Some Hulk Magents, Pins and Stickers (2011)

For the past few months I have picked up quite a few little knickknacks – pins, stickers, patches and magnets.  Showing these things off by themselves never seemed very interesting – but now that I have quite the collection of these things gathered so… here we go! I love stickers.  Who doesn’t love stickers?  They STICKContinue reading “Some Hulk Magents, Pins and Stickers (2011)”

Hulk #31 (2011) – The Review

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty!  Hulk #31 is apparently the last $3.99 issue – and thank goodness.  Marvel’s top selling books are still an outrageous $4 – but at least the Hulk books are not…anymore.  The whole “8 extra pages of story” crap was not worth the extra buck.  I liked the Omegex backContinue reading “Hulk #31 (2011) – The Review”

Superhero Squad Red Hulk and Iron Man (2011)

I knew it would happen – I think we all did.  I even know there is a Red She Hulk figure to be released.  Of course, a Red Hulk figure was easier to make as they have a thousand Hulk molds to choose from.  So, why then, did they choose THIS one?  This is myContinue reading “Superhero Squad Red Hulk and Iron Man (2011)”

Hulk #30.1 (2011) – The Review

Alright, I found some time to write the review for Hulk #30.1 – Marvel is doing issues with the .1 numbers for anyone interested in jumping into reading certain series.  Hulk is lucky enough to be one of those titles.  Of course the first page they summarize the series thus far.  Of course they don’tContinue reading “Hulk #30.1 (2011) – The Review”

The Incredible Hulks #624 (2011) – The Review

Okay – yes this is late, yes I should have posted this last Thursday… and I could even state the reason on why the review is late – but why bother? The truth is… it’s being posted now – so read and be happy! Although, I don’t know how happy you’d be reading this –Continue reading “The Incredible Hulks #624 (2011) – The Review”

Super Hero Squad Asgardian Smash 3-Pack (2011)

The new Thor toys are making their way into toy stores these days.  Of course the Hulk is not going to show up too many times in anything to do with the Thor movie – but they did make this 3-pack with Thor, Hulk and Odin (Hehe – let’s thank goodness they didn’t decide to putContinue reading “Super Hero Squad Asgardian Smash 3-Pack (2011)”

What If? #78 (1995) – The Review

So, here’s the deal.  The Fantastic Four was captured by a Skrull Queen and then hired a new group of 4 – those heroes being the Hulk, Ghost Rider, Spiderman and Wolverine.  Now, anyone hiring these 4 mis-fits to be a team should already be suspect – but they went along with it anyways.  In this WhatContinue reading “What If? #78 (1995) – The Review”