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In Case You Missed It 34

CCI02062020_0011 (2)

There have been quite  few Hulk moments either on covers or in issues that you might’ve missed – this is why I do these catch up posts – so Hulk lovers like you reading these posts don’t let these issues sit on the shelves!  Above is the cover to Hawkeye: Freefall #1.  While the Hulk does not appear in the issue – check out Hawkeye’s girl’s shirt:

CCI02062020_0010 (2)

I don’t really count that as a Hulk appearance but it’s cool nonetheless.  Now the recent issues of the Avengers has a couple of variants featuring the Hulk:

I also bought an interesting cover, an homage to the King Size Special #1, but with Edgar Allan Poe in the Hulk position:

CCI02062020_0004 (2)

Sure enough, that is not it!  Captain Marvel #14 had a cover with a Hulk appearance yet… the Hulk was no where to be seen in the actual issue!  Still, a new cover to seek out:

CCI02062020_0005 (2)

Now, I was going to review this next issue but the Wolverine/Hulk story was so bad I didn’t feel like reliving it.  Marvel Voices #1 has an absolute disaster of a story with none of the characters acting as they should.

CCI03012020_0008 (2)

Here’s just a few pics from inside:

Hope that’s enough to keep you guys busy for a while!  Let me know if you picked up any of these issues – or all of them!

Truth Bomb!


Nothing against the new Red Hulk figure – the thing is bad ass – but grey Hulk speaks total truth!

Marvel Retro 80th Anniversary Grey Hulk (2019)

IMG_1820 (2)

I can’t tell you what a rollercoaster this figure was!  First, Hasbro releases the green version of this figure at SDCC and immediately people want to know if we are getting a grey version.  Well, it turns out that we were!  except the journey to figuring out how and where we could purchase this figure continued to be a mystery for a while.

IMG_1822 (2)

First the interwebs were claiming it was going to be a Amazon Mexico exclusive.  This made such little sense to me I knew it couldn’t be true.  Then I heard people claiming it was only being offered to certain sites like Big Bad Toy Store.  This seemed more reasonable but still no official word from Hasbro.

IMG_1825 (2)

Meanwhile, the Green version continued to command a huge price tag on the secondary market and I was desperate to try and avoid another tip to eBay to acquire this one.

IMG_1822 (2)

Out of nowhere, a week before the official release date of this figure, my LCS calls me up and informs me that they have it IN HAND.  They also let me know that they don’t have instructions that they aren’t allowed to sell it – so a quick trip to the store and sure enough I landed this extremely well sculpted figure!

IMG_1823 (2)

I can’t really report on how well this figure is made nor can I tell you the durability – I can just say how extremely fantastic this figure looks! Everything – including the packaging and paint apps look to be done superbly!  The Grey Hulk has proven to be difficult to capture in plastic but Hasbro did everything right when it came to the Retro line.  The oversized card and beautiful card art makes this piece a must have.  The inclusion of the original orange shirt is a great touch and one rarely seen on figures at all.  The best part has to be the new head sculpt they gave us for the new figure here.  The scowl and bearing of gritted teeth are a perfect representation of this original Hulk incarnation!

Grade: A+

IMG_1824 (2)

Keown Immortal Hulk Variants!


I will be honest, I really dislike the face on this illustration of the Hulk.  I still enjoy the look of these covers and actually may like the grey Hulk looks better than the green!


Beautiful Customs!


It looks as though this brilliant customizer has taken the recent Kingpin body and made the Grey Hulk from Wolverine #7/8.  Not sure which body they took for Wolvie… sorry, Patch, but the head is a perfect classic Wolverine to make this impressive figure!


Can’t get much better than this!


Hulk Stats


I miss the old Mavel information comics.  The alphabetic volumes that would give us a slight history and stats.  These were the best!

In Case You Missed It… Part 30

CCI10282019_0002 (2)

The Director’s Cut of the Immortal Hulk issues continue to roll out as issue #6 hit the stands!  Also a pretty great Facsimile Edition of the Incredible Hulk #1 came out.  Marvel is doing an amazing job with these releases as everything, including the ads, are reproduced.

CCI10282019_0003 (2)

I love this because I once owned a Hulk #1 and I remember vividly the back cover ad and the old man who stared at you as he was weaving an absolute masterpiece!

CCI10282019_0004 (2)