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Hulk Toys that Didn’t Make it into the Collection – Part 3


Yes, there are some Hulk toys that I actually DON’T buy.  Above is the new Hulk Titan Series figure.  The reason it didn’t land in the Hulk room is because the figure was the same – just new box art.  I didn’t feel like having two of these unimpressive figures littering the collection when the only thing they changed was the box.


This next atrocity is a Hangree called the Incredible Dump.  These are actually pooping toys and I don’t think I really need to explain why I didn’t bother purchasing this particular piece.


I went to the Disney Store and saw the Marvel Select Avengers: End Game Hulk figure.  While I did pick up the Hulk with the Nanogauntlet I chose to leave this figure on the shelf as I truly did not like the way that the Hulk was presented in the movie.


Last but not least I found this glow in the dark putty – which is actually really cool – but didn’t think I needed to bring it home.



Happy New Year! 2020!

mash hulk

I hope you start your 2020 surrounded by friends!  I hope the year brings up nothing but greatness!  And pointy spears.  Greatness and spears all the way!

Happy Father’s Day to Me!


I might be one of the luckiest guys ever!  My 9 year old made me my very own Hulk card for Father’s Day!  Looks like his purple pants might be ripping off too!

New Hulk Cartoon of Mine


I drew this rather quick after catching the inspiration from a Hughes marathon.  Kudos to anyone who gets the reference!

My Son – Chip Off the Old Block


The day after Thanksgiving and I show off what I’m really thankful for!  These are my kiddos – my loves – and as you can see my son loves the Hulk just as much as his dear old Dad does.  I can’t take all the blame for this – after all, my daughter loves Captain America and I tried my darndest to get her on board of the Hulk train!  I guess it’s just a guy thing…

Happy Birthday Jack Kirby!


Kirby is and will always be the King!  I like to think about the silver age of Marvel and just how exciting Kirby must have been to see his creations really take form and to watch children react to all the heroes that were in his head!


My Hulk Collection at My Local Library!

lex (2)

I love being asked to display some of my Hulky goodness at local libraries.  This year I decided to display mostly my Pop collection with some other goodies sprinkled in.  And please, excuse my daughter’s rag a muffin look – it was rainy that day!