MPC Incredible Hulk Snap Model Kit (2012)

Like 465 mentioned in an earlier comment – this is a re-release of a model from the 70’s.  I was psyched to see this at my LCS because I was never able to obtain the original kit.  I have quickly put it together to let all the gammabros here to check out what it looks likeContinue reading “MPC Incredible Hulk Snap Model Kit (2012)”

Marvel Select Avengers Hulk (2012)

Marvel Select has the reputation as being one of the best companies putting out figures.  The price tag for one of these figs seemed steep… until the new Marvel Legends came out for the same price.  These figures suddenly looked like a bargain!  They have released a Zombie Hulk, a regular Hulk (based on the HulkContinue reading “Marvel Select Avengers Hulk (2012)”

WalMart Exclusive Avengers Comic Collection 4-Pack (2012)

As far as I’ve been told – all the figures in this boxed set are re-issues… all except the Hulk.  Actually, that’s not 100% accurate either.  This Hulk, though I am glad to have it, is going to be released on a single card and also in the First Wolverine 2-pack.  Maybe he will haveContinue reading “WalMart Exclusive Avengers Comic Collection 4-Pack (2012)”

WalMart Exclusive – Avengers 6″ Hulk (2012)

I know I just put up a post complaining that I had no idea these existed – and my the reaction from the gammas on here I was not alone in this anomaly – but amazingly, I already found them at my local WalMart.  It was an interesting day to say the least.  When I found outContinue reading “WalMart Exclusive – Avengers 6″ Hulk (2012)”

The Incredible Hulk 7.1 (2012) – The Review

I was asked not to review this issue… and trust me – I have no desire to… I just can’t even begin or maybe define the amount of suckage that this book has to it.  Aaron is somewhat out of his mind of he thinks this new series is anything but a complete disaster –Continue reading “The Incredible Hulk 7.1 (2012) – The Review”

Hulk Avengers Squinkies (2012)

You could easily roll your eyes with this post and say to yourself “Really?  Another Squinkie?  Hasn’t that fad run its course yet?”  I would have nothing to banter back with.  These are like a bad dream that keeps coming back!  The good thing is – my neighbor has a son who collects them now –Continue reading “Hulk Avengers Squinkies (2012)”

Hulk Mask (2012)

With the Avengers pretty much destroying every record in box office history I have a feeling you will see more and more Avengers merchandise flying off the shelves.  Especially the Hulk stuff.  I think the Hulk items are going to be impossible to find soon enough.  If you’ve already picked up what you want – then good onContinue reading “Hulk Mask (2012)”

Marvel Heroics – the Green Hulk

So, quite a few of you Hulk fanatics sent me messages letting me know that these hit stores.  I always appreciate when people send me a heads up about Hulk stuff – so thank you!  Thing is – I am really getting burnt out on all of these blind box things.  I could see gettingContinue reading “Marvel Heroics – the Green Hulk”

Avengers Grab Zags (2012)

Wow – Avengers is ON FIRE!  It certainly deserves all the accolades because it is a hilarious and violent popcorn movie – perfect way to start off the Summer movie season!  Another great way to celebrate this momentous occasion for Marvel is to go out and pick up some Avengers merchandise! I showed off a Grab ZagsContinue reading “Avengers Grab Zags (2012)”