Avengers: AOU – Gamma Grip Fists (2015)

Since the original 2003 release of the Hulk Hands there has been a steep decline in quality.  The originals were so brilliantly conceived and sold so well that they keep trying to capture that lightning in a bottle craze while at the same time cutting costs and charging us more.  At least this time aroundContinue reading “Avengers: AOU – Gamma Grip Fists (2015)”

Avengers Hulk and Hulkbuster Iron Man (2015)

So, I was informed that the store that sold me the Avengers Hulk I showed off last week was not actually supposed to do that.  These had a street date of February 1st – I found this out when I saw this set at Toys R Us last Monday and tried to purchase it –Continue reading “Avengers Hulk and Hulkbuster Iron Man (2015)”

Read This/Avoid This – Volume 4

A new set of comics to either read or avoid altogether!  Each time I highlight a group of comics that are somewhat/somehow related.  Even if the connection is very, very thin – I make it work!  This volume has two story arcs that span a few titles. AVOID THIS! Dead Man’s Hand A 9 partContinue reading “Read This/Avoid This – Volume 4”