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Mark Ruffalo talks about the reasons why we may not see a Hulk solo movie.  Personally, knowing that people want to see a Hulk movie done right is all the reason I would need to put this on the fast track… but alas, I’m not in charge.

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Hulk Potatoes! Yes, Hulk Potatoes

startchy hulk 001 - Copy

I was able to show off the Hulk Mini-Potato Head back in 2014 and now I am here to showcase a few new pieces!  I finally found the larger Hulk Potato Head (Pop-Taters) sitting at my only surviving Barnes and Noble in my area.  The retail price is $19.99 but the store was having a 30% off sale on all toys.  Potato Head is always great for all of the features it comes with – mad eyes, happy eyes, a round, pink nose, a long orange schnoz, and so much more!

startchy hulk 003

The Hulk Potato Head only comes with what you see through the window box – and the large, green, muscular arms and hands are kind of the best thing ever! The eyes, nose and mouth are all connected though – which is sort of a let down.  I was hoping that the Potato Hulk would be in the same vein as the classic version which would sport multiple features.  He does seem to be wearing the purple pants that we all move – so there is that!

startchy hulk 013

The smaller Hulk Potato-Head is almost the same as the 2014 version but it’s a bit angrier and comes with a little smashy tool with a fist embedded on it.  Plus, this Hulk is wearing blue jeans rather than purple pants.  Is it petty of my to want a green potato body to go along with this toy?  It just seems off to me that the body is brown but the feet are bright green.

startchy hulk 012

The last release had the mini-Potato Head with two outfits.  Both Wolverine and Hulk but I like it better when the Hulk is packaged alone.  Plus, accessories are always cool!  I found the Mini-Potato Head at my local grocer sporting a price of only $3.99.  I figure that’s totally worth it!

startchy hulk 011

Toys R Us Exclusive Lego Hulk (2015)

startchy hulk 004

It’s always good to have friends in high places.  Of course, I don’t have friends in high places so I have to settle for friends who work in retail.  These little Lego Hulk figures were a free gift to anyone paying $30 or more for a Lego set.  I was able to snag one as a true gift.

The Hulk Legos are pretty fun and the best part of them is there huge mass – compared to the other Avenger figures – but it’s still pretty cool to have a Hulk that is the same size.  I know they released a Hulk figure a while ago as a Lego store exclusive – one that if, I’d like to purchase it, are readily available on eBay.  Of course I’d be dropping more than a 20 spot for it.  Something I’ve been reluctant to do… but, more importantly,  I did snag a new one, which is currently at $10 on eBay.

startchy hulk 010

There is also a Hulk Lego figure that’s actually a Hulk Lego key chain – so, to me, even though I especially enjoy it, it doesn’t really count.

The 4-Wheeler the Hulk comes with snaps apart pretty easily to make it seem like the Hulk can rip apart the ATV – but he can also ride it.  This Hulk sports the Avengers pants and the more olive coloring.  He has two expressions to choose from on his raging face – the first is a clenched teeth angry Hulk while the other is a full on screaming furious Hulk!  Overall, if you didn’t pick this up take a chance to purchase it off the net.

startchy hulk 005

David Banner Figure (2003)

new hulk yup 003

I will admit that I never tried to collect the 2003 Hulk movie line figures.  The market was flooded with everything Hulk and there was so much to sift through that I almost shut down.  I decided not to collect the Hulk figures – not to mention after seeing the Hulk movie it wasn’t like to wanted to rush out to collect them.  Especially this figure – David Banner, played by Nick Nolte in the movie.  I wasn’t sure exactly what they were going for with Nolte.  Was he supposed to be the Absorbing Man?  What could have been a real brawl at the end of that movie turned into a very messed up water aerobics event.

The figure was sitting on the shelf of a specialty toy store.  I saw this one and another – which will be posted at a later date – and I thought for a minute on whether or not to pick it up.  Ultimately, buying it won out because (the price really decent) David Banner might be one of the better underrated Marvel villain of all time.  That, and who can ever forget the Nick Nolte’s crazy rant at the end of that movie!

new hulk yup 003 - Copy

Hulk String Doll (2015)

meme 90th 014

I’m not sure if I ever told you guys this story but back when I was a child I had the Hulk Mego figure – my absolute favorite toy that birthday – but one of my friends said it was a doll.  He based his comment on the fact that the Hullk had cloth pants and you could change him – like you could a Barbie.  The comment was hurtful and almost ruined the present for me.  My brother told me that they don’t make green Barbies and the Hulk could beat up Batman. Something Barbie couldn’t do…

meme 90th 013

He saved the whole idea of the Hulk figure for me and I was eternally grateful.  Of course, I never told HIM that.  Little did I know that decades later I would see something in the store actually titled “doll” and be quick to pick it up.  These string dolls are small, but cool.  They are crudely made but I think they are meant to be that way.  The crudeness didn’t stop them from making the face full of rage.  I wish I still knew Charles so that I could show off my doll and show him how bad-ass collecting dolls really is!

Hulkbuster Iron Man Infinity Figure (2015)

meme 90th 018

I have not played Infinity – I am not really interested in playing – if anyone out there has played and wants to do a review on this site shoot me a message.  I do like the figures though – I reviewed the Hulk a while back and thought that the figure looked pretty cool.  The animated style really lends itself to a unique kid of figure that we’ve been deprived of.  They almost look like grown up versions of the Funko Mystery Box figures.  Except these don’t have the hindrance of the bobble head feature.

meme 90th 017

The have released the Hulkbuster now – it fits perfectly with the Hulk, as you can see, and lines up nicely for a Hulk vs. Iron Man battle.  These figures might be on the smaller side but they display perfectly.  With no ability to pose them it’s a good thing they come posed already – crouched and ready to throw down!

meme 90th 016