First Appearance Iron Man and Hulk MiniMates (2011)

NEW Hulk MiniMate!  This time around the Hulk has sort of a confused – maybe a constipated – or one of those “I’m not guilty” kind of smiles.  I like that this Hulk also comes with a change-O-hair accessory – and messy hair at that!  So now you can display the Hulk in “going out”Continue reading “First Appearance Iron Man and Hulk MiniMates (2011)”

Incredible Hulk #46 Page #1 & Patch (2002)

I swear I have not abandoned you guys here – and I will start posting regularly at some point – but things are so busy I… well, I have a secret talent that I have not disclosed yet.  I am working on something that I hope you guys will get a kick out of.  IContinue reading “Incredible Hulk #46 Page #1 & Patch (2002)”

Bowen Designs Wendigo Statue (2011)

I have to tell you – I was dead set against picking this up – not because I don’t like the character or was disappointed in the way it came out but more because of the sheer size of this mother!  True to the character, this massive statue is bigger than any of the HulkContinue reading “Bowen Designs Wendigo Statue (2011)”

The Skaar Variant

Skaar Figure When these figures started showing up on the shelves I told you, thanks to the information provided by Gammapup, that there was a variant.  Not on the figure but on the little stand that comes in the package. One of the stands says “Son of Hulk” while the other says “Skaar”.  I amContinue reading “The Skaar Variant”

Tokidoki Hulk Charm (2011)

Alright, here’s a couple of great stories for you!  These new Marvel charms came out and the Hulk is obviously included.  They are released in solid boxes so you cannot see what character is inside – a practice I somewhat hate but is pretty ingenious in getting people to buy more than they originally intendContinue reading “Tokidoki Hulk Charm (2011)”

Catching Up and Saying Goodbye to The Incredible Hulks!

I know it’s been a bit since I posted last – and trust me it’s not due to not having items to post – but now that the summer is over I will be free to post a little more frequently.  But, as you guys know, I’m sure, the final issue of The Incredible HulksContinue reading “Catching Up and Saying Goodbye to The Incredible Hulks!”