Red Hulk #1 (2010) – The Review

What can I say but WOW!  Parker is re-writing some Marvel history – but in a good way.  It’s amazing that everyone writing this storyline can do a fantastic job – except the person who started it… No, no – I will not turn this into a Loeb bashing post… like most of my HulkContinue reading “Red Hulk #1 (2010) – The Review”

Old Man Logan Mini-mates 2-Pack (2010)

I know this really isn’t Hulk – but it’s related indirectly – so… anyways, TRU has the exclusives to the minimates – and yes to all who have told me about the Planet Hulk Minimates coming out – I have seen it and think it looks cool!  Man, I have been so busy lately –Continue reading “Old Man Logan Mini-mates 2-Pack (2010)”

Battle Action Hulk (2003)

On an impulse stop at Comically Speaking I saw this huge mother on the shelf. The sculpt of this figure is pretty great – and the best part – it’s not just “battle action!” There is Punching Action, Kicking Action AND Smashing Action! You take the joy stick provided and press the trigger to makeContinue reading “Battle Action Hulk (2003)”

Incredible Hulk #606 (2010) – The Review

You’re supposed to read this issue first – now, at the end of 605 Skaar is considered a hero – and here they throw him a parade.  But Banner sees Betty in the crowd.  He jumps off the float – but is unable to find her.  Reed is worried that it was some sort ofContinue reading “Incredible Hulk #606 (2010) – The Review”

Hulk Stackable Key Chain (2009)

Nothing really interesting to say about this… except that it looks like Curley from the 3 stooges.  I bought Curley – umm… Hulk here at Newbury comics some many months ago – but have had more exciting things to post.  See, that’s one of the untold issues with a blog – sure you can postContinue reading “Hulk Stackable Key Chain (2009)”

Journey into Mystery with the Mighty Thor (1965)

Since I was talking about this book in the earlier post then I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to show you my copy of JIM #112.  I found this issue in Rhode Island on my first trip to the Time Capsule.  A shop that has a constantly revolving silver age wall – theyContinue reading “Journey into Mystery with the Mighty Thor (1965)”