Avengers: Age of Ultron Rampaging Hulk (2015)

I have to admit I was shocked to see a new AoU Hulk figure – even if it is from the cheaper line sporting less articulation, duller sculpting and more.  But hey, there is another figure!  It it looks like a Grey Hulk!  Even though the Hulk didn’t display the grey hue in the movieContinue reading “Avengers: Age of Ultron Rampaging Hulk (2015)”

Walgreen’s Exclusive Hulk/Cap Minimates (2015)

I am currently working on a MiniMates exclusive post that highlights all the Hulk releases that MiniMates has put out.  There are quite a few too… way more than I ever thought there would be!  Everything from Classic Hulk and Mr. Fixit to Maestro and Nul.  Fan favorites such as World War Hulk to MergedContinue reading “Walgreen’s Exclusive Hulk/Cap Minimates (2015)”

Side Show Gladiator Hulk (2015)

Sideshow has produced quite a few Hulk busts, maquettes and mixed media statues called Premium Formats.  The original release is easily one of the best Hulk statues ever produced – a statue that has slipped in and out of my collection over the years.  The latest PF I have was sold to me by aContinue reading “Side Show Gladiator Hulk (2015)”

New Hulk Pez (2015)

I am pretty sure having a new Hulk Pez released every year would become a holiday – much like Presidents Day… or at least Columbus Day!  Kids should get the day off of school and people all over the country would make pseudo intellectual Facebook posts about it.  I guess I should just be happy toContinue reading “New Hulk Pez (2015)”