Hulk Potatoes! Yes, Hulk Potatoes

I was able to show off the Hulk Mini-Potato Head back in 2014 and now I am here to showcase a few new pieces!  I finally found the larger Hulk Potato Head (Pop-Taters) sitting at my only surviving Barnes and Noble in my area.  The retail price is $19.99 but the store was having aContinue reading “Hulk Potatoes! Yes, Hulk Potatoes”

Toys R Us Exclusive Lego Hulk (2015)

It’s always good to have friends in high places.  Of course, I don’t have friends in high places so I have to settle for friends who work in retail.  These little Lego Hulk figures were a free gift to anyone paying $30 or more for a Lego set.  I was able to snag one asContinue reading “Toys R Us Exclusive Lego Hulk (2015)”

David Banner Figure (2003)

I will admit that I never tried to collect the 2003 Hulk movie line figures.  The market was flooded with everything Hulk and there was so much to sift through that I almost shut down.  I decided not to collect the Hulk figures – not to mention after seeing the Hulk movie it wasn’t likeContinue reading “David Banner Figure (2003)”

Hulkbuster Iron Man Infinity Figure (2015)

I have not played Infinity – I am not really interested in playing – if anyone out there has played and wants to do a review on this site shoot me a message.  I do like the figures though – I reviewed the Hulk a while back and thought that the figure looked pretty cool.Continue reading “Hulkbuster Iron Man Infinity Figure (2015)”

Totally Awesome Hulk… the Review?

So, last time I discussed this series I was pretty content to not buy it.  Reviews began to surface – each and everyone of them positive – making me question on whether or not I should reconsider.  I decided to make my decision after reading the first issue.  So I guess the question remains, didContinue reading “Totally Awesome Hulk… the Review?”

Hulk (Regular and Movie Version) Body Knockers (2015)

I don’t know if anyone has seen these in the stores but I can’t think of another toy series that’s title is a perfect slang term for sex.  Body Knockers?  I mean, come on – it’s just too perfect!  I like both versions but the movie version is a bit better.  I think it’s theContinue reading “Hulk (Regular and Movie Version) Body Knockers (2015)”

Here Comes December… Hulk Christmas Tree!

I know what you’re thinking “Ratchet, didn’t you already show you’re Hulk Christmas Tree?  I mean in years past?”  That and “Orange Pez and Cherry Pez has absolutely no difference in taste, WTF?”  Well, the good news is: You’re right on both accounts.  Here’s the thing though – I’ve never taken all of my HulkContinue reading “Here Comes December… Hulk Christmas Tree!”