Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes Volume 1 – Hard Knocks

This was Marvel’s attempt to cash in on the Manga mania that was taking the world by storm.  The animation is very different than the 2005 cartoon.  It starts with Sue and Johnny discussing the mystery man that showed up and disappeared into Reed’s lab with him.  They’re about to go spy on them when a hugeContinue reading “Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes Volume 1 – Hard Knocks”

Fantastic Four: Nightmare in Green – The Review

I was able to catch this episode this morning – I was psyched because I heard about how good this was.  No worries, I did think it was good too – especially with how many cameo appearances there were.  But let’s get into what this episode was about.  First off – Alicia and Thing areContinue reading “Fantastic Four: Nightmare in Green – The Review”

Wolverine and the X-Men / Deadly Enemies DVD (2009) – The Review

I saw this when it aired on TV – but boy am I glad they brought out this DVD rather then having to buy a WHOLE season just for this episode.  Because I would have!  This episode is pretty freakin’ sweet.  I never try to give away too too much in my reviews so thatContinue reading “Wolverine and the X-Men / Deadly Enemies DVD (2009) – The Review”