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Mark Dos Santos Commission (2012)

Banner and his other selves!

Back at the Boston Comic Con I was searching out an artist for a special idea.  This idea was so cool I knew that I needed to find the right artist – one that had the perfect combination of talent, pricing and enthusiasm!  Some artists, you can tell, just want to get something done – they draw for the money.  Not that that is bad, mind you, like most other jobs – I am sure drawing can get tedious if you are expected to do it all day.  Sometimes, though, you come across an artist who is genuinely excited about the idea you have!  Mark Dos Santos was that artist.  I presented the idea of re-creating Amazing Spiderman #258 but with the Hulk instead.  He knocked it out of the park – as you can see!

Gentle Giant Hulk Bust (2012)

Gentle Giant Hulk Bust

Here’s a funny story – there is a Keown Hulk drawing out there that I am not a fan of… it’s so terrible looking that I refuse to post it here – so here is a link instead.  I know I may have people out there who thinks that the drawing is awesome – but you are wrong.  Sorry – but this is my site and I make the rules 🙂

Open hand – ready to bitch slap!

For me – the Hulk really depends on the face – and I think Keown really botched up the face on that drawing!  BUT – GG has created a 3-D version of this art which I actually love!  They toned the face down a bit, which really helps, and they sculpted the hell out of the torso!  I have not seen a bust that I have been this excited about since a Bowen!  The only issue I have is that the seam by the neck is a little too obvious.

Loving this sculpt more and more – every time I look at it!

Overall, getting into the collectibles market right now is a gamble.  The business itself is floundering – so, in order to make a splash right now, you have to really step up the game and bring out the big guns out of the gate – and that’s what GG has done with this NEW Marvel license.  If this Hulk is any indication, we are in for a lot of really Hulky goodness!

What? Isn’t everyone’s hands bigger than their heads?

With Sideshow pricing themselves out of the market more and more each day – and Bowen’s Hulks – as amazing as they are – starting to feel stale (the new BD Hulk will be the 5th revisit to the character he’s made) it’s good to see another company interested in creating more comic accurate pieces.  In fact, I am really looking forward to the Hulk bookend!

Over looking the Hulk

One of the best things about collecting the Hulk is that we have a great character with a simple classic look.  Green guy, purple pants!  Even though that sounds simple – too many don’t seem to get it right!  Gentle Giant’s first big release of the new Marvel license gets it right – and then some – I think a grey repaint would look fantastic!  I can’t be alone in that, right?  Let’s hope they don’t get ahead of themselves and start red-ding everything up…

The Back

Either way though – GG is off to a fantastic start and I can only tell everyone to go out and get this bust – because it is fantastic and for a very reasonable price!  Grade: A

Close Up

Tiny Avenger’s Hulk Figure (2012)

Little Avengers Hulk

There really is nothing to say other than that this figure is small.  There is no articulation, not a great paint job and there is no real scale difference compared with the other figures… are you sold on it yet?!??!  Well here’s the thing – it’s about a buck.  So yeah – you can pick this up for just one dollar and have a little Hulk figure.  Actually, I have to thank my friend Ted for this little guy – he found one and gave it to me.

A Little Closer… Still not impressive

Marvel Universe Hulk vs Wolverine (2012)

Hulk vs Wolverine 2-Pack

The new Hulk sculpt has seen many, many releases already.  The first to hit the shelves was Wal-Mart’s exclusive.  People were speculating if the single carded figure was going to be different – but as I showed yesterday – it was not.  Well, thankfully, Hasbro did not make that mistake twice.  The Hulk in the new 2-pack is a lighter, and better, shade of green.  That is fantastic since this is one of the better Hulk figures made.

I like how they are placed right in front of their images on the cover!

The other very distinct difference is that they gave this repaint eyebrows.  I think it makes the Hulk look even better – angrier.  I think the changes are made to better match the Hulk in the comic provided – the often re-printed Incredible Hulk #181.

1st Appearance Wolverine!

