Avengers Hulk Plushie (2012)

There is only a few items that I would consider getting when they are re-released with only minor changes.  This was one of them – I really like the style of the plushies – and the pants color change was enough for me to get it.  I picked it up at a comic shop in Salem. Continue reading “Avengers Hulk Plushie (2012)”

The Incredible Hulk #9 (2012) – The Review

Well, here’s the good news – I read this issue and didn’t hate it.  Not completely, anyways.  Aaron has Banner as the catalyst to all of Hulk’s adventures lately, unlike in the past where Banner is picking up the pieces of the Hulk’s outings.  It sort of reminds me of the Fixit era when Banner andContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #9 (2012) – The Review”

Avengers Hulk Figure (2012)

I mentioned this in the video – but these new Avengers figures are certainly nothing to crow about.  Don’t get me wrong – the sculpt is pretty decent – and the coloring looks pretty good too – the issues come when you look at the articulation.  The head (hardly) moves, as does the arms atContinue reading “Avengers Hulk Figure (2012)”

Is it my Birthday… Again????

According to the article in the above link – thanks MrMordrid – Aaron will be ending his Hulk run – thank goodness!  Although Paniccia saying “Jason’s got a really great handle on the character and is building a conclusion to his run” is infuriatingly ridiculous.  Great handle on which character?  Because it isn’t the Hulk – that’s forContinue reading “Is it my Birthday… Again????”

Avengers Hulk Build-A-Bear (2012)

My daughter and I went to Build-A Bear… with the sole intention of getting a Hulk bear!  Listen, I know, I heard it from my wife – she’s a girl, who wants girlie things, but actually – the bear will be a Cinderella Bear soon enough.  I just had to get the little Hulk outfitContinue reading “Avengers Hulk Build-A-Bear (2012)”

Incredible Hulk #8 (2012) – The Review

Lest anyone think I actually enjoy giving a negative review let me say this: I had an opportunity to read through some of Aaron’s Punisher run and I thought it was well written in the essence of the Punisher.  He had the Punisher doing what he does best.  Extreme violence.  In the same respect, Aaron has ZERO ofContinue reading “Incredible Hulk #8 (2012) – The Review”