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Hulk Postcards 2 (2006)

Postcards 2

These postcards feature the covers to the comics #1, 3 & 6.  They came in a pack of Marvel postcards.  There are a few more Hulk ones that I will post later. 

Hulk Card Games and Crayons (2003)

Hulk Cards

They brought out alot of silly things for the release of the movie.  I’m sure a Marvel was aware that they needed milk Hulk for everything he’s worth.  They probably said – if kids are coloring with Hulk crayons, they will want to watch the Hulk on T.V. at the same time!  If they are playing with cool Hulk Uno cards then they will want to go out and watch the Hulk movie after!  Okay – I have no idea what he thinking behind these products were and most of them were little gifts.  I can’t even wait for the new movie in 2008 to see what comes out of the wood work then.


She- Hulk (1997)

She Hulk

This figure comes from that ’97 line and features She-Hulk.  Not really a big She-Hulk fan so… that’s all I’m really going to say about that.

War Hulk (2004)

War Hulk

This toy line came out to capitalize on the Hulk Movie.  But since none of the major chains wanted to carry them they are all pretty rare.  I picked most of them up at Newbury Comics in Kingston.  These are far and away some of the best Hulk figures ever made so it’s really too bad that there are so few of them.  Definitely a step up from Toy Biz’s last Hulk line.

This figure is represented in Incredible Hulk # 456 – 457 where Apocalypse turns Hulk into one of his Horsemen called War.  It’s a couple of good issues – but this figure is absolutely great!  The storyline didn’t last long and Hulk went back to not being any-body’s lackey, just like he was meant not to be.  Or something like that.