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Hulk Mini-Mates (2012)

Professor Hulk and Thor MiniMates

Some of the better Avengers stuff is making its way into the stores.  What a great time for Marvel, huh?  Avengers is on its way to becoming one of the top three money makers ever – maybe even taking the #1 slot (it still has a LONG way to go to beat it – but who know?  I believe it deserves it!).  There is two sets of Mini-Mates out right now – first up: Hulk and Iron Man.

Hulk and Iron Man MiniMates

This set has the uglier of the Hulks and Iron Man looks… how should I put this?  He looks… meh.  Does the helmet come off?  I don’t have an open version of this… yet – but it looks like the helmet would come off – especially since it comes with extra hair (with non-green ears) – and when they do that they have to make the helmet just a bit too large and clunky looking.


Now, the expression on the Hulk’s face almost ruins this whole set.  Is he curious?  What is that face?  Confused?  Did he just walk in on Cap changing out of his costume?  Other than the expression the figure is pretty much the same as all of the other Mini-Mates.  Grade for this set: C+

Professor Hulk – a little more image conscious

The other set is Hulk and Thor – of course this is no ordinary Hulk – they gave us another version of the Professor Hulk!  I know some Hulk fans are not as big of a fan of this personality – but I am glad we got a new version without the brown jumpsuit!  Thor, of course, looks pretty bad ass, and comes with an extra “clean shaven” head.  This is the better of the two sets – if you can only get one – get this.  Grade: B-