Empire Magazine (2008)

So, this magazine finally jumped the puddle and made it’s way to the States.  I reported about this mag a few months ago – but now it’s here!  The cover is pretty sweet – really does capture the Deodato image amazingly well.  I found this mag at Borders, actually, I kept going back looking for it.  OneContinue reading “Empire Magazine (2008)”

Lee’s Toy Review #137

Lots of sneak peeks at the upcoming greatness coming out.  The Wal*Mart and Target exclusives – but the Red Hulk on the cover is part of the Marvel Legends wave that comes out in September.  It’s the build-a-figure in the mix of these heroes. Adam Warlock Silver Savage Wolverine Spiderman (Black Costume) Spiral – (Wait,Continue reading “Lee’s Toy Review #137”

ToyFare #131 is Hulk-tastic!

So, we have a few sneak peeks at the Hulk toys that will be gracing the toy shelves this June.  The re-vamped, Target Exclusive Marvel Legends Hulk will be great!  Wal*Mart has an Abomination/Hulk 2-pack coming out.  They also have a quick section where they discuss Hulk’s best battles.  Although I think the list is skewed –Continue reading “ToyFare #131 is Hulk-tastic!”

Hulk Appearences in Magazines (2002/2003)

Yes, when the Hulk movie was out Entertainment Weekly had him on the cover – and without missing a beat MAD magazine did a spoof (there was an alternative cover that I did not pick up – it was just the Hulk smashing the MAD letters) But the best one in the collecton is theContinue reading “Hulk Appearences in Magazines (2002/2003)”

The Rampaging Hulk (1977)

These oversized magazines have some of the coolest covers.  The collection here is no where near complete.  I have issues 1, 4, 6, 8, 12, 17-23, 25 & 26.  I may get them all but I found all of these in a small comic shop in Marshfield called Chris’ Comics.  These are the covers to #Continue reading “The Rampaging Hulk (1977)”