The Amazing Spiderman #328 (1990)

The thing that I really like about this cover is the green tongue.  This McFarlane story sees Spiderman (with Cosmic Powers) punching the Hulk so hard that Hulk is sent into space.  Since it’s the Grey Hulk he thinks about how when the sun touches him he will turn back into Banner and not be able toContinue reading “The Amazing Spiderman #328 (1990)”

Savage Hulk 2 (2004)

All these toy makers think Hulk has time to do is bend steel.  That’s all they give him when they make a Savage Hulk toy.  A big metal bar to bend.  COME ON!  He can also open really tight jar lids!  And rip telephone books in half!  Talk about a great accessory!  He can flip one ofContinue reading “Savage Hulk 2 (2004)”