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FOOM! Envelope (1973)


I wish I was old enough to order this magazine when it was released.  I can’t even begin to imagine getting this in the mail! I would be so excited I might’ve soiled myself.  Not saying I WOULD – just saying it may have happened.

Back Issue #65 (2013)


If you are interested in reading up on the Defenders history check out the recent issue of Back Issue! where they delve deep into the long box and talk Defenders chronology.  Also you get a sweet Defenders cover – where Hulk looks sort of “Sloth” from the Goonies – more monster than man.  I just finished the article and thought it was pretty great.  Check it out yourself!

"Hey you guuuuuys!"

“Hey you guuuuuys!”

Who has these?

Hulk #6 – Green Version

Is Wizard still around?  If so, does it still have multiple covers?  If so, does anyone actually still buy the magazine?  I fondly remember picking this magazine up issue anfter issue and reading it cover to cover!  Wizard was THE name in comic news… and then things went a little south.  For a while Wizard tried to get into the retail business – selling statues and figures on thier site.  I don’t know anyone who bought from them – and more so – most of them laughed at the “value” they placed on things.  Even the price guide was viewed as an unreliable source.  They tried to offer the magazine without the price guide – which showed the lack of real content all that more apparent.  It’s too bad really, like I said, I loved this mag back in the day.  And these two are my favorite covers.  The green version seems to be easier to find – the grey version is my personal favorite though – from artist elite, Sam Kieth!

Wizard #6 – Grey Version – when they were still incorporating the Wizard cloak into the covers!

DECEMBER is finally here!

Snow makes the Hulk... fly?

Well, the colder weather is on the way – and I am more than excited!  I love the winter time, my favorite time of the year!  And apparently, the Hulk’s too!

Back cover

Also on the Stands!

Enigma Force #2

Enigma Force #2 is out and the Avengers #6 with the older Hulk.  I haven’t even looked through these yet – so I can’t tell you if they are a good read – but I did also find…

Avengers #6

This!  Hulks just on the cover – but it’s a great illustration… so pick it up!

Draw! Magazine

Empire Magazine (2008)


So, this magazine finally jumped the puddle and made it’s way to the States.  I reported about this mag a few months ago – but now it’s here!  The cover is pretty sweet – really does capture the Deodato image amazingly well.  I found this mag at Borders, actually, I kept going back looking for it.  One of the people there noticed and told me to just leave what I was looking for and they would call me when it came in.  And would you believe it?  A few weeks later – they called!  It’s nice to have a company that still gives you that kind of service.

Lee’s Toy Review #137

lees toy review

Lots of sneak peeks at the upcoming greatness coming out.  The Wal*Mart and Target exclusives – but the Red Hulk on the cover is part of the Marvel Legends wave that comes out in September.  It’s the build-a-figure in the mix of these heroes.

  • Adam Warlock
  • Silver Savage
  • Wolverine
  • Spiderman (Black Costume)
  • Spiral – (Wait, who?)
  • Union Jack – ugh.

While I have no interest in the last 2 the BAF Red Hulk will be pretty great, even if it’s a bit out of scale with the Green Hulks produced by this line.

marvel legends line sept 08