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Any Info Would Help!


Pics of this Hulk has been circulating around the interwebs for a few months now.  Unfortunately, no one seems to have any information on when/how/or even where this will be available!  Besides the random person saying it will be exclusive to Amazon Mexico (which just sounds ridiculous!) no one is saying anything.  It makes me feel like this is not a real product.  I really do hope I’m wrong as I would love to add this figure to my collection – but I am real skeptical!

If anyone has REAL info with links I would love to know!  Leave it in the comments below!



Half Life: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 37

Nothing creepier than a dead (or half dead) person who cap sap the life from you.  You have to feel sort of bad for the guy.  He is delusional thinking he can even take on someone as powerful as the Hulk.  Ultimately, when the Hulk leaves him for dead we all know we haven’t seen the last of him… yet – we haven’t seen him since the late 80’s.

1st Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #334




half 3

In Case You Missed It… Round 22

CCI08012019_0001 (2)

There has been quit a few different issues on the racks – some apparent that feature the Hulk – others that are a bit more incognito!  Let’s begin with the more obvious.  IDW released a Hulk Classics reprint (above).

CCI08012019 (2)

Another reprint comes straight from Marvel containing 3 different issues:

CCI08012019_0003 (2)

CCI07102019_0003 (2)

There’s also a recent issue of Doctor Strange that the Hulk makes a couple of quick appearances – one, a defeated Hulk in the wake of a powerful Dormammu:

CCI07102019_0004 (2)

And another where the Hulk is part of a resistance fighting back:

CCI07102019_0005 (2)

And just this week we are given an amazing villains variant to Venom: Acts of Evil Annual #1 featuring some of the most notable Hulk villains:

CCI08012019_0002 (2)

Fantastic Four Monsters Unleased Trade Paperback (1992)

cci01162019 (2)

I think there are times when you should totally get the monthly issues as well as any of the trades available.  I must admit – this story, to me, is one of the more underrated Fantastic Four stories.  In fact, if you ask a regular comic reader I bet half wouldn’t even know about this incarnation of the FF.

cci01162019_0001 (2)

But yes, there as a time in comic history where three of the FF was missing and a new foursome had to form to face a new threat.  The pairings seemed like an odd choice at the time but were probably the most popular characters at Marvel at the time.  Spider-Man, Wolverine, Ghost Rider and the Hulk.

other items 008 (2)

Not just any Hulk but the grey Hulk – the Las Vegas bouncer Mr Fixit!  Also one of the more memorable features is that this story arc is drawn by the uber talented Art Adams!  My copy of the trade was signed by the artist a few years ago at Boston Comic Con.

other items 009 (2)

Originally these issues were so popular they went into the rare second printing.  While that is a common place practice now second printings didn’t just happen.  I am lucky enough to have issue #347 and am looking to add #348 when I find it.

cci04112018_0006 (2)

The Immortal Hulk #17 (2019)

CCI05172019 (2)

Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Pencils Joe Bennet
Artist: Ink Ruy Jose
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$3.99 – $87.00

Variants: 5
  • Battle Lines Variant Cover
  • Inhyuk Lee Spider-Man Variant
  • Red She Hulk Variant
  • Dell’Otto Variant
  • Inhyuk Lee Wolverine Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The mad variants continue.  Sometimes variant hunting can be fun but this series is getting out of control.  You have to rely on eBay just to get all the covers and what’s fun about clicking a mouse to go comic hunting!  At least the story is entertaining as hell!

This issue opens where we last left off.  Bruce Banner being hunted by Burbank but Bruce isn’t Bruce at all.  With the UV rays turning the Hulk’s body back to Banner’s skinny white boy duds Burbank thinks he has an easy kill on his hands.  Too bad Banner is still hidden away in the body’s mind and it’s Fixit who Burbank is dealing with!

CCI05172019_0001 (2)

Shadow base is watching the entire confrontation unfold.  Fixit notices that there are gamma irradiated animals all around him – maybe left overs from the Aaron run – and he immediately smashes through the glass holding the gamma ants.  He tosses them at Burbank and then tries to punch him out.  Of course, soft human tissue has no chance against cyborg innards!  For some reason Burbank kept his naughty beans and Fixit takes advatage of his sensitive parts!

Dr. McGowan back at Shadow base is reading up on who Fixit is.  The soldiers realize they are against a formidable foe and ask Burbank to take care of the situation as soon as possible.  Meanwhile Joe has smashed his way through a gamma fish fishtank into a hidden office.  He finds the passcode to the computer system as Shadow Base turns up the UV thinking they are hurting Banner more.  The reality of the situation is much worse… for them.

