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Lex Smash Bedtime!


I will cherish this time forever.  Seriously, these are the best times… ever!


Hulk Shirt #24 (2011)

New Hulk Shirt - Hope you're watching the Oscar's though...

Watching the Oscars – so I am going to make this real quick – here is a new Hulk Shirt I found at a LCS.  I think the art looks familiar but I am not exactly sure who it is.  I want to say Keown – but man – I could be wrong… who can help me out here?  Sorry – getting back to the Oscars now!

Tokidoki Hulk Shirt – Shirt #23 (2010)


This company brought out a couple of Hulk shirts – I found this one first and snagged it up immediately – because it’s just that awesome!  Not only did I think it was awesome I bought it and then changed into this right away.  Litterally, right there at the counter.  It was a sight to behold.  A month later I took the shirt off again.  By force of course…


Tee Fury’s Go Green T-Shirt (2010)

Going Green Tee Fury Hulk Shirt

There is a great site called Tee Fury – right here for those interested – that sell T-Shirts for one day.  Then, BAM!  They are gone.  Seriously – gone.  I had a real hard lesson in life whe I missed out in the coolest Hulk/Kool-Aid t-shirt ever.  If I was a real responsible blogger I would find it and then link the image here – but comeon!  You guys have to do some of the work sometimes!

Ugh – I am such a push-over – look here to see the first, cooler shirt that I missed out on – and this spoon feeding has to stop somewhere children! Some day you will have to feed yourselves!

Hulk Shirt #23 (2010)

Hulk Shirt 23... and still counting!

Here is another Hulk shirt… found this about a month ago – and I would have posted it earlier – it’s just really difficult to come up with new things to say about a shirt.  I mean, what do you say about a shirt?  It… looks cool.  It, ummm… smells new.  Love the image.  It’s… really black!  And that’s about it!  Other than that I would just have to come up with something else to say that doesn’t even pertain to the shirt!  And who wants to read something like that?

Hulk Shirt #22 (2009)

Hulk Shirt 21

Hulk Shirt 21

There are a few Hulk shirts that I have passed up – ones that I was fine with not owning – I do wear most of my Hulk shirts and proudly, I might add.  I was thinking about letting this Hulk shirt go, I mean it has sort of pastel colors, I don’t do pastel, and it’s very… feminine.  But it does have a Hulk image that is classic, amazing in fact.  Props will go to the person who can identify which cover that image comes off of – a small hint, because this is an easy question already, but it’s not a Hulk comic.  Anyways, this shirt may come out of the Hulk room someday – but my cat seems extra fond of it and as a bed right now (it’s laying on the couch) so I have a feeling it’s already been hijacked.  I don’t mind giving things up for my cat though – cause he’s a bad ass!  He’s taken down 3 mice and countless moths in the house – the least I can do is make him comfortable with a Hulk shirt.

Biggety Bam!  Hulk in Pastels!

Biggety Bam! Hulk in Pastels!

Hulk Shirt 21 (2008)

Hulk Shirt Front

Hulk Shirt Front

Now here’s an interesting shirt.  I had a little trouble finding the info on the illustration – but some good people at the Statue Forum helped me out.  The body is actually from the Master Edition of the Marvel Universe handbooks by Keith Pollard.  But the head is taken from Rich Buckler’s drawings in Incredible Hulk #200. (Thanks Fiddy!)  I found this shirt in a clearance rack in Newbury Comics.  Who knew Newbury would even HAVE a clearance rack?  And how many other people passed on owning this wonderful shirt?  For shame!  I’m not usually a fan of shirts with something on the front AND back – but I will forgive this one – because it also shows the Hulk’s front and back!  It’s almost like irony – if you knew nothing about irony!

Hulk Shirt Back

Hulk Shirt Back