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Best Hulk Storylines


With Ranker people can upvote their favorite storyline.  It’s no surprise one of the most recent stories is at the tops – and while the story in question is fantastic – there are other amazing stories just as worthy to top the list!

Ummm… Part 74


I can’t even tell you how badly this monstrosity messed me up! Here is a shot of the original just so all will feel right with the world!

hulk n thing

Avengers: Infinity War Sparkling Superfruit Drink Hulk Can (2019)

IMG_1752 (2)

Granted, this was probably out for the first movie – but I didn’t find this gem until just this year!  While I picked up the Hulk can I wasn’t so sure I was even going to bother drinking it.  Who knows what superfruit tastes like?  Is that a generic way of saying “We tried to get it taste like a specific fruit but failed”?  Either way, I snatched up a can of this fizzy drink to bring home.

IMG_1754 (2)

Once home, I decided to go ahead and taste the mystery “fruit” flavored drink.  So I popped the top and went to town.

IMG_1756 (2)

It didn’t smell too bad…

IMG_1758 (2)

So I took the plunge and gulped down the carbonated beverage.  I still can’t tell you what I it’s supposed to taste like – and I can’t even tell you it tasted all that good – but hey, the Hulk was on the can so it was well worth the $1 price tag!

Grey Hulk: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 43

Yes, yes – I know this is obviously not the 1st appearance of the grey Hulk – but if you think about it, it actually is.  While the Grey Hulk truly appeared in The Incredible Hulk #1 they had to change the color from grey to green and act as if that incarnation of the Hulk never happened.  It wasn’t until 1986 when Al Milgrom decided to bring back the grey Hulk as if he always existed!  So, while this is literally the second appearance, there is an argument to say that this is the first time the grey Hulk appeared with the intent to make him a new character.

1st (2nd) Appearance: The Incredible Hulk (1986)



In Case You Missed It… Part 29

CCI10062019 (3)

Wow – it seems like the Hulk has really been making the rounds and there are quite a few issues you might want to check out that re still on the racks!  First up is the 3rd print of Immortal Hulk #21 – 3rd printings still happening into the series 20th issues?  Amazing! Also, they are still releasing the Director Cut issues – this time of issue #5:

CCI10122019_0007 (2)

Speaking of subsequent printings Marvel Comics #1000 had a 2nd printing as well:

CCI10062019_0003 (2)

Even though our favorite jade giant didn’t appear in the issue we do see a Hulk shot on the cover of Marvel Comics #1001:

There is also a really annoying Guest Shot of the Hulk in Gwenpool #3.  If you think I am happy having to buy an issue of Gwenpool you’d be really mistaken!

CCI10122019_0006 (2)

Thankfully, there is only a few other issues to mention.  While the Hulk doesn’t appear in the issue there is an origin shot on the cover to Old Man Quill #10:

CCI10122019_0005 (2)

and also Avengers: Loki Unleashed there are 2 quick shots of the Hulk – here is the cover:

CCI10062019_0005 (2)

And here are the quick spots:

Whew – that was a doozy!  Hope everyone is having luck trying to keep up!

No Comment…


Eating the mic is a comment even though you may not think it is!

*From Marvel Comics #1000

The Devaluation of Our Jade Giant


The dab is still really hard to watch…