CCI05172019_0002 (2)

Burbank catches up to Banner and fills him full of holes.  They tell Burbank to cut him into pieces but Banner suddenly comes to and slaps the taste out Burbank’s mouth!  He then explains that the UV emitters when turned up eventually emit Gamma.  Banner Hulks out in one of the most grotesque transformations ever and takes Burbank (and the mountain they were in) out.


Shadow Base is underterred as they ask McGowan if Subject B is ready.  She takes General Fortean to a tank holding their new specimen that they used Rick Jones body to create.  A new Abomination!

CCI05172019_0004 (2)


  • Burbank (Sniper)
  • General Fortean
  • Abomination (Cameo)
Grade: Bag and Board It

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The Immortal Hulk #16 (2019)

CCI04032019_0007 (2)

Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Pencils Joe Bennet
Artist: Ink Ruy Jose
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$3.99 – $120.00

Variants: 2
  • Asgardian Variant Cover
  • 1:25 Wraparound Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Something odd has happened with Immortal Hulk #16.  While I am extremely glad that the Hulk is one of the hottest books on the planet I am also frustrated with how the book has suddenly taken on a life of its own on the secondary market.  People are paying wild prices for back issues – and now that has bled into pre-sale prices.  People driving up the prices of books yet to be released.  If that sounds crazy to you that’s because it is!  I have said it in the past and I will say it now – collectors can be their own worst enemies!  Case in point is the 1:25 wraparound variant for this issue.  What should have been a $12-$25 book suddenly shot up to $120 on eBay, so of course the shops followed suit and charged a premium for them as well.  I am lucky enough to have a shop charge me a little under half of the trending value.  This is also significant since the value has dropped to about $70-$80 after the book was released.

Even crazier?  There will be variants to the 2nd printings to this book!  How insane is that?  Variants to a 2nd printing is completely unheard of!  This is the biggest cash-grab I have seen in all my years of collecting.  This is collectors ruining the market for fellow collectors.  This is almost as crazy as people paying hundreds of dollars for a movie ticket to Endgame!  Can we all just get a grip here?

So, currently, from what I can count there will be the following variants released for this issue:

  • 2nd Print
  • Cover B 2nd Print
  • 8-Bit Hulk #1 variant
  • Ryan Brown variant
  • Shattered Cover variant
  • Hyuk Lee variant

So, you see, the world has gone done lost its mind!  I haven’t even gotten into the review of the book!  The issue was another solid read as the Hulk continues unwrapping the mystery of who this new Hulk incarnation exactly is.  Samson and Hulk realized that people have taken Rick Jones body – and we see the horrific experiments the scientists do to the corpse.

CCI04032019_0008 (2)

I think we all know that we will be seeing Rick Jones again real soon – what will he look like though?  I don’t think even I can answer that!  The Hulk and Samson have a heart to heart while chasing down the assassin who shot Betty.  The two frenemies enter an underground lab where some terrible experiments have been executed resulting in gamma animals!  But don’t worry, this isn’t another Jason Aaron monkey poop moment that will be an embarrassment in Hulk history.

CCI04032019_0009 (2)

Meanwhile, another group of government spooks are trying to track where Betty Banner has gone.  They fond something both brilliant and exciting – feathers!  Huge crimson feathers – but feathers none the less!  It will be interesting to see how the writer works in Betty’s transformation into the harpy -as she should have been in the Red Hulk title – and the inclusion of the Red She Hulk history that this series seems to have embraced in a positive way.

CCI04032019_0010 (2)

Samson and Banner track Burbank into a dark room where suddenly UV lights flood the entire place and transform Hulk back into Banner.  Bruce runs to a dark corner but we leave the issue with the assassin seeking out Bruce but Bruce’s inner monologue letting the readers know that he isn’t who he seems!

CCI04032019_0011 (2)

  • Burbank (Sniper)
Grade: Bag and Board It

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In Case You Missed It… Round 18

CCI03262019 (2)

Avengers: No Road Home is still trucking along with issue #6 hitting the stands this past Wednesday.  Immortal Hulk is still showing some questionable morality and an inability to work in a team dynamic.  Kinda loving it all.

CCI03262019_0001 (2)

CCI03262019_0002 (2)

The Grey Hulk also has a quick cameo in the recent Cosmic Ghost Rider series where he sort of re-writes Marvel history.  The Green Hulk also appears on the 1:50 cover: