Coming Soon!

Gentle Giant is releasing a great pair of bookends – Hulk and Thing – here is the Hulk – coming in February – and it’s a must buy for me!


9 responses to “Coming Soon!

  1. YEP,gotta have it too!!!!

  2. This is off the hook, but I think it would’ve been better with Thor cuz I have the old Hulk/Thing bookends.

  3. HULK SMASH666

    Only bummer is the small size for the price, and the fact my lcbs can’t order it here in Australia. Shipping on gg website is a joke bringing a ten inch statue up to nearly $250! But I need to get this amazing hulk so I’m in a pickle…..

  4. Thanks a bunch Ratch. I don’t really keep up on coming soon type stuff, but thanks to you, I just pre-ordered this. I think it looks awesome. Grateful for the heads up.

  5. Yeah that looks great, but it would even better if that was a full 18in statue not bookends, but just the Hulk statue like Bowens Hulk staute. If it was like that that would be in my eyes the best looking Hulk statue ever, I mean that thing looks GREAT.

  6. Well as much as I like the hulk just like any of you guys.I will not be getting this one due to size issue and as well price.
    Well all in all for me there is only one hulk statue which I just got on an exchange a couple weeks ago and I thank my lucky stars for it’s the Bowen what people call and I don’t know why the green smackdown anyways that’s the only one for me.
    I also have the mini statue from Bowen and busts and the kotobukiya version but nothing comes close.

  7. By the way ratchet I heard threw the grapevine that Bowen as if 2012 has a new one coming out the one everyone voted on anciouse to see the size of that one and also why did the sideshow hulk turn up so damn ugly looking like a scared child I don’t care it’s 20 inches tall it’s butt ugly well for me anyways it’s a matter of taste

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