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I didn’t really start collecting the Hulk till long into my teens.  As a kid I was always more a He-Man collector. my display I had a few Hulk things from when I was young.  Most notably the Hulk Halloween bucket.  I didn’t even own a Hulk Comic till I was 15.  My first Hulk Comic was #343 – part of the “Ground Zero” story.  In those days Image was just starting up and most people’s focus was on that… and then of course Superman died… so that was a big deal.  I started seriously collecting comics when I was a senior in High School.  Always picking up the Hulk, but more caught up in the Image movement.  I randomly picked up the Keown back issue here and there – the regular Hulk artist at that time was Gary Frank (who is not my favorite – made the Hulk look too clean and not enough like a monster.  Like a green male model, really)  So the new comics didn’t hold my interest as much as the back issues I was collecting were.  Then I graduated High School and didn’t have a job – so… I had no money.  No money meant no comics.

Around 1996 I started working at Toys R Us part time with a bunch of my friends who worked there.  It was soon after that I met my friend Corry.  Alot of My Hulk StuffAlot of Hulk StuffHe was into comics more than anyone I’d ever met in my life.  The New England Comics had closed down in Plymouth (the rumor was that the manager took really old back issues, sold them, and pocketed the money for himself.  How Scandalous!)  So Corry told me that the New England Comics in Brockton, MA was the shop he went to.  My friend Bill, Corry and I went and my love for comics was born all over again.  It was not only a good time to get into the comics, but a new animated cartoonhad started up on UPN so toys were popping up everywhere.  I started getting into collecting the toys and comics with a vengeance.  I knew when the shipments were coming in, what was short-packed, how much things were going for, what they were valued at… I was always at a Comic shop or convention and toy stores all over, I was a maniac.  Again, this was about the time that McFarlane came out with his first toy line.

Out of everything I was collecting, and there was alot, I mostly enjoyed the Hulk memorabilia. He was the only character that I didn’t just collect the toys.  I had Hulk everything.  Hulk mugs, Hulk posters, Hulk figures, Hulk comics, Hulk glasses, and after months of putting money down –  a Hulk Transformations Statue.  I had a Hulk Shrine in my room.  I loved the character, remembered him from my childhood, and didn’t connect with anything else, not even the old vintage He-Man line, like I did with the Hulk.  I watched the videos all the time, woke up early on Saturdays just to catch the show on UPN, caught re-runs of the old T.V. show.  It was heaven.

The more stuff I collected, the more stuff I wanted.  People ask what my favorite part of the collection is… well, I love the vintage stuff like the MEGO HulksMego Hulk 12″ and all of my original art from creators – today I have a vast collection that I proudly display here.  I will continue to post until I have no more days to live – or until I reach capacity on the picture memory.  I get more Hulk stuff almost everyday and drive my wife a little crazy but she knows she didn’t just marry me – but the Hulk as well!  I display different parts of my collection at my local Library every year and the little boys especially, can’t wait for it to come back!  I must thank my friends and family as well who keep me, not just informed, but also, loaded with Hulk stuff as they see something Hulk and usually get it for me.

My top 5 favorite Hulk artists:

  • Herb Trimpe
  • Sam Kieth
  • Sal Buscema
  • Adam Kubert
  • John Byrne

My top 5 LEAST favorite Hulk artists

  • Angel Medina
  • John Romita Jr.
  • Liam Sharp
  • Javier Pulido
  • Jae Lee

My top 5 favorite Hulk writers:

  • Stan Lee
  • Peter David
  • Steve Englehart
  • Len Wein
  • Greg Pak

My top 5 LEAST favorite Hulk writers:

  • Jeph Loeb
  • Jeph Loeb
  • Jeph Loeb
  • Jason Aaron
  • Bruce Jones

Top 5 Hulk “Grails” I will one day add to the collection!

  • Bowen Bronze Hulk Statue with Bruce Banner Bust
  • Gottliebs Hulk Pinball Game
  • Mego Stretch Hulk
  • Herb Trimpe Published Page

Forums I am part of (sign up and chat!  I often post sneak peeks of things BEFORE I post them here):

The Statue Forum

Hulk Space

Statue Marvels

Have fun!  Enjoy my site!

