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Jabba Funko Pop! (2018)

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Jumping into collecting Star Wars memorabilia is really a rabbit hole that only the truly dedicated should jump down!  Where do you draw the line?  How do you draw the line?  What figures or comics or art or statues do you collect?  I know a few Star Wars collectors and they have a collection that is just jaw dropping.  That being said, I collected the early 90’s Power of the Force figures but it quickly got out of control and I decided to drop it.  This little guy is in the collection simply because another friend of mine had purchased him but then went all in with getting the 3-pack that included Jabba, Slave Leia and Salacious Crumb.  Since he didn’t need two Jabbas he gave this one to me.

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Ummm… Part 65


I know this is doctored – but it’s kind of hilarious.  Also – rolling people up in concrete is absolutely a death sentence!  No way anyone lives through this!  Just for good measure – the actual image is below:


Hulk Toothbrush (2010)

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This is an all in 1 toothcare system!  I immediately knew this was the toothbrush for my son as soon as I got it!  I love that it has the cap – because let’s get real here – we poop in the same room that we brush our teeth!  Our Toothbrush having a cap just makes too much sense!  It will stop the poop particles from getting on your brush which, in turn, goes into your mouth!

This set also kicks ass because it comes with a toothbrush buddy!

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Moonstone: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 4

This year we will be delving deep into Hulk history to re-discover all the first appearances that the Hulk issues have given us over the years!  With 1st appearances being such a hot trend these days it only makes sense to highlight some of the best Hulk issues to invest in this year!  This week: Moonstone!

First Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #228 (1978)




moongirl 2

Air Powered Hulk Action Cycle (2012)

mike hulk 041 (2)

These toys are really fun.  The amount of fun really lies within your enthusiasm to slam your foot down on the included air pad.  I need to bust this out and really see just how far me and my kids can make this go!  30 feet?  I think we can beat that!  If all 3 of us slam on it at the same time?  We could make this thing SAIL!

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Mr. Freeze Q-Fig (2017)

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Besides the Hulk, I have not picked up much from Quantum Mechanics.  I do like the stylized representations of the characters they are producing.  Mr. Freeze was actually gifted to me by my employer when this particular figure’s box came back damaged.  I’ve been inclined to try and grab any Mr. Freeze figures that I can – it has something to do with the clear dome adorning his head.  I especially appreciate this one though as the sculptor, Mohammad Hawk Haqueit, took special consideration to make it a center piece.

nonhulk 002 (2)

Displayed with the helmet it looks like Victor Von Freeze forgot he has it on as he tries to ingest his icy treat.  You can give the villain a bit of relief by taking the dome off but let’s be honest, it takes away the brilliance of the sculpt!

nonhulk 003 (2)

While I do enjoy the Q-Figs sculpts a lot of times I feel as thought he price point is on the expensive side.  This little guy is going to cost you 15 bones and he’s no bigger than a Pop figure.  The only real difference is that the sculpts are more unique and tells a story.  For that alone I can truly suggest that picking these up are worth it!

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Can’t Please Everyone…


Sure enough there have always been people voicing their displeasure with something new.  It has happened always – it’s just way more rampant and easier now to get your opinion seen.  All I can hope is that Randy eventually did start to enjoy the classic illustrations of good ole’ Sal!