Marvel Universe Skaar (2011)

The Good: Here is a surprise – not in the sense that this was coming out – but that it looks this good!  I still think the price point is off on these figures – but I do like the details they seem to fit into the smaller bodies.  This sculpt is leaps and boundsContinue reading “Marvel Universe Skaar (2011)”

Latest Reviews!

Hulk #36 The Good: Why does Parker torture me so?  Why can’t he just write badly and make me want to trash the book?  No, instead he writes solid story after solid story (alright, Planet Red Hulk was pretty bad) and it makes me want to read the next issue!  Even worse, he’s writing classic HulkContinue reading “Latest Reviews!”

Marvel Universe Avengers Set (2011)

The Good: Well, all I can really say, and thankfully a point that was brought to my attention before – this is truly the first set we have of the original Avengers line up!  Even the 1999 set included Giant Man – who was not in the first issue.  It was Ant Man and Wasp.  IContinue reading “Marvel Universe Avengers Set (2011)”

Hulk/Abomination Silly Bands (2010)

Did any fad die quicker than these things?  I don’t think so… well I know those furry hamster things… what the hell were those things called?  Ah yes – Zhu Zhu Pets.  The frantic clamoring for those things died down in, what?  One Christmas season?  Silly Bands were at least really popular for a few months.  But at least MarvelContinue reading “Hulk/Abomination Silly Bands (2010)”