Contact me at: greyfixit@outlook.com

107 responses to “About Site

  1. Hi,
    I just stumbled upon your Hulk blog here, and, WOW you sure know a lot about the Hulk! I am looking for a SPECIFIC obscure image. Maybe you can help me…

    Years ago, when I was a kind there was this puzzle that a friend had. It showed hulk in the ocean swimming away from a ship. I think the ship was on fire or sinking or something. Maybe this was also the cover of a comic book, I’m not sure.

    Does this ring any bells with you? If you have a copy of this image, I’d love to see it…


  2. It doesn’t sound famliar, but I will keep my eye out for something like it.
    It sounds pretty funny though, Hulk’s swimming away from a burning, sinking ship – gee, I wonder who made the ship catch on fire? Could it be the big, green guy already overboard and swimming for safety?

  3. hey there,

    it seems like you are the man to talk to about hulk related stuff. I just came into possession of an old hulk toy chest. Its shaped like and egg on the bottom and is colored purple and has a hulk bust from the shoulders up on the top. I havent been able to find this anywhere on the net. I thought maybe you had come across this.

    thanks for any help!


  4. Yes! I know that piece very well! I am waiting to get one. Some have popped up on ebay. The top half is on a BIN here:
    Now, don’t get the wrong idea – this thing has been there FOREVER – mainly because the guy is asking too much. Another seller had one up that I was going to buy but halfway through the auction he more than tripled the starting bid price from $20.00 to $70.00. No one bid. I hope that helps.

  5. I have that toy chest and it’s in decent shape.

    I’m guessing it’s worth in the neighborhood of $50 then?

  6. one just sold for $65.00 – and yes – I was outbid on it. I guess it depends on what you start the bidding at. This particular auction startedat $9.99.

  7. If you’re interested, I’d do it for $55 + S/H. I just wouldnt even know how to send the thing or where i’d get a box that big.

  8. i have no idea how to get ahold of you 🙂 but i have a 1978 metal hulk lunchbox. made from the marvel comics group. its really nice, they have hulk smashing threw bricks and the bricks when you touch them our kinda buldging out? so its like there coming out of the box. its very unique i noticed it wasnt in your collection. maybe you’d liek to purchase it? i have no use for it really.

  9. Hi – I write a collectibles column for the Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg, Canada. Just wondering if you’d like to discuss your collection – when/why you started, fave pieces, holy grails, that sort of thing – timed for the release of the new Hulk movie in June.
    If interested, I’ll put together a list of questions and email them off, which you can answer at your leisure. I’d need lots of pics in high-res; column runs a full page in Saturday paper (circulation: 350,000) with lots of photos. Maybe we could turn up some stuff for you at the same time.

    Hope to hear from you.
    Dave Sanderson

  10. yeah I will be back just to look at your hulk collection just neat to see all the cool hulk stuff you have

  11. Great site ratchet!

  12. Thanks JG! Good to hear from you!

  13. Hello. I’m searching for an old comic I had when I was a kid in the 70’s. It was a huge HULK comic, the size of a newspaper (tho I was a kid, it may have been a bit smaller, but still much bigger than a normal sized comic). Maybe 18 inches high by 14 inches across? I recall Hulk standing on a green creature maybe 100x his size, and the creature just flicked him off his shoulder like a bug and sent him to some planet somewhere. Does any of this make sense? Let me know where I can see this thing on line, and maybe purchase it as well. Thanks. Great site.

  14. Hey,

    I gotta say fantastic collection you got here man.
    I was just wondering if by any chance if you could send me some reference pics of the The Hulk Maquette statue you have e.g. front view, side view, back and top view. It would be greatly appreciated.

    Im trying to replicate a fully CGI model on the computer using some new software i have, and i consider this to be the best reprensentation of the big green himself.

    Many Thanks

  15. Great blog! I find myself visiting regularly. Informative, humorous, about the Hulk, what’s not to like?!

    I started collecting the Hulk comics in 1983, and I could completely relate to your quest for the whole series. I caught up in the late 80’s, before I finished High School, I know very geeky!

    Now I trawl for guest shots, like the two issues of Dazzler the Hulk appeared in. Yikes.

    Anyway, if you haven’t seen this before it’s pretty funny.

    Keep up the great work!

