The Incredible Hulks #615 (2010) – The Review

I have been seeing the new Hulk/Valkyrie 2-packs on ebay – so I am going nuts trying to find it around here… so far – nothing!  Anyways, I actually am posting the review for the comic on the day I bought it!  Kudos to me!  So, the Marvel Heroes have put their faith in the HulkContinue reading “The Incredible Hulks #615 (2010) – The Review”

Hulk Walkie Talkies (2003)

It’s funny – when these were in the stores I couldn’t find hide or hair (or is it “hide or hare”?) of them.  Almost all of the Marvel Heroes had thier own walkie talkie and all I wanted were the Hulk ones, but like I said, I couldn’t find them anywhere!  So, this past Summer,Continue reading “Hulk Walkie Talkies (2003)”

Marvel Heroes – Assortment 2 (2010)

I’m calling foul!  Damn you Marvel!  I was about to showcase this sets card/sticker when I saw this in Toys R Us today!  Truth be told, I was seeking the Thanos MU figure – turns out many other people are too – but I saw this and became enraged!  See, these figures first came outContinue reading “Marvel Heroes – Assortment 2 (2010)”

The Incredible Hulks #614 (2010) – The Review

This is one of those issues that needs to be done – but before anything really good actually happens.  In reality, a lot happens in this issue – even if it doesn’t seem that way.  I mean, you’ve got the people of Earth trying to stop the planet of K’ai from coming – mainly with missilesContinue reading “The Incredible Hulks #614 (2010) – The Review”

Marvel Superheroes – First Issue Covers (1984)

I found a box of this set on the Cape.  It’s a pretty fantastic idea of collecting just covers to the #1 issues.  So, of course we have The Incredible Hulk #1 and Avengers #1 – also both first appearances of the Defenders – Defenders #1 and Marvel Feature Presents #1 (Yes Gary, I knowContinue reading “Marvel Superheroes – First Issue Covers (1984)”