Hulk #10 (2009) – The Review

I’ll begin with the review – just saying what happened – then I’ll tell you what I think afterward… We start with Hulk with his beloved Jarella.  They are happy and getting married – until a hand comes out of the heavens saying “Jarella, you are needed elsewhere” and snatches Jarella.  The Hulk tries toContinue reading “Hulk #10 (2009) – The Review”

Grey Transformation Statue (1998)

This is more like a diorama rather than just a statue.  Showing Banner slowly turn into Hulk.  I have the green version of this statue – it was actually the very first statue I ever bought… on layaway.  When I actually got to take it home it was already worthless. 🙂  I have no worries thoughContinue reading “Grey Transformation Statue (1998)”

Hulk Movie Regener8r’s 3 (2008)

I just looked back and realized I never showed you the other Regener8r’s I picked up.  This makes 3 – the 2 others I posted back in January.  The image on the bottom of the car is one of the coolest images – mainly because it’s based on Deodato Jr.’s cover from Incredible Hulk #60. Continue reading “Hulk Movie Regener8r’s 3 (2008)”

Sherry Leak Commission (2009)

I found this artist off this website: Her name is Sherry Leak.  She has a real manga feel to her art – and while a very different take on the Hulk – I really like it!  I asked for her to have Hulk vs. Valkyrie piece – and that is what she delivered – althoughContinue reading “Sherry Leak Commission (2009)”

Incredible Hulk: Heart of the Atom HC (2008)

I bought this so long ago – but instead of posting it I was reading it.  I have a quick side note here: I paid $29.99 for this HC beauty – to me it’s totally worth it – and today I finally found Hulk Visionaries: Peter David, Volume 6 and I paid… $29.99!  If itContinue reading “Incredible Hulk: Heart of the Atom HC (2008)”

Marvel Heroes Figures and Stickers (2008)

When these first appeared on the shelves I was pretty certain I would be able to easily identify which packages contained the Hulk.  Well, I was wrong.  Really, really wrong.  About 30 packs later I had a ton of figures – none of them Hulk and more and more frustration.  I kept picking up DaredevilsContinue reading “Marvel Heroes Figures and Stickers (2008)”

Wamester Commission #3 (2009)

I can’t say enough nice things about Jeff Wamester.  His work is beautiful, professional – always jaw dropping – and he’s very quick!  So, here’s an announcement/hulk collection piece.  See, there’s a story behind this piece.  First off, look at the Hulk – the figures that are in front of him.  If you can makeContinue reading “Wamester Commission #3 (2009)”

X-Men vs. Hulk 1-Shot (2009) – The Review

  Now keep in mind – I’m a huge fan of great storytelling – I really like Claremont – and I’m not opposed to seeing the Hulk actually get beaten in a fight – in fact, if written well – I would love to see it!  But this is not the case with the comicContinue reading “X-Men vs. Hulk 1-Shot (2009) – The Review”

Hulk Child Costume (2008)

I probably wouldn’t have picked this up except that it was on clearance – and it’s packaged pretty cool.  The mask is pretty sweet and it’s displayed pretty nicely in it’s package – so, why not right?  I have yet to pick up the 70’s Hulk costumes – they are on the list of courseContinue reading “Hulk Child Costume (2008)”