Monthly Archives: April 2013

Blog Retired Thursday

Yes, the title is true – I am retiring this blog.  This was not a light decision to make and trust me – I will miss it – but it’s time to move on to other ventures.  I am leaving this blog up and will be checking in from time to time, answering questions and updating the pages – but there will be no more posts showing off my collection or reviewing comic books.  Thanks to all who have visited over the years and thank you for always coming here to have a bit of conversation.  It was fun.

As far as the collection goes: most of it will be sold off to a comic shop – although I will be keeping my Hulk run and a handful of pieces – but if anyone out there is interested in anything that I have – let me know SOON.  Email me at and I will tell you if I am interested in selling and give you a price.  Otherwise, I may see you at a comic con or in a video or two on my YouTube account – but this blog is officially… done.