Incredible Hulk: The Troyjan War (1994) – The Review

At some point in the PD run the Hulk was pretty indestructible.  He was super-smart, super strong and with a super secret powerful team that he lead.  Ultimately, Earth bound catastrophes were beyond him.  There was nothing they couldn’t handle – and sure,   What could take on the Hulk at this point? The IncredibleContinue reading “Incredible Hulk: The Troyjan War (1994) – The Review”

World War Wendigo (2014) – The Review

I never read the X-Men.  I’m just not interested in them – not sure there is a way I can explain my dislike for the group – I have tried to get into reading the exploits of the mutants before but to no avail.  I did see that The Amazing X-Men was set to doContinue reading “World War Wendigo (2014) – The Review”

Mego Hulk! All the Carded Versions!

What you will see is the collection of the classic Mego Hulks in all their glory.  I have been able to amass all the carded versions that this classic toy was released on.  Next up is getting all the 12 inch versions (I just need one more) and then onto the Pocket Heroes.  But, thereContinue reading “Mego Hulk! All the Carded Versions!”

Week of Rocket Raccoon – Day 3

I think I figured this out!  I will post this on Christmas day (which I originally decided I wasn’t going to post on this day) but I will do this – and a Christmas wish – and than finish the week tomorrow!  So here is the Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon figure that people had aContinue reading “Week of Rocket Raccoon – Day 3”

A Week of Rocket Raccoon – Day 2

I’m going to have to catch up here at some point – I missed Monday’s post.  So it’s supposed to be day 3 and I am still a day behind.  Anyways, Funko has a line of Marvel inspired tiny bobbleheads.  It’s as frustrating to me as it is to you, I’m sure.  Because of theContinue reading “A Week of Rocket Raccoon – Day 2”

Hallmark Hulk Ornament (2014)

I have to say I’ve been disappointed with the selection that Hallmark had given us these past few years as far as the superhero ornaments go.  I was fond of the Hulk #181 recreation ornament – but thought Hulk deserved his own seeing as the last one they offered was in the 90’s I thinkContinue reading “Hallmark Hulk Ornament (2014)”

A Week of Rocket Raccoon! Part 1

I was planning this little event to coincide with the DVD release of the Guardians of the Galaxy – but that didn’t really work out.  especially since it was such a pain to get the DVD version I wanted – more on that later – but the first little Rocket piece I have for youContinue reading “A Week of Rocket Raccoon! Part 1”

Hulk Grab Zaggs Bobble Head (2014)

Haven’t heard much from the Grab Zaggs line much… in fact I pretty much assumed it was a two trick pony with a Marvel and Avengers release… and then that is it.  But it seems they decided to do a bit more with the mold instead of just tossing it – they released this cheapContinue reading “Hulk Grab Zaggs Bobble Head (2014)”