The Wolverine figure, as the other half in this 2-pack, is pretty much the same kitten whiskered, bright yellow Wolvie figure that was single packed in Wave 13.  There are not any significant changes that I can see.  That’s alright though – because, packaged, this figure makes way more sense!  The single carded figure is fine – but since this is the ONLY time Wolverine had this costume – it only makes sense to have him packed with a character that will actually sell!

The better painted Hulk!

Let’s turn the tables here for a second – let’s stop with the love fest and talk about price point again.  I know, I covered this yesterday – but these 2-packs went from $15 to $19 in one jump!  $19?  That’s a whole crap load of mu-lah to be handing over for two freakin’ 3 inch figures!  Not to mention, when these first hit the shelves I think they were somewhere in the $12-$13 range!  How in the hell did the leap to $20 happen so fast?

But listen, if you want to pay $20 for a couple of figures, no one’s going to stop you… well, no one stopped me.  It’s just upsetting that Hasbro has increased the prices on these little guys so fast.  I would usually buy a double to open – but at this point I don’t ever see that happening again!


That being said – the 2-pack is phenomenal!  An absolute must have for Hulk fans!  Pick it up now!  If you don’t mind being financially raped… Grade: A+ 

NEW Hulk Site – Jade Giant’s Collection!

A while ago I introduced a collection of Hulk statues and figures that belonged to a great guy  who goes by the handle Jade Giant (or JG if you really like him).  Now JG has started his own blog showcasing the amazing pieces in said collection!  He has all sorts of rare and custom pieces – not to mention his incredible Original Art gallery too!  So check out his site by clicking the image above – bookmark his page too!  You won’t be sorry!

Marvel Universe Hulk (2012)

2012 MU Green Hulk

Let me being this post with an apology – I know I have been neglecting this site as of late.  I can’t promise it won’t happen again – but as of right now I am back!  I will be posting figures all week this week – and catching up with reviews next week!  I am sorry for the delay but I sort of stretched myself thin with responsibilities this summer and am just getting back to normal right about now. So, if you are a follower of this site – you will be seeing a much more rigorous posting pace!  I have some fantastic stuff – new releases – to show off!  Let’s get started!

The new Hulks just released – I like the lighter color better

I have some good news regarding the new MU Hulk figure – it is a different paint scheme than the figure we get in the Hulk/Wolvie 2-pack (which I will be posting tomorrow).  Unfortunately, it IS the same exact figure that was released in the Wal-Mart Avengers 4 pack.  I was sort of let down – but the new MU card art is pretty spectacular – so my disappointment was short-lived.  I do like the sculpt better too – but let’s talk about the card for a minute.

I knew this figure looked a little TOO familiar

The biggest change is that the little SHIELD logo on the side of the bubble has been replaced with a comic cover.  In fact, instead of the bubble boasting about a figure stand (which is no longer included – but that’s fine as I found them silly anyways) it says that a “Collectible Comic Shot” is included.  So, they did away with the little “Secret Files” pack as well – which I sort of liked.  Since I have not picked up a second figure I don’t know if the comic shot is anything but a little piece of cardboard.  Also – the side package has little “cracks” on the bubble.  Little details like this make me smile.

Marvel is adding little details to the packaging

The reason I have not picked up an extra to open – and probably the only real thing that bothers me about this wave – is because Marvel has once again raised the prices on these figures.  They are $9.99 in some shops – but most have them priced at $11.00.  Most comic shops that carry figures are forced to raise them to $15 – which is outrageous!  They are quickly pricing themselves out of the range that I find myself willing to pay for these figures anymore.  Luckily, I don’t buy that many.  I do know quite a few completest’s that are really upset about the hike in cost!

Comparison with the first released Hulk

Overall – this Hulk figure is a better looking, more articulated with better paint apps than the first release Hulk.  It is quite similar to the MU WWH we have – but a slightly different head sculpt and purple pants makes this figure one to seek out!  Grade for the figure: A- Grade with Price factored in: D

This Hulk may be the best one yet!

First Look at Indestructible Hulk #1

Here is the cover to the new Hulk book – you know, because it’s been so long since they rebooted this book!  I remember… it was cool out.  Pumpkins were in season.  Oh, right – that was last October.