Mark Dos Santos Commission (2012)

Back at the Boston Comic Con I was searching out an artist for a special idea.  This idea was so cool I knew that I needed to find the right artist – one that had the perfect combination of talent, pricing and enthusiasm!  Some artists, you can tell, just want to get something done –Continue reading “Mark Dos Santos Commission (2012)”

Gentle Giant Hulk Bust (2012)

Here’s a funny story – there is a Keown Hulk drawing out there that I am not a fan of… it’s so terrible looking that I refuse to post it here – so here is a link instead.  I know I may have people out there who thinks that the drawing is awesome – butContinue reading “Gentle Giant Hulk Bust (2012)”

Tiny Avenger’s Hulk Figure (2012)

There really is nothing to say other than that this figure is small.  There is no articulation, not a great paint job and there is no real scale difference compared with the other figures… are you sold on it yet?!??!  Well here’s the thing – it’s about a buck.  So yeah – you can pickContinue reading “Tiny Avenger’s Hulk Figure (2012)”

Marvel Universe Hulk vs Wolverine (2012)

The new Hulk sculpt has seen many, many releases already.  The first to hit the shelves was Wal-Mart’s exclusive.  People were speculating if the single carded figure was going to be different – but as I showed yesterday – it was not.  Well, thankfully, Hasbro did not make that mistake twice.  The Hulk in theContinue reading “Marvel Universe Hulk vs Wolverine (2012)”

NEW Hulk Site – Jade Giant’s Collection!

A while ago I introduced a collection of Hulk statues and figures that belonged to a great guy  who goes by the handle Jade Giant (or JG if you really like him).  Now JG has started his own blog showcasing the amazing pieces in said collection!  He has all sorts of rare and custom piecesContinue reading “NEW Hulk Site – Jade Giant’s Collection!”

The Hulk That Never Happened…

This is a great story – so stick with it – and let me know what you think.  Back in May, Syco announced a brand new license.  The Lou Ferrigno Hulk statue!  I know many of Hulk collectors that had been waiting for something from the late 70’s TV show.  But many hurdles must be cleared toContinue reading “The Hulk That Never Happened…”

Keep Moving – Nothing to see here….

This is a ranting post… yes ANOTHER rant.  I found the MU 2-pack – Hulk and 1st appearance Wolverine – and while it looks awesome I was shocked at the price.  The 2-packs at Target are now $19.  Yup, almost $20 for two 3″ figures.  I remember when the first 2-packs were released I actuallyContinue reading “Keep Moving – Nothing to see here….”