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Who Loves Them Some Mego?

Better pics are on the way – but too excited NOT to show this off now!  I was able to acquire the 1975 Mego carded Hulk!  This is a very difficult carded figure to find – finally have the whole gang together!

still looking for an affordable boxed 8″ Hulk and a 12″ boxed Hulk that has the “Flying Action” claim on the front.

Hulk Micro Mugg (2013)

micro 003

I am so upset at the turn this line has taken.  I used to look forward to seeing what new characters would be popping up – hoping to see some Hulk supporting characters.  Alas, we only have the green Hulk from the original, larger size. They didn’t even give us a variant Grey Hulk!  Too bad…

micro 002

When Hasbro decided to kill the line and make the figures on a smaller scale I know a lot of collectors that were so upset they abandoned the line all together.  I, for one, was willing to give the new scale a try and was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the new smaller scale.  The moniker of MightyMuggs was now replaced by MiniMuggs but the personality of the paint applications were still pretty awesome.

micro 004  micro 005

The only thing they couldn’t immediately settle on was the price.  Oddly, the singles were $4.99 – only a dollar off of the originals which were double the size.  Even more curious was the double packs were originally priced at $16.99 – which made no sense mathematically.  Obviously, this was more than disparaging – it seemed like Hasbro had no faith in this line -or at least it was not satisfying their bottom line the way they wanted it to.

micro 007

For some reason they have not decided to drop the line though, no, instead they have released a new smaller size dubbed MicroMuggs.  Are they worth getting?  Well, a 4-pack, which is the only way they are sold, including Cap, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk, is $9.99.  That means these are about $2.50 a piece (which might be a bit too high).  I think the biggest disappointment I have is that they got rid of the classic, unique design and made these only half a figure.

Not to mention no articulation (and I know the earlier releases didn’t have a whole lot of movable parts – but you could at least turn the head and position the arms) and they come attached to a non-removable stand.  Overall, I am happy I was given this little figure for free and I didn’t have to pay to be disillusioned by the new direction of the MightyMuggs once great legacy.

Grade for the MicroMuggs Hulk: D


Marvel Universe Abomination/A-Bomb and Grey Hulk as well as Avengers Assemble Radiation Rocket Leader (2013)

hulk stuff oct 001

I promised some better pictures – and here they are.  The Marvel Universe has become one of the more successful figure lines in Marvel history (and I base that statement on nothing, even fact) and it is a shame that the “re-branding” had to happen.  To me it means almost certain backward steps for this 3 3/4″ Marvel figure line.  Here’s why: with every series you have to have the heavy hitters like Cap, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk – we all know this and are aware of the earlier series doing just that – and we wait.  We wait until the line continues and we start to see the more unique and random figures – case in point – “Bag Head Spider-Man” – this was a figure that I loved.  I was ecstatic to find it on the pegs!  But, the point is, we always have to wait for a line to mature until we get some of the great figures!

hulk stuff oct 002

I will say that the MU line wasn’t as Hulk friendly as it could have been.  The Marvel Legends line at least gave us a few Hulks every few series, including Maestro!  The MU line, until more recently, served up very little Hulk to anyone.  We had the original releases from Wave 2 in 2009 that were the stand alone Hulks in the whole line until Wave 12 in 2010 (and please don’t give me that “you missed the Red Hulk of Wave 4 in 2009” because that is not the same character – they are two separate characters – just because Marvel wasn’t imaginative enough to give him a new name does not mean he gets lumped in with the actual Hulk) when we were given a World War Hulk.  That sculpt was not used sparingly as it spawned another green, (the red) and then finally another grey.  As far as the Hulk family goes we had to wait for a while but they finally started surfacing and we were given such gems as Skaar, First Appearance Wolverine, Doc Samson, She Hulk, even Constrictor got some love, and now – after all this time – an amazing Abomination figure.  Even the variant A-Bomb is pretty impressive!