  16. I have never seen that before – but I added it to my blogroll – thanks!

    Yeah, I too am now trying to get the rest of the Hulk appearences now. I have a few TTA left to get – and then I will start with the Defenders – then maybe Avengers…

  17. I’m a Spanish fan of Hulk … I’m collector, visit my photo-album:

    Your blog it’s greath … Congratulations !!!

  18. Greetings!
    I came across yr page while google image searching for hulk pics.

    I just wanted to drop a line and say how much I enjoy the site.

    I got re-turned on to the hulk last year (simultaniously getting re-turned on to comics in general). I went back to my comic shop after a long absence because of Stephen King’s Dark Tower comic (of course written by the great Peter David), asked what was new in the Marvel U, and got a crash course in Planet Hulk and the then-upcoming WWH.

    Then the back issue quest began. What a blast I’ve had tracking down the issues and of course reading those great stories.

    Anyway, just wanted to say how much I enjoy the site, and I’m surprised how often I check back to see what new Hulk gear you picked up. I definitley share yr enthusiasm for ol’ Jade Jaws. Keep up the good work.


  19. enjoyed your site , I have been a hulk fan since 1973. had a lot of the old toys but youknow how that goes. IM LOOKING TO GET A COPY OF THE POWER RECORDS STORY THE HULK AT BAY.

  20. thanks!

    Try ebay, brother.

  21. Hi,
    I am a high school student who loves the Hulk. I saw the new movie on Friday, and it was very good. I have around 18 comic books from the originial “Incredible Hulk” sereies as well as the 1999 “Hulk” series and 2000 “Incredible Hulk” series. They are all pretty new issues, mostly from the 90s+. I have been to the New England Comics in Brockton, but I would like to the get the names of some other good stores and websites, because I want to start my own Hulk collection. Can you tell me what are some of the better stores in the Boston region that I can go to? Any really good issues that I should get?

    Much appreciated,

  22. Hey Max – if you email me at greyfixit@live.com I will be sure to send you all sorts of info on where to get some comics – and my recommendations on what you want to try to collect as far as comics go…

  23. I am auctioning him on Ebay now!!!!
    “The Strongest one there is!!!!”
    Hasbro didn’t even come close to getting it right!!!! (but then again neither did Toybiz.)
    This is how HULK should be!
    Dale Keown style!
    The HULK!

    Thanks for looking!

  24. Hello,
    My brother was out bid on the Lou ferrigno custom doll that sold on ebay for $590. He is desperalty trying to find out who it was made by and when it was made. He has been a big fan of the Hulk (mostly the tv series) and Lou ferrigno. My heart sank when he didnt get the figure. So my mission is to locate another. So if you could help, I would appreciate it greatly.

  25. Wow – your brother was willing to pay ALOT for a custom figure, huh?

    Well, Jennifer, I think the best thing to do is to go onto ebay and talk to the seller directly. That’s your best bet. Be prepared for dissapointment though – especially if the seller knows he can get $600 for one – that’s what he may charge you to do another…

  26. I have collected a bunch of HULK things but i cant seem to find more…
    can u help me?

  27. My answer in short is go to ebay. But you should be able to find anything if you do enough digging. Where are you? Have any comic shops near you?

  28. Hey there

    desperately seeking one of the 7-11 Hulk 1.5 liter mugs from 2005. you wouldn’t by chance have an extra for sale/

    Thanks !

  29. No Fear Ratchet I just saw your image and you look like you’re 36-38 41 years at the most

  30. You’re killing me Hulk-brother –

    I am a very young at heart 32 year-old. 32.

    41? Good Christ, that’s a bit depressing…

    And the crazy part is – in the photo I’m 29.

  31. Oh I don’t know anyone that’s 29 and all the hair on their face is on the side

  32. If you’re 32 at HEART than what are you actually?

  33. I’m going to start deleting your posts because they are depressing the hell out of me.

    Yes, in the picture I was 29 – with a full beard and a shaved head.

    I am now 32. Will be 33 in another 6 months or so…

    Hopefully that will settle all your questions

  34. Do you collect any of the games?

  35. never mind you answered that in the “King Hulk” thread

  36. Post more comics, I like to see all you have.

    P.S. I read through every post that you made. Keep the Hulk stuff coming!

