In Case You Missed It 34

There have been quite  few Hulk moments either on covers or in issues that you might’ve missed – this is why I do these catch up posts – so Hulk lovers like you reading these posts don’t let these issues sit on the shelves!  Above is the cover to Hawkeye: Freefall #1.  While the HulkContinue reading “In Case You Missed It 34”

Marvel Retro 80th Anniversary Grey Hulk (2019)

I can’t tell you what a rollercoaster this figure was!  First, Hasbro releases the green version of this figure at SDCC and immediately people want to know if we are getting a grey version.  Well, it turns out that we were!  except the journey to figuring out how and where we could purchase this figureContinue reading “Marvel Retro 80th Anniversary Grey Hulk (2019)”

In Case You Missed It… Part 30

The Director’s Cut of the Immortal Hulk issues continue to roll out as issue #6 hit the stands!  Also a pretty great Facsimile Edition of the Incredible Hulk #1 came out.  Marvel is doing an amazing job with these releases as everything, including the ads, are reproduced. I love this because I once owned aContinue reading “In Case You Missed It… Part 30”

Friday Review: Absolute Carnage: The Immortal Hulk #1 (2019)

Writer: Al Ewing Artist: Pencils and Ink Filipe Andrade Artist: Colors Chris O’Halloran Cover Price: Secondary Market: $4.99 $3.59 – $149.99 Variants: 4 1:25 Codex Variant 1:50 InHyuk Lee Variant NYCC Variant NYCC Virgin Variant Publisher: Marvel Comics While I am enjoying the Absolute Carnage event the issue I have – which happens with most eventContinue reading “Friday Review: Absolute Carnage: The Immortal Hulk #1 (2019)”

Grey Hulk: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 43

Yes, yes – I know this is obviously not the 1st appearance of the grey Hulk – but if you think about it, it actually is.  While the Grey Hulk truly appeared in The Incredible Hulk #1 they had to change the color from grey to green and act as if that incarnation of the HulkContinue reading “Grey Hulk: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 43”

Better Shots of the Upcoming She-Hulk Figure!

I can’t begin to explain how excited I am that they are releasing a She-Hulk figure that looks this good!  I can’t explain even further how disappointed I am that the She Hulk is in the innocuous color change she had for that one short lived series. But the sculpt is downright brilliant!  If the paintContinue reading “Better Shots of the Upcoming She-Hulk Figure!”

In Case You Missed It #27

I have had to do this little series more and more! The Hulk is certainly a popular guy and has been littered all over the New Release Rack these past weeks!  Above is the Young Guns cover to Absolute Carnage #3.  That is the Hulk covered in the Venom Symbiote!  Here are the final shotsContinue reading “In Case You Missed It #27”

Any Info Would Help!

Pics of this Hulk has been circulating around the interwebs for a few months now.  Unfortunately, no one seems to have any information on when/how/or even where this will be available!  Besides the random person saying it will be exclusive to Amazon Mexico (which just sounds ridiculous!) no one is saying anything.  It makes meContinue reading “Any Info Would Help!”

Half Life: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 37

Nothing creepier than a dead (or half dead) person who cap sap the life from you.  You have to feel sort of bad for the guy.  He is delusional thinking he can even take on someone as powerful as the Hulk.  Ultimately, when the Hulk leaves him for dead we all know we haven’t seenContinue reading “Half Life: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 37”

In Case You Missed It… Round 22

There has been quit a few different issues on the racks – some apparent that feature the Hulk – others that are a bit more incognito!  Let’s begin with the more obvious.  IDW released a Hulk Classics reprint (above). Another reprint comes straight from Marvel containing 3 different issues: There’s also a recent issue ofContinue reading “In Case You Missed It… Round 22”