hulk stuff oct 003

We also had the treat of having some of the better Marvel villains – some I consider Hulk adopted villains – like Juggy, Absorbing Man (with an awesome metal variant), and the classic Rhino.  MU was really soaring high, in my opinion, which is why I am also so dismayed at the sudden re-branding.  The Avengers Assemble line is taking over – and while it already gave us a bad-ass new Hulk figure – it has some of the planned future MU figures tagged onto its early series.  The Leader, for example, was a planned release for the MU and is now coming out as a Avengers Assemble figure.  While this is still great news I wonder what kind of plans are changing here.  The Leader comes with a Gamma Cannon – and if you take a look at the pictures it looks like an accessory geared toward children.  Please, let the sarcastic “these are toys made for children!” backlash begin – but while I know this is an action figure line and that they are toys – not very many MU came with “childish” accessories.  It seems to bring the line down a notch, in my eyes anyways.

hulk stuff oct 005

One of the biggest things I will miss is the is the fantastic card art – not to mention, when displaying the figures all together, they look better when they seem uniform.  Unfortunately, those days are coming to a close.  So, let me throw some grades out there – and see who agrees with me:

hulk stuff oct 007

MU Abomination:
This is one of the best that MU has offered. Big and bulky and truthfully, a great representation of the Hulk’s most historic villain.  This is a must have for Hulk fans and MU lovers.  It seems to be harder to find than the A-Bomb at the moment – so if you do snag one consider yourself lucky!  Grade: A

Another home-run from Hasbro.  This bulky figure might just be better than Abomination – but he gets a slightly lower grade because of the horrible character he plays in the new cartoon.  Is that fair?  Probably not – but life is not fair, so deal with it.  Grade: A-

MU Grey Hulk:
The disappointment in this figure is that it is just a simple repaint – with the same card art and everything – that the classic Hulk had.  Nothing more to offer – it’s still a great sculpt though – and the paint application is spot on.  Grade: B-

hulk stuff oct 004

AA Leader:
This figure certainly is amazing as I have been waiting for a long time for a new Leader figure.  Here’s to hoping a classic “tall head” variant is going to be released.  The more savvy will recognize the body as the one used for the Skrull Soldier from the Avengers Movie line.  That doesn’t take away from the figure itself though.  Grade: B+ 

hulk stuff oct 007 - Copy  hulk stuff oct 007 - Copy (2)


Avengers Assemble Radiation Rocket Leader (2013)



Tonight I will posting a full length review on all of the new hulk related figures I have posted – but here is a quick sneak peek at the latest acquisition.  It looks pretty awesome!

Marvel Universe A-Bomb (2013)



i know it’s a terrible pic – and better ones are coming – but I snagged an A-Bomb at Target this morning!

Marvel Universe Abomination & Grey Hulk (2013)


The truly amazing thing about the Marvel Universe figures is that they were coming off a historic run with Marvel Legends.  Hasbro needed to make a bigger profit margin and I was disappointed with this line in the beginning but really grew to love, even look forward, to new series from this line.  The first serving of the Hulk wasn’t fantastic – but later molds proved to be brilliant.  A few years ago, with the release of King Hulk, people asked for a classic Hulk in the sculpt.  Hasbro was quick to make good on that and even served up a Red Hulk of the same in the “Heroic Age” boxed set.  With the death of the MU line fast approaching people are certainly clamoring to get these last few figures, including the new Grey Hulk.  I was excited about getting this as well – only, when it arrived I realized the seller I bought from didn’t package the figures securely enough.  The packaging of the Grey Hulk was busted open.

Busted package of the Grey Hulk

Busted package of the Grey Hulk

As much as a downer as that was I was also elated at how amazing the Abomination figure looks.  I am waiting to find the A-Bomb figure (and a new Grey Hulk) but for now I am happy to have the figures that I do.  There will be plenty of time to find the missing pieces.  Most of you know I have stream-lined my collection anyways, but the MU figures have made it.  Better pictures are on the way.