  37. I will post more comics. They are my favorite part of the collection.

  38. Hi,

    I just wanted to share where I recently purchased a bunch of the Hulk Legends 2008 Build-A-Figures. You can order them online at hasbrotoyshop.com. They also have other marvel legends lines without the crazy mark up you find on other sites. Good Luck!


  39. Hi there,
    I was wondering if you could tell me where I may be able to locate a plush 1980 Incredible Hulk plush doll. I see one on this site but don’t know if it is for sale?? My husband had one as a child and I wanted to find one for him. Any help would be greatly appreciated! He was abused as a child and his therapist is wanting him to do some work around that and nurture his inner child with memories.
    Thank you in advance,

  40. Well, I hope this can help – but my things are not for sale – sorry – but check on ebay. Be patient, it will come up.

  41. Hi – just stumbled onto this site….. I’ve been a Hulk comic collector for 20+ years. I do own a couple of nice pieces of art done by Deodato Jr. I am searching for that blacklight poster of the Hulk under the moon………… that image was drawn by Mike and it was an actual cover to issue 447. Would you happen to have one for sale or know where I could possibly locate one? Thank you – Donny

  42. I actually have it on my wall right now. I’m not into selling my collection – but I wish you luck in finding one. I’ll keep my eyes peeled…

  43. Ratchet…just an FYI to someone else that actually collects this stuff…stopped at Wal-Mart and found exclusive Abomination Hands! 19.99. Pretty cool. Keeping my eyes out for the Hulk Mega Hands on the Hasbro site too. Looks like adult sized hands.

  44. Really! Well, looks like I’m back on the hunt! Thanks!

  45. Head’s up ratchet…Target has a new exclusive Hulk…I’m going to pick it up now…I think it has a white shirt.

  46. Thanks! I always appreciate the tips!

  47. OK, grabbed it. It’s a gamma glow hulk which is a repaint in lighter plastic of the regular poseable guy that came with the steel beam. It has a white shirt. It’s pretty cool actually. If they painted the eyes on right, most of these would be decent.

  48. Hey bro, have you started reading Wolverine: Old Man Logan arc? pretty interesting how the Hulk turns out in the future.

  49. OK. I just got Hasbro’s MEGA Hulk Hands off their website. If you didn’t get them…you must have them! They’re huge. One hand is like three of the regular hands. They don’t make noise, but you don’t need it. I put one on my two year old’s head.

  50. Man, are you always one step ahead of everyone? Is that why they call you… Toyjesus?

  51. Well, I haven’t gotten my hands on that green hulk legends repaint yet!

  52. WHAT!?! Score one for me!

    Me: 1 You: 263

  53. ratchet, gammapro can probably help out with the Lou custom figure as I know he has one and I think he had it made. Might be able to help the person above locate one. Just an idea.

  54. Outstanding collection! I’ve been looking for a solid bronze Hulk Statue created by Randy Bowen in 1997, only 100 were made. Do you have any ideas on where to find one? Collectors, online, specialty sellers etc. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    • I believe I know where to obtain this statue but it is now priced between $12,000 -$14,000. If you have interest I could probably get a picture to verify its the one you are looking for. The Spider-man sold for over $13,000 over a year ago.

  55. Ken, what you have mentioned is a grail to be sure. I want one in the worst way – but be ready to pay $ 7,000 to $ 10,000 for one. And usually it’s rare appearence is on ebay.

  56. Thanks for your reply. I believe you’re correct that ebay will probably be the best option to try and obtain one. With only 100 ever produced it could be a long wait however. Keep up the great work building your amazing cllection.

  57. Hey Ratchet, love the site, and I just thought you might want to see something I found today while browsing this great thing called teh internets. I submitted a few questions to Greg Pak on the website Broken Frontier, and I got them answered recently. I brought up Loeb and his writing with the current Hulk series and he gave his opinion on it to me. Thought you might have wanted to see his response to it. (Its the first batch of questions).



  58. I think Pak was being nice and politically correct saying he liked it

    At least I hope so.

  59. I kinda got at what he’s saying, its alright to have a focus on action and humor more than character development once in a while. Though I think there are a few aspects of his writing (and the story) that are in dire need of explanation.

  60. how do i get a hold of sherry?

