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Boogie Board (1999)

Boogie Board

Not really sure when I got this but I know I found it at Toys R Us in Kingston.  I remember that I had just gotten my first credit card and had promised my parents that I wouldn’t get myself into debt with it.  I had no cash when I spotted this beauty – but you better believe that I whipped out that credit card faster than ever!  Thank you Discover Card!  If you look close you can see a trail of drool coming out the right side of Hulk’s mouth.  I love the illustration they chose.  Alot beter than the overly animated Hulk that they stamped on everything when the movie came out.

Incredible Hulk #347 (1990)

Fixit Purves 

This is the start of Mr. Fixit.  Hulk went missing after Ground Zero.  No one knew where he was.  But that’s because Hulk had found a new life in Las Vegas.  He thought he was rid of Banner, thought that it was just him left – had all the women and respect he could ask for.  Things were really looking up for the Hulk…

Of course, it never stays that way for very long, does it?

This is the beginning of Jeff Purves as the artist on the Hulk, and while it takes him a little while to find his own style in these comics, I think the cover is just great.

Smart Hulk 2 (2003)

Hulk Smart 2

Have you ever seen a Hulk action figure that you wanted to poke him in the eyes, steal his glasses and give him a wedgie?  I think the glasses really do it here for me.  He looks like a total nerd.  And since when did Hulk need glasses?  Doesn’t his healing factor take care of any astigmatism he might have?  Banner needed the glasses – Hulk doesn’t.  and the really tight wife beater is a real step down here.  He’s a tough guy with the wife beater – and then you look at him with those glasses and think “He’s not getting any women in those things.”

Hulk Posters (1999)

Posters two

These, I’m ashamed to say, were posters that I might’ve taken without permission.  Trust me, I feel bad, but sometimes there’s a Hulk poster in a comic shop window – that I know if I asked for it they would say yes anyways – so sometimes, not all the time mind you, I cut out the middle man and just take the poster.  I think that’s how I aquired these two.

Mega Morphs (2006)

Mega Morphs

This Transformers rip-off’s highlight is the little Hulk guy that comes with it.  How can you not pick ithis up when there’s a little 1″ Hulk in the corner staring out at you saying “Take Hulk home!  He needs good home!”

Smart Hulk (1997)

Smart Hulk 1 

This is a great rendition of one of the most entertaining transformations of the Hulk.  I’m not so sure about the accessories though… Gamma Blaster Power Pack?  What the heck is that supposed to do?  Another version where the hands are so much bigger than his head – but because this figure looks so good – and it’s pretty faithful to Keown’s drawings, then I’ll let it go this time.

RipRollerz (2007)


So, as far as I can tell, you pull the rip crod thing and the little Hulk ball goes flying across the florr at break-neck speed.  Thank you to Bill for sending me this unique addition to my Hulk collection that you found in the Walgreens in CT.