Hulk Window Clings (2003)

Alright, the new format doesn’t work for EVERYTHING so I will just let you know about these stickers.  I actually have a set of these already on my car – in fact, the way I met someone off the Statue Forum at my LCS because they saw the Hulk on my side windows.  THESE Hulks!Continue reading “Hulk Window Clings (2003)”

The Incredible Hulks #626 (2011) – The Review

I am starting off a new way of reviewing things – trying out a new format and all – hope you all enjoy – let me know what you think.  Also, just trying to catch up on things now… sorry posts have been so slow. THE POSITIVE: Let’s begin with the fantastic art as Grummett takes over! Continue reading “The Incredible Hulks #626 (2011) – The Review”

Skaar: King of the Savage Land #1(of 5) (2011) – The Review

THE POSITIVE: There’s a whole lot of humor in the first issue.  That makes comics so much more fun to read.  There’s also a bunch of pretty great action – you have to love people beating up Dinosaurs!  Also, there are a bunch of intersecting storylines with Ka-Zar trying to connect the Savage Land and the rest ofContinue reading “Skaar: King of the Savage Land #1(of 5) (2011) – The Review”

Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Iron Man (2005)

One of the best things about the ML line was the articulation – they always loaded the figures with all sorts of articulated points!  I love the fact that you can not only pose the arms and hands – but even each finger!  This figure is an excellent portrayal of the Hulkbuster figure – IContinue reading “Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Iron Man (2005)”

Custom Hulk Comiquette – Planet Hulk!

If this is what the comiquette looked like upon its release – I would have happily shelled out the clams for it!  But sadly, it’s customizers who have to improve upon the mass produced SS product.  Man, I LOVE this!  I can’t explain or gush over this enough!  And the size compared to the dio…Continue reading “Custom Hulk Comiquette – Planet Hulk!”

Marvel Heroes Glass Set #2 (2011)

Marvel seems to be releasing more and more of these sets – and I do like the ones I have seen – but I can also see myself getting to the point where I don’t feel like collecting anymore glasses.  This set is a bit different though – instead of just the image on aContinue reading “Marvel Heroes Glass Set #2 (2011)”

The Incredible Hulks #625 (2011) – The Review

So, Planet Savage – aka Miek’s revenge – wraps up in this issue.  Thank goodness… sorry but I was not a fan of this storyline.  Every story arc now seems rushed as they wrap up in a quick 3 issues.  I remember back in the day of Bruce Jones all the storylines were 6 issues longContinue reading “The Incredible Hulks #625 (2011) – The Review”

Hulk Can Hugger (2011)

They are using this image more and more – and it’s a classic image, a classic artist, so I have no complaints… alright, one complaint. It looks as though he’s winking. THAT – or Hulk is having a stroke. On the Hulk hat I bought they made another eye – but with this can hugger (call me crazy,Continue reading “Hulk Can Hugger (2011)”