  61. Go to the link I gave in the post – and search for her – that’s the only way I know… sorry.

  62. Hi
    My name is Gilberto Lara im from is Mexico city and i live in Toluca city in Mexico, Im really fan to HULK and i love it your website because is really awesome, all weeks i see your website and check your information about the hulk, in mexico city is very hard to find products about hulk but when i found one i try to bought(sorry my english is a little bad)
    in conclusion is really excelent your website, i like so much and when i need know about to hulk my first option is your website
    thanks and el mejor es grande verde musculoso y enojado, su nombre el increible hulk(the best is green, strong and angry, his name the incredible hulk)

  63. Hi! I keep looking up your page to check out your collection and what you add here and there. I don’t know if you already knew this, but Target (at least mine does) has a lot of Hulk things in the $1 bin at the front of their stores. I noticed a Hulk dry erase board, stickers, socks, coloring things, and some other randomness. All of it had drawn verisons of the recent movie Hulk on it. Just an FYI! 🙂

  64. I did pick up a lot of the $1 bin stuff – thanks for the heads up!

  65. Great site! Added a link to it in my The Incredible Hulk Library website. Best,

  66. My favourite Hulk site of all time! What can I say? Love reading your reviews and updates on all the Hulk items out there. I actually bought the Hulk 3D Replicas Issue #1 Statue after reading your review on it. Great stuff!
    We’ve added your site to our ‘Hulk Links’ page on our site over at HulkRage.
    Keep up the great work!

  67. hi there,just wanted to say you are the man when it comes to the hulk,i love your website and i secretly visit it often too find out and depress myself(lol)at what else you’ve brought,my names daren from the uk and i’m a massive hulk fan and i’ve a fairly large collection myself over 30 years worth too be exact.
    Was just reading your note about your transformation statue i to love this statue and like you it was my first.I admire you for your dedication to our mutual green friend and one day i will photograph and record my collection and post it on the web for you to see but until then it will continue to be boxed and put in the loft until my daughter leaves home and i get a hulk room too. Until now i never knew there was anybody else out there that is as obsessed with the hulk as me but you my friend have proved me wrong,even my 18 month old son walks about saying “hulk smash” im teaching him well,well thats about it happy hunting and keep up the great work that you are doing to keep the hulkster alive,look forward to chatting again


  68. wow you seem to know a lot about the hulk… I have a question! I’m looking to sell 2 hulk collectables. well, not sure if they’re collectables but I’ve had people tell me I can get good money from them. their just sitting around my house! if you could e-mail me at a.ramirez615@yahoo.com… I can send you the pictures of what I have and maybe you can tell me how much their worth. I really have no idea, but their series II, and the comic book number is 314. thank you! I’d really appreciate it 🙂

  69. Hi ratchet,

    Came across your site by pure chance, while searching for Hulk comics.
    Ive only really been collecting Hulk comics over the last couple of years, but without question i can see this being a life long quest.

    Your site has really helped and am glad theres plenty of us peeps collecting the Hulk out there.

    Keep up the good work i can only envy your Incredible Hulk 1-6, i shall have my own one day.

    Ryan u.k

  70. hey ratchet, sweet blog! congrats on the official hulk site for marvel, that’s awesome, keep it coming

    • Hey Paul thanks – but that was actually an April Fool’s joke I was playing on everyone! Glad you like the blog…

  71. hahah you’re making me angry….

  72. Awesome collection! Every man should have a Hulk room. I’d love to do a “collector profile” of you on my site. Drop me a note if you’re interested.

  73. Hi there!
    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your site.. and noticed you feature a piece of my Hulk work on it (http://i44.tinypic.com/250nolt.jpg). I thought you may be interested to know that I’ve recently worked on a Hulk strip for Marvel UK which will be out in a couple of months. It’s classic Hulk as well… ol’ greenskin all the way!

    Anyways… hope all is good with you, and keep thinking GREEN!!

    Best wishes,


    • Simon,does Marvel Uk follow the same contunitity as the rest of Marvel or are there differences? I was thinking about this today.

  74. Awesome website, Ratchet. I go here everyday.

  75. Hey Ratchet-

    Just found this website and I love seeing the items in your collection, as well as just hearing from someone who shares in their enjoyment & enthusiasm for the Hulk.

