Hot Wheels Avengers Assemble Hulk Car (2019)

Boy, do I miss having a great toy store like Toys R Us nearby.  That was one of the easiest ways I was able to keep up with new Hulk offerings – especially the Hulk cars.  I never missed one when TRU was around!  Now?  Now I rely on my friends at some of theContinue reading “Hot Wheels Avengers Assemble Hulk Car (2019)”

Air Powered Hulk Action Cycle (2012)

These toys are really fun.  The amount of fun really lies within your enthusiasm to slam your foot down on the included air pad.  I need to bust this out and really see just how far me and my kids can make this go!  30 feet?  I think we can beat that!  If all 3Continue reading “Air Powered Hulk Action Cycle (2012)”

Hot Wheels Avengers: Infinity War Hulk Car (2018)

It’s shocking to see that things are still being released from Thor: Ragnarok let alone the new Avengers movie.  This Hot Wheels car was released with a whole bunch of other personalized superhero cars.  None of them actually carry the Avengers title – which makes me think Hot Wheels didn’t get the rights to it. Continue reading “Hot Wheels Avengers: Infinity War Hulk Car (2018)”

Hot Wheels Hulk (2017)

I like the cars that offer an actual image of the character – even something from the comics – but really, anything would do!  I don’t exactly mind these cars because the color scheme still screams the Hulk but really, it also could be the color scheme of a number of characters including the GreenContinue reading “Hot Wheels Hulk (2017)”

Hot Wheels Gladiator Hulk (2017)

I love these themed cars!  I was not aware of this until I saw another Hulk fan post this on Facebook – by the way, if you are on FB then you should like my page, I post things on there way faster than on here.  The poster who made me aware of this gemContinue reading “Hot Wheels Gladiator Hulk (2017)”

Hot Wheels She Hulk Van (2017)

Always happy to see Retro images being used on today’s merchandise!  The image on the package comes from the cover to Savage She-Hulk #1! The image on the van is different of course and, as a total guess, I’d have to say it’s from an interior page – but where exactly will have to stay aContinue reading “Hot Wheels She Hulk Van (2017)”

RC Hulk ATV (2015)

Walgreen’s certainly has a great deal going on with exclusive Marvel products on their shelves – but they can’t all be home runs.  Take in point this radio controlled vehicle with the Hulk aboard.  Never mind the fact that any “Hulk riding a motorized transport” toy makes little sense as the Hulk can pretty muchContinue reading “RC Hulk ATV (2015)”

Hulk/Abomination Cars (2014)

I found these a few years ago and I loved them instantly!  My favorite thing is the fact that these cars are not just simple cars with images in them but instead they are more in the vain of the Pixar opus Cars.  Not to be confused with the utterly forgettable and embarrassing sequel. TheseContinue reading “Hulk/Abomination Cars (2014)”

Hulk Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (2014)

I showed off Hot Wheel’s Hulk releases lately – which are all sorts of awesome – but they aren’t the only Hulk vehicles you are going to see on the pegs.  Here is the latest Marvel Hulk car – well, actually not a car but a Jeep.  Don’t expect this jeep to just sit thereContinue reading “Hulk Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (2014)”