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Avengers Hulk – Full Body!

Here is a shot of the Hulk’s full body from the Avengers – click on the image for the link!

HUGE Hulk Wall Plaque (1997)

Hulk Wall Plaque

Here is something I’ve had for a while – and due to one of the constant visitors here – the one and only, Gammapup.  Yes, Mike was decent enough to offer me his extra, as this one was slightly damaged while he was getting work done at his house.  You can’t see it very well, but there are some scratches on the knuckles where the paint has completely scraped off.  That is fine though, as I am looking into getting this repainted.  I was thinking about making this a Grey Hulk wall Statue – but I don’t know, the green really pops!  I still have to find a decent painter – preferably one in the MA area.

Imagine this guy really coming out of the wall

There is not very much information on this piece on the web – which is part of the reason why it took me so long to post this.  What I can tell you is that 5000 of these puppies were made – this is #271 – and it was part of Ilusive Concepts.  I think it came out in 1997 – but it might have been later.  I am amazed there isn’t more information on the web about this guy – and truth be told I’ve seen a total of 3 pop up on ebay but they were all local pick up.  Why?  Because this guy is HUGE!

It’s certainly isn’t 1:1 – maybe 1:2 – but it’s still huge!  I love the look on the Hulk’s face but overall the paint job is very 90’s collectibles.  If you’ve ever owned this piece then you know what I am talking about.  Thank you Mike, this is one of the most generous things anyone has ever given me!  Maybe you can even provide some of the missing information – what did this guy retail for?  What year did it come out?  Anyways, coming up next: reviews!

I love the look of this statue - now if only I can find a painter!

Robbi Rodriguez Planet Hulk Commission (2011)

PH vs SS

This commission, that was done over the summer this year, was somewhat of a controversial piece.  First off – I really liked a lot of the art I’ve seen from this artist – so I was excited to get a vs. piece from him.  What I wanted was a PH vs Silver Savage match up from him – but, as you can see, PH is facing the “viewer” but we only see the back of Silver Savage.  Can this really be considered a two-character piece when we only see the front of one of the characters?  I have a Jeff Wamester Hulk vs Thor commission that pretty much has the same issue – but it’s so brilliantly done I have no complaints – this time around… it’s a different story.  As much as I like the overall piece it certainly doesn’t have that dynamic feel to it.

Comb-Over Ape Hulk!

Secondly, when the art was finished Robbi had forgotten about the obedience disc.  I asked to have it added – and it was – except it was done with a totally different pen.  While the rest of the art is done in what looks like India Ink, the obedience disc was added with what looks like a simple black Bic pen.  This distressed me the most – in person it’s very noticeable – and the artist was mostly dismissive about my concern.

If you look close you can see the difference

But like I said, the piece as a whole is a fun interpretation of PH – yes, he’s a bit simian looking but that doesn’t bother me – and I love the way he’s standing over SS in a stance that shows just how powerful he is.  It’s too bad some artists take shortcuts like the way Robbi did here because it puts a stigma on the commission.  One where every time you look at it, it reminds you of the issues you had.  Artists have to remember that we are the ones paying for art from them – yes, it’s a supplemental income for artists – but that doesn’t make it okay to put any less effort toward a piece.  I’m sure he wouldn’t have done this if it was to appear as a cover or poster.  Just because it’s a private piece for a collector doesn’t make it any less important over all.

Best and Worst of 2011 – Part 1

Let’s just begin with the MU line that had both its ups and downs this year.  I have really warmed up to this line – more than I should, probably – mainly due to the vast amount of different figures they have.  Here are the positives from 2011:

The Best: From the Avengers Boxed Set, including an amazing looking first appearance Hulk, to the classic, rarer and more unknown characters produced like The Constrictor and Skaar.  Marvel and Hasbro released some of the better variants this year related to the Hulk Universe, like the First Appearance Wolverine and, like I mentioned before, the Avengers Boxed Set.  I know I’ve mentioned that twice already – but it’s THAT good!  Not to mention, the Avengers set has become pretty hard to find these days.  We also have one of my favorite repaints of the year – the Compound Hulk.  Yes, it’s based off of a terrible story – but let’s face it – the re-paint is just hilarious and spectacular!  We were also able to complete complete our classic Defenders displays with the long over due release of Dr. Strange! (yes, I have it but have not posted it – you would not believe how much I have to post – it’s just about finding the time to do it all!)  Also getting an Absorbing Man – complete with fully transformed metal variant – gives the MU line one of the best years for figures we’ve had in a long time!