    My buddy & I do a monthly Hulk podcast called The Incredible Hulkcast. I’ll try to give your site a shout-out when we record the next episode tonight.

    Keep it up!
    -Ryan King

  76. Hey Ratchet, do you know what has happened to Hulkspace.com?

  77. Wow! This site is awesome! I can’t wait to return again and again!

  78. hi i noticed you mentioned you had all the comics comming except the 1st appearance of wolverine no.198 and was wundering if you still needed it? cheers

  79. You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material

  80. Awesome blog, it’s just like a game for me! It’s so infomative and usefull, thanks a lot! If you post more of this great stuff, I’ll visit your blog again!

  81. I’m gonna get into the Top 5 writer

  82. Hey ratchet. Very cool site, and I have a quick question about comics. I ran across a collection that was in a comic book box around 3ft long. Inside, it had hulk and more hulk. Like hulk and submariner starting around the 70s or so, mostly in plastic and backer board. LOTS of signatures with the sticker on the plastic. The collection goes through like 400, with around 100 missing between the them. I bought it for $50, along with a bunch of punishers, annual HULK, and lots of other Hulk series thrown in. Was this a pretty good deal? I don’t know a bunch about comics, but I liked reading them growing up. Thanks!

  83. Hey there, I just hopped over to your web-site thru StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would normally read, but I liked your views none the less. Thank you for creating something worth browsing.

  84. Bart Vogelaar

    I like your hulk collection and website very much. I am big collector of gremlins toys and other stuff, but i also love the hulk and like to visit your hulk website once in a while. thank you!

  85. Great, great collection! do you know what the Attakus porcelain Hulk statue is selling for now? I know there were only 888 made so it’s really hard to find.

  86. Have you seen the Lou Ferrigno Mego Hulk prototype in the Mego Museum magazine?

  87. Hi,
    My cousin shared the link to your blog to me via AIM because he knows how much I love The Incredible Hulk. I haven’t gone through it all but I am loving it all so far, thanks so much for sharing your passion for the Green guy.
    My link has just a few of my Hulk figs at the moment, I’ll have to post more of them when I have the time – keep it coming my friend!

  88. Just came across your blog – all I can say is THANK YOU and it is absolutely fantastic !

  89. I dig the site! I’ve got a question for the ultimate hulk fan. When I was 18 (I’m 36 now) I received an Incredible Hulk comic book for graduation. The family member who gave it to me said it is the #1 1962 comic. It has the exact cover of the original, but it is inset with a white boarder and is on newsprint. I showed it to a friend who is a collector and he said it is either a very early reprint or a promotional copy that is basically priceless. Ever came across anything like this? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks,


    • Hey JT – it would be better if I had a picture. Send me a pic of it at greyfixit@live.com and I will tell you what I can. If it is a reprint – most of those are pretty common. Not sure if you meant “priceless” but unfortunately most of the reprints are not worth much at all. Still, send a pic my way and I will see what I can find out.

  90. Thanks! I sent you a pic to your email.

  91. Hi Ratchett. Loving the site as ever. Wondered if you have come across “Smash” no. 38, a UK comic from the mid-1960s? The comic featured reprints of early Hulk, but in no. 38 they printed an original story which as far as I know was never published in the USA – it’s Hulk fighting a matador and bulls!

  92. Hey Ratchet, in Australia and have a bunch of cards that came in packs with gum. I have had them since I was a kid, so they would be 70’s I am guessing… some art, some shots from the TV show. Just wondering if they are a rare item or everywhere. Happy to send a pic. Cheers, J

  93. thinkingdrinkingbeer

    We’re trying to rally Hulk fans to support our bid to name Denver Comic Con’s annual specialty beer … we”re the team behind “Hulk’s Mash” … bit.ly/18psOdr (have to be on FB to vote)!

  94. daniel clavette

    I an huge fan hulk and i enjoy your hulk collection the comic book,toys,movies, and other hulk iten as well and also how many comics book do you have in your hulk collection.

  95. jim sanders III

    i found this site by accident-seen a few panels i inked of todd’s pencils-saw his interview-so nice of him to forget the inkers who made his stuff so much more readable than his inks-me and bob wiacek were really the only two inkers he had on the hulk-but we get the dubious recognition of “some other inker-thanks todd!
    jim sanders III aka some other inker

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