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Guess That Panel!

CCF01152015_0001 - Copy

I am not one to let a few losses shake me down – so here it is – another round of Guess That Panel with one that I think might actually stump you guys… man, will this be embarrassing if the someone gets it in the first hour that I post it.  But, as always, the Issue and # – GO!

Aaron Lopresti World War Hulk Commission (2012)


I just looked through my site and have found that I have perpetrated a huge travesty.  A few years back I was so excited that Aaron Lopresti was gracing us with his presence at the Boston Comic Con – a man who shared the penciling responsibility with Carlo Pagulayah for Planet Hulk!  I, of course, was thinking about getting a piece from him – and was Aaron and George Perez – those were the two big “gets” of the BCC for me that year.  Well, lucky for me Aaron accepted commissions early to be picked up at the Con.  I was hoping to strike up a conversation but the man was concentrating on something else / not very friendly / not interested in talking that day.  I don’t mean to say he’s ALWAYS this way – and his somewhat dismissal of me wasn’t totally rude or anything but it wasn’t great either.  I introduced myself, he said hello, I told him that I commissioned him, he asked what I wanted.  I reminded him and he went through his folder and pulled out my piece.  He handed it to me and asked for payment.  I handed it to him and started to gush over the piece.  He said thank you without looking up from what he was busy doing.  I stood there awkwardly for a moment and then walked away.

Like I said, he might have been busy so I decided not to take offense.  But the piece I walked away with is beautiful and I can’t help but focus on the fact that I left the con with an amazing Planet Hulk illustration.

Thanos vs The Hulk #2 (2015) – The Review


The second installment was released a few weeks ago to this mini series and while I appreciate seeing my favorite character facing off against the biggest bad in the Marvel U – this series is seemingly going no where pretty fast.  Let’s get into it, shall we?

Thanos vs Hulk #2 (2015)
W/A: Jim Starlin

This issue has plenty of back and forth blows between Thanos and the Green Goliath – but it’s technically not a real fight.  It takes place, we are led to believe, in a computerized containment center, of sorts.  We are waiting to hear what Annihilus is planning to do with the Hulk – but we’ll have to wait even longer because there is nothing to let us know what it is exactly – just that it is going to be big.  Huge in fact.  I mean Annihilus says that the “limitations of the flesh are about to be surmounted.”  Which doesn’t sound good…


Thanos does make short work of Hulk in the beginning – but when Banner combines his brains with the Hulk’s strength Thanos gets blasted back.  Amazingly, a decent battle is brewing when Annihilus buts in and threatens Thanos – which he balks at – but still decides to leave and not engage the ruler of the negative zone.

Meanwhile, Pip the Troll is still, as usual, a wild card who is now feeling bad about turning over the Hulk to Annihilus.  What is going to happen?  Who knows – a lot of stuff happened in this issue while at the same time – nothing really happened.  It’s crazy, right?  With an action packed issue like this you’d expect the story to really move along – but it doesn’t.  Jim Starlin does do a fantastic job in the art department though – and while the story, in the second issue, is moving along at a snail’s pace, it is pretty to look at!  Grade: C+

Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk Figure (2015)

birds seals and hulk 037

I couldn’t believe my luck as I walked into a local shop where there was the new AoU figures!  They aren’t the “official” release ones – the figures I saw are the cheaper, more kid friendly, versions.  I was still excited to snag a Hulk or two.  They seemed to have really cut down on everything though as the blister card is smaller than any other releases thus far including MU, Marvel Infinite Series, Avengers and Avengers Assemble, even the dollar shop Marvel figures were on larger cards than these figures are on.

birds seals and hulk 038

birds seals and hulk 040

That’s not all that’s smaller – the figure is smaller!  I am putting him against the dollar shop Hulk and he is tiny in comparison!  A better sculpt though, reminiscent of the SS Avengers Hulk PF where you can see the veins and even separately sculpted teeth!  The colors really pop too – the lighter green is a decent choice.

birds seals and hulk 044

birds seals and hulk 045

The paint application is not so great.  I get it – these are the “cheap seats” figures – but the lazy eye look is always a bit off putting.  The figure is too skinny, IMO, and of course, this being a movie figure he is decked out in blue pants rather than purple.  It’s better than the tan pants though!  This being the less expensive Hulk we also get very limited articulation (5 points) so you’re pretty restricted with what poses this figures offer. Overall, I do still like this figure and think it’s certainly worth the $6.  Grade: B-

birds seals and hulk 047

New Marvel Select Hulk! Coming Soon!


The last Avengers Hulk from Marvel Select was a fantastic figure.  I am looking forward to this one as well!  Click the image for the link!

Matt Fletcher and Chris Uminga BCC Commission (2014)

hulk art not shown 002 - Copy

Here’s the thing – I had the idea for this commission about 3 or 4 years ago.  I hadn’t seen this done yet by anyone and wanted to try to put this together by two talented artists.  But, unfortunately, as I only attend Comic Cons on the least busy day (meaning Sunday) the two artists who I wanted to tackle this idea – Matt Fletcher and Chris Uminga – their commission lists were usually already filled to capacity.  It took me years of asking and then finally compromise to let them take it home and bring this vision to life.  What I wanted what a simple but fantastic homage to one of the greatest comic strip ever – The Peanuts – with Hulk characters.

hulk art not shown 002

Four years ago when I had thought of this idea – I hadn’t seen this done yet.  Since then I have seen a few – but this is my favorite.  Well, of course it is, because this one is mine!  Matt Fletcher handled the task of drawing Doc Samson while Uminga drew the Hulk.  Doc Samson’s look is priceless and Doc’s booth is just perfect!  I was so psyched to get this piece finally – it took a little while but when the final product looks like this – the wait is always worth it!

hulk art not shown 002 - Copy - Copy

Superhero Adventures Masters of Ka-Pow Hulk (2014)

hulk wwwww 042

I miss the Superhero Squad cartoon – it was silly but perfect!  The opening sequence blew away anything that ever happened on Hulk and the Agents of SMASH.  Now that the cartoon seems to be put into pasture the figure line is pretty much defunct – so now we are given more of the Superhero Adventure figures.  Earlier I showed off the Hulk/Abomination set that I gushed over the fact that they bothered putting Hulk’s best villain in anything.  This little figure just has a switch-flipping hand that shows the Hulk’s fist – and then the Hulk crushing a car in his hand.

hulk wwwww 043

I am unsure of where this might take place in any child’s play.  I can only imagine a scene where you have the Hulk vs Abomination battle and they realize they need more space to fight.  The Hulk says:

“Hold on, let me just clear this traffic jam (that we caused) by destroying people’s motive transportation.”

“Wait, Hulk?  Was there anyone in there?”

“Ohhhhh… crap.  I forgot to check…”

End scene.  You’re welcome.

hulk wwwww 041