It was hard to pull the trigger even for $10 off.  Then it went to $49.99 online – and with a coupon and my discount it came to an earth shattering $35.00.  It was well worth it at that price as this car runs on a wireless remote and those huge Hulk fists smash to the ground, flipping the car over and over!

meme 90th 003

So, there you have it – a little catch up with a hope to have everything up and running again in the next week.  I have a new computer – I just need to set it up – and I will have more free time in the coming week.  Alright, Hulklings!  Keep it green!

Hulk/Abomination Cars (2014)

hulk stuff oct 009

I found these a few years ago and I loved them instantly!  My favorite thing is the fact that these cars are not just simple cars with images in them but instead they are more in the vain of the Pixar opus Cars.  Not to be confused with the utterly forgettable and embarrassing sequel. These cars are worth picking up due to the unique look to them alone!  Keep an eye out as I didn’t find these in a toy store – I only found them in my local grocery store!  So, while buying some apples make sure to check the toy aisle and see if these cars are there!

hulk stuff oct 011

hulk stuff oct 012

Hulk Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (2014)

hulk what 006

I showed off Hot Wheel’s Hulk releases lately – which are all sorts of awesome – but they aren’t the only Hulk vehicles you are going to see on the pegs.  Here is the latest Marvel Hulk car – well, actually not a car but a Jeep.  Don’t expect this jeep to just sit there either – no way, this thing is motorized!  I prefer the details that  Hot Wheels extended to their products, including the different colored wheels and the packaging with awesome backing card.  This is fine too – but the packaging is certainly not as dynamic.  The Jeep is a nice and large but the decals are somewhat uninspired with stock photos of the logo on the doors and a Hulk on the hood.  If you’re just choosing one to go with – zero your sights on the Hot Wheels  – even though they are smaller – they pack a bigger, more unique Hulk punch!

hulk what 004

Marvel Superheroes Hulk (2013)

March 14 032

I remember finding this little guy last year some time ago as I strolled around the super market.  It’s funny – I think the week or two before my wife informed me we were going to have another child and I sort of knew it was going to be a boy.  I said it right away and even had everyone referring to the baby as a “him”.  I was overwhelmed and crazy excited at the same time.  Then I stumbled across this little Manga looking Hulk and it made me laugh.  It was a scene from a movie where the new expectant father is unsure of what the future holds and then he sees something and the world make sense again.

March 14 033

March 14 034

This little dude resides in Antone’s room – where he will hopefully become his favorite toy someday – and he will keep him forever.  The big chunky wheels with the “H” hub caps – hey, any pimp can have personalized plates – but personalized hub caps?  That’s a whole different level of incredible-ness!  And what other color would his car be?  It’s got to match his attire!

March 14 036

Hulk Jets (2003)

Hulk Jet 1

The Positive: What can you say about 2003?  There was so much Hulk stuff I could spend the rest of my life searching and probably never find it all!  Luckily, with the traveling I do for my job, I see A LOT of comic shops.  I bought these back in 2009 at Bedrock Comics in Framingham – and I was psyched when I found them!  I don’t have many Hulk planes or jets in the collections – so these filled a void.

Hulk Jet 2

The Negative: What can I say about 2003?  There is a ton of crap to avoid!  Maisto put out some cheap cars and jets (of which I have a TON of!).  Now, should you seek this stuff out?  Only if you are a nut like me!  Otherwise, leave it on the shelf – or where ever you find them now – and buy a Snickers!  Grade: C+ 

Hulk Car 2-Pack (2010)

Versus 2-Pack

Here is something I should have posted when I got it – but knowing me, I forgot. I have so many things to post… and I will get to it – but the great thing about this 2-pack is that it was sent to me. Someone sent me this a while back and I meant to post it and thank them – even though I have no idea who the sender was. I have suspicions that it was Grey (am I right?) and in that case THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I have not seen this around my area so I never even knew it existed. 

Hulk Car

I have a few cars to show off – slightly different – but they came in a huge 10 pack of cars and I have the Hulk and Abomination van loose.  I will post them sometime in the future… but again – whoever sent this – and I am pretty sure it was Grey – thank you!

Abomination Car