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From the Good – to the Bad and Ugly


Sideshow has released teasers of the Life-Sized Bust Hulk they will release.  This monstrosity is an absolute disaster – they facial expression screams “What smells bad?” More than scary anger.  Ugh – SS, how do you manage to screw up almost EVERY Hulk release?  There are three SS pieces every Hulk collector should own – I’ll let you guys guess at which I’m talking about – but this botched piece is not one of them.  Thank you SS for saving me some bucks!

Here is the Obvious


Rumors have been swirling for months about a BAF Gladiator Hulk for the Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends line. Well, Marvel finally announced what everyone already knew:


That’s right!  Marvel’s worst kept secret is finally out – Gladiator Hulk will be the BAF for the line!  Totally didn’t see that coming!  It does look awesome though!

Planet Hulk Pop!


I can’t believe we’re getting a Planet Hulk inspired Pop Hulk before we even get a grey – or Mr. Fixit – Pop, but here we are!  I’m not complaining though!

And Also This…


Yup, that’s right!  We’re also served with a dose of Lego Hulk!  In a set including the Gladiator Hulk it looks like a Colusium with Thor and Loki.  This will be in my dreams until it is in the Hulk room!

New Hulk Merch Hitting Stores Soon!


It’s been a bit of a song since a good amount of Hulky goodness was released into the stores.  Well, consider that dry spell over ladies and gents!  We are getting some real doozies here!  While no Marvel Legends pics have been revealed we are treated to a sneak peek at the Titan Series electriconic Gladiator Hulk!  And, of course, new Hulk hands as well!  They are more in line with what we’ve gotten recently – but Planet Hulk themed – and while I was sort of hoping for a return to the 2003 glory I’m still psyched to be getting a new pair!

Click image for more pics!

A Flurry of Action Figures – and a New Addition!

A while back when my wife and I were going to have our second child I needed some quick renovations to the house.  I’ve mentioned it before on here but I had decided to sell off a chunk of my Hulk figures and comics to fund the repairs.  Well, the moment of regret hit me pretty hard – wishing I had never went through with the sale – I was happy I had replaced the carpet and Washer/Dryer but I seriously missed the pieces that were no longer  in the Hulk room… where they belonged.  An amazing chance meeting with a friend – who goes by Gammapup on this site – who was looking to turn in some Hulk figures to Zapp Comics actually replaced a good chunk of the figures I lost.  Still, to this day, it is the most generous and wonderful gesture that has ever happened to me.

IMG_0548 (2)

Some of the figures till missing from the collection I have been able to slowly replace over the years.  The first was the original Toy Biz classic Marvel Superheroes Incredible Hulk.  I have missed this figure – and this may sound silly – but really for the bendy “steel” bar and boulder accessories he comes with.  The boulder makes sense somewhat but the steel bar?  Why would anyone bend a steel bar like this?  Other than to show off – and who is the Hulk trying to impress?

IMG_0545 (2)

Next up is the Battle Action Hulk from the 2003 movie.  It’s one of the largest and more impressive Hulk figures released.  Originally I was able to snag it from Comically Speaking, a shop in Reading, MA, but this time around I had to go to eBay.  It’s never my first choice to but it off the internet but I saw it for an incredibly good deal and could not resist.

IMG_0545 (3)

IMG_0533 (2)

Moving on, the last replacement figure is one of the more expensive figures.  When I sold them to Zapp I was shocked to learn that these Transformers hybrids were pretty scarce and going for a premium.  This is the original release – there is still a grey version and another green Hulk figure to replace – but I was psyched to get this for Christmas from my wife.

IMG_0546 (2)

The last figure in the post is a new one to the collection – a figure I have never had before – from the 2003 Hulk movie once again, the Rapid Punch Hulk.  My wife was at the Toy Vault and she started sending me pics of the Hulk figures they had there.  I was laughing because I had everything she was sending – a regular occurrence – until she sent me a photo of this Hulk.  I knew from the pose that this Hulk was not one of the ones I had in the Hulk room already and, in all caps, wrote back “BUY THAT NOW!!!!!”


Thankfully, she did.  While I wish the condition of the packaging was better but truly, it doesn’t matter too much.  The figure itself is still mint.  Anyways, This is a run-down of the figures that have made their way back into my collection.  Couldn’t be happier – but honestly, room is starting to become an issue!

Silent but Deadly: A Year of Hulk Confusion – Week 25

CCI05032017_0003 (3)

I’ve said it for years now – the most powerful person in the MU is the Invisible Woman.  With her ability to create airtight force fields there really is no Earth bound hero who could take her on.  One force field later and you have a mighty, muscle-bound super just gasping for air!  Well turns out she ain’t the only one who can make that trick work!  Songbird, of the Thunderbolts, can make her sonic scream turn into “hard sound”.  Whatever that means.  It takes the Hulk by surprise – as well as most of the readers!