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Ummm… Part 50

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Smash me, Baby, one more time!

Doomsday Superman (2016)

IMG_0523 (2)

I will always love the Death of Superman as the event happened just as I was beginning to collect. The fervor to grab an issue was so exciting and has never been duplicated.  The excitement, anyways.  When DC introduced the Multiverse figures I was excited to snag one.  I showed off the Doomsday before – not the classic Doomsday figure – but still, worth picking up.  The funny thing is, I can still remember asking a friend for a ride to the comic shop that day – traffic getting out of school was always horrible but he drove me most of the way and we were dead stopped on the main road.  I told him that it was cool and hopped out in the middle of traffic.  It was killing me not to be at the shop already and getting my poly-bagged copy of Superman #75.

When I arrived at the shop a man walked in right before me.  He walked up to the new release rack and grabbed every copy of the Death of Superman off the shelf and went and bought it.  No joke – every. single. copy.  We’re talking about at least 50 copies.  I was bummed out and must have had a distraught look on my face.  When Elise, the woman behind the counter, saw me she said – “No worries hun, we have plenty in the back room.  How many copies you need?”


Selling Hulk Villains Wednesday

Sometimes when searching through ebay you can find some genuinely cool custom made stuff.  I don’t usually dabble into purchasing custom figures or statues but far be it for me to deny others!  Below is an auction for the Space Parasite from The Incredible Hulk #103.  I doubt Marvel Legends will ever get around  making this figure themselves – so if you want it, move fast!  Its ending soon!


Moving on… we have a figure of a character I would LOVE to gin the 12″ scale – but we will probably have to settle for the 6″ figure we got in the 2nd series from the 2008 movie.  Although, this one is more classic style while the official release is more influenced from the video game.


Click on either of the images to be brought to  auctions!  Happy bidding!

Locked Up Without a Key: A Year of Hulk Confusion – Week 16

There might be times where we are all a bit confused – and this year we will explore the times that the Hulk has no idea what is going on. Even the times when he isn’t sure what to do or where to go… It’s a year of confusion!


It’s never a good idea to lock the Hulk up – and it never ends well for the captor.  Still, they try and try to confine the Hulk – but it usually ends how it usually ends:


Hulk Lunch Tin (2016)

IMG_0534 (2)

Sometimes you see something in the store and you can’t help but pick it up.  I have had an iron will with certain items but something about a lunchbox that is just the entire face of the Hulk screamed “Bring me home!”  There isn’t much else to say about this other than you should totally pick this up.  I’m psyched to see what Marvel has in store for us as far as merchandise goes when Thor 3 comes out.  A lunchbox like this with the gladiator helmet?  Just take my money!

WildCATs Daemonite (1994)

IMG_0516 (2)

Truthfully, early Image did not really have much as far great reading for me.  I loved Spawn and I loved WildC.A.T.S.  I had yet to really indulge in the brilliance of Savage Dragon.  Of course, as most of us know, WildC.A.T.S. didn’t last through the years – but I still think the original team had a ton of potential.  Grifter was great, as well as VooDoo and Zealot.  Ultimately, even Alan Moore couldn’t keep the readers with the title was cancelled.  Reboots didn’t fare much better – but I still remember the original dozen or so issues was a blast.

IMG_0515 (3)

I remember when the figures hit shelves back in 1994 and how excited I was to snag the only figure I thought looked cool enough to buy – the Daemonite.  His four eyes and four arms – including the two stubby T-Rex arms – as well as the rows of sharp teeth that reminded me of Critters – everything was perfect for an evil villain type.  Well, on my trip to NJ in March I came across this figure at Zapp Comic Con for a fantastic $2.  Money well spent!  This figure should be on everyone’s shelves!

IMG_0516 (3)

Hulk Pop-Up Book “Trapped” (1982)

IMG_0550 (3)

People make fun of the 80’s a lot – and mostly for good reasons – but there is some amazing stuff that came out of the 80’s that we should cherish.  I’m not talking about the seemingly endless barrage of characters from random shows that people are now clinging to in a desperate attempt at some nostalgia.  *cough strawberryshortcake cough* Characters that have lasted through the test of time have some great pieces left over that any collector should consider themselves lucky to find.

IMG_0551 (2)

Personally, some of the more gimmicky pieces are the ones that make me the happiest.  Glow in the dark covers and pop-up books are easily in the top of the list of pieces I will always be excited to find.  A month or so ago I was with my friend John, owner of Saturday Morning Collectibles, and saw this in his display case.  I was psyched for two reasons – one, I needed to add this to my collection and two, it was super affordable.

IMG_0552 (2)

I know there are a few of these that Piccolo released and I am on the hunt for the others.  If you’re interested in the story check out this website.  I was hoping for more Hulk popping up from this Hulk Pop-Up book but either way – glad this is now in a collection that really appreciates it!