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Which One Did You Get?

I don’t own a 3D player… or TV… but it doesn’t matter!

Yes, this is the week the Avengers came pouring into the stores – and there were a TON of special packs – each store vying for your business by offering up extra goodies with your purchase of the movie everyone knew you were going to buy! I know Best Buy was offering a ridiculous, humongous, “ultimate” package with lithographs, productions cells, worthless gift cards… and I think they included the movie in there as well.  For all that crap you had to empty your wallet of $70. Wal*Mart and Target had a better grasp on what collectors were really seeking – Wal*Mart had a exclusive trade – while Target offered an extra disc with 90 minutes of awesome-ness!

Since I don’t like Wal*Mart’s business practice it was pretty easy for me to choose where I was going to pick up my copy.  The thing is… Target made a huge boo-boo.  They had the movie on regular DVD – they had the Blu-Ray+DVD version with the extra disc – and then they had the 3D Blu-Ray+Blu-Ray+DVD+Digital copy+Music Download+Extra Disc!  The 3D pack was supposed to be $25 – but a printing error in their flyer marked it the same price as their regular Blu-Ray for $20!  Who, when faced with this choice, would pick the regular Blu-Ray set?  Anyways, which set did you end up picking up?

Marvel Super Heroes Adventures Hulk with Smash Mobile (2012)

Smash Mobile?!?!? I want a real one!

More Hulk from this line of Marvel figures.  I do enjoy this series of figures – if not for anything other than the vehicles they come with.  I’ve spoken many times about the idea of the Hulk driving – so I won’t bother getting into again – but I will call shenanigans on the fact that the Hulk is wearing a life jacket.  First off – no life jacket could hold the Hulk up!  Secondly, the Hulk can just grow gills underwater!  Thirdly, if he’s wearing it as a fashion style – then he’s about 27 years too late as Marty McFly already made that look hip.

Are you on shore leave?

Hulk Transforming Tank (2012)

Avenger’s Hulk Tank

Sure enough – the Avengers had a whole heck of a lot of figures – most were sub-par though.  It’s funny too, the movie was the biggest money maker of the year and they didn’t bother putting the same effort into the figures as they do in their regular lines like Marvel Universe and Marvel Legends.  It’s too bad that they wasted time making less articulated, less detailed toys as these could have been a HUGE hit for collectors everywhere.  Instead they will go down as just okay figures from a great movie.

Look! Hulk drive with no hands!

It took me a while to decide whether to pick up this particular toy as it’s a cool little tank that the upper half of the Hulk pops out of.  So, basically, we find out the Hulk is driving.  It’s like a gorilla squeezed into a smart car – while it may be funny to watch – what is the point?

Take Your Time…

Westland Giftware Hulk Mug (2012)

My Kitty would not leave – so you get a shot of him too

Yes, there is still more Westland Giftware.  This has to be my favorite mug in the collection – not only do I love the shape of the mug – but can you even think of a better image to use on a Hulk mug?  Holy Hell, I love this thing!  Most of the images being used are from TIH #206 – but this is the classic image from merchandise from the late 70’s early 80’s.  Discussing it with another Gamma bro, I don’t think this was ever in the comics – but if it was please let me know where this image originated from!  I have used this thing already – and I have to tell you – Milk looks more delicious in this mug!  I don’t know how it’s possible – but it does!  Tap water tastes like Perrier!  I don’t have any physical proof – but I think it turned water into wine one time.  Either that or I forgot to wash it between uses.

Back of Mug

The Incredible Hulk #13 (2012) – The Review

Incredible Hulk #13

Alright… Stay Angry ends where the Hulk failed to stay angry in EVERY issue – and United begins.  Stay Angry ends with one of the worst endings I could have imagined – and United begins even worse – if that’s possible.  And it is.  Here’s a time line:

  • Hulk goes to Doom and asks him to separate his other personality
  • Doom does it
  • Banner goes nuts
  • Banner dies.  But doesn’t
  • Banner collect mystical items to kill the Hulk who was born from science (huh?)
  • Instead of using the “cure” he wants to team up and take down the real enemy… Doom

Wait – what?  How did Doom become the enemy?  What did Doom do other than do exactly what the Hulk asked… and of course get something out of the deal… because this is Doom we are talking about.  Doom is a lot of things but trustworthy is not one of them – and Hulk knew that!  But he’s the bad guy now?  How does that make sense?

Clever Aaron… or at least it was clever back in 1992 when John Cutter said it…

Let’s talk about the back story in this issue – Banner uses his connections in Vegas and wins a hefty bankroll.  Then again… Banner has no connections in Vegas.  Fixit does – and not great ones at that – but did everyone completely forget that Fixit was a 8 ft., grey behemoth?  Not a 6 ft, scrawny white guy?  It’s like someone’s daring Aaron to write as many plot holes as he can into every issue!

What a fantastically awkward looking suit.

People have said that Aaron is leading somewhere – and they said the same thing about Loeb.  Loeb told his followers that everything happened for a reason and that there will be a big payoff in the end… and then he wrote more crap and people figured out that Loeb was full of – well, his own writing.  I have a feeling that Aaron fans are going to be led down the same road.    Amazingly, you can’t blame Marvel for dropping Aaron so quickly – his readers dropped by 50% from issue 2 to 3 and keeps trickling down.  At least, for once, it seems that comic readers are not blindly following creators when they are writing a character they have no business writing. Grade: D

Hulk Night-Light (2012)

Hulk Night-Light

I told there was more Westland Giftware stuff!  I would not have actually picked this up had it be for having a beautiful little girl who likes the fact that the Hulk lights up her room.  Every night as I leave her room – if I have not turned on the light – I will hear “Daddy!  Make my Hulk shine!”  I am telling you, nothing makes your heart melt more than your child enjoying the presents you give her.  Especially when the presents truly mean something to you.  Nothing makes me beam more then the fact that my 3 year old knows the difference between the green and the grey Hulk!