Marvel Super Heroes Adventures Hulk with Smash Mobile (2012)

More Hulk from this line of Marvel figures.  I do enjoy this series of figures – if not for anything other than the vehicles they come with.  I’ve spoken many times about the idea of the Hulk driving – so I won’t bother getting into again – but I will call shenanigans on the factContinue reading “Marvel Super Heroes Adventures Hulk with Smash Mobile (2012)”

The Incredible Hulk #13 (2012) – The Review

Alright… Stay Angry ends where the Hulk failed to stay angry in EVERY issue – and United begins.  Stay Angry ends with one of the worst endings I could have imagined – and United begins even worse – if that’s possible.  And it is.  Here’s a time line: Hulk goes to Doom and asks himContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #13 (2012) – The Review”

Avengers Flip and Attack Hulk (2012)

I have had this one for a while – these were released about a month or so ago – and they look like smaller versions of the Marvel Transformers.  These little figures turn into different vehicles – the Hulk turns into a “Attack Smasher Tank”.  Why does the Hulk turn into a tank?  Well, IContinue reading “Avengers Flip and Attack Hulk (2012)”

Hulk – Season 1 (2012) – The Review

I’ve always thought the best re-starts keep what’s great about a series and change what doesn’t make sense – or is out of date.  There is a whole lot right with Season 1.  Rick Jones is probably one of the biggest changes – he’s no longer the goody two-shoes orphan who didn’t like to beContinue reading “Hulk – Season 1 (2012) – The Review”

This Just In… Deadpool Still Sucks

I was just curious how Deadpool was actually going to kill the Hulk.  Unfortunately, not only did it suck – it was also ripped off.  The original “(Fill in the Hero) Kills the Marvel Universe” was The Punisher Kills Off the Marvel Universe and in the story Frank Castle kills the Hulk the only wayContinue reading “This Just In… Deadpool Still Sucks”

The Incredible Hulk #12 (2012) – The Review

The fundamental issue with Aaron’s run is that he doesn’t seem to understand what makes the Hulk so great – that and he obviously isn’t up to speed on Hulk history.  If he were, up on the history, he would know how foolish the ending of issue #12 sounds.  But let’s not get to thatContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #12 (2012) – The Review”