The Worst:  That’s not to say that everything was peaches and cream with the line this year… starting with the Avengers Base variant.  Everything about that figure was excellent – everything but the price.  It’s amazing to watch the TRU exclusive yo-yo in price the way it did.  First they were asking $19.99 – but not even a month later the figures went on sale for a much more reasonable $12.99.  Once the sale ended the price went back to $19.99 for a bit – then lowered again to $16.99.  Basically, these figures were not selling.  Collectors may have bought them, like myself, but obviously they weren’t popular enough to keep the price up.  Speaking of variants too – the Skaar “name plate” variant is the weakest excuse for a variant to date.

All in all – not too shabby – the MU line has way more positives than it does negatives this year – so kudos to them!

Have a Hulky Christmas!

Hulk - stop calling little children Ho's

So, yeah, I know I have not really posted anything this month… and I am sorry for that.  Been super busy – but no worries – I will be posting all new stuff this whole week, as well as the reviews for TIH #3, Best and Worst of 2011 and some hilarious home made Ratchet Photos – so get excited!  I know I am!

Defenders #1 (2011) – The Review

The Defenders #1

Let’s break it down, shall we?  I liked how I broke the last review up, so let’s get started.

Story:  I was already on the defensive with this comic – expecting to hate it because they have replaced the Hulk with none other than… Red She Hulk.  Right there is a reason to hate this comic!  Except, it’s not.  Not only does Fraction explain the absense of Hulk from this adventure (one that HE is the reason for – but I will get into that later) but it’s the Hulk who actually offers his ex-wife as a suitable replacement.  I also enjoyed how Fraction “got the gang back together”.  When did Strange become such a poon hound, by the way?  As for the ultimate evil – why the Defenders are together – well, let’s say we’re off to a great start – we’ve all known that Hulk has had a dark side for a LONG time now – and it’s become a physical force.  I don’t think much more needs to be said to pique your interest!  The Defenders against an evil, black Hulk!

Of course, there is also some negatives.  For example, what the hell happened to Surfer?  Why is he a Zen master able to recreate himself from thin air?  He’s everywhere?  He’s the falling snow?  What?!?!?  That’s not so much a negative as it is more a “I am sort of lost in what’s happened in the MU” but if they are keeping with continuity with the Surfer – why is the Hulk not being paid the same respect?  The Hulk is dealing with some real issues over in his book – ones that aren’t even addressed here.  Let’s move on…

Art: Terry Dodson does an exceptional job here – Strange and Co. have never looked better!  Of course, I am not the biggest fan of his Hulk – but then again, like I told you, the Hulk is not really a big part of the first issue.  I am waiting to see more of the Black Hulk.  Here’s to hoping they defeat him and he just fades away though – instead of becoming a new member… shudder at the thought!

Variants: I didn’t bother picking up the 1:50 Strange variant – it seemed cool enough but I am getting really picky with which variants I decide to pick up now.  Seeing as this isn’t an actual Hulk book I was not too worried about picking up every variant.  The 1:25 Neal Adams variant has a large image of the Hulk front and center though – so I was all over that!

Overall:  This is a classic Defenders story through and through – pick this up and feel like you’re reading some classic Marvel.  Grade: A

Adams Variant - Love this one!

The Incredible Hulk #461 Pg 18 – Overlay (1998)

Hulk vs Maestro!

Here is another interesting piece of art – it comes from the issue where the Hulk faces off against the Destroyer – and who inhabits the Destroyer?  That would be the one and only – the Maestro!  David Brewer penciled this issue – but I don’t have the whole page – just the patch .  If you remember, I have another page where the artist had to patch a different image on the bottom of the page, of course, with that page I have both the original page AND the overlay – Here I have just the patch – which is still cool in itself – and cost me practically nothing!  I can’t help but think I have had artists do less than this for almost four times the amount on a commission!  Anyways, you can never go wrong with Hulk vs Maestro!

The whole page