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Can I Have a #2? And Supersize that?: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony – Week 18

hulk eating 5

Guess no one told the Hulk about CHOLESTEROL!

Kotobukia ARTFX Hulk Statue (2015)

IMG_0977 (2)

As a huge Hulk fan you can easily go broke collecting all of the merchandise out there.  Usually collectors have to draw lines on what their collection will contain.  Personally, even though there are some amazing custom pieces, I choose to keep my collection focused on officially licensed merchandise.  That being said – there are times I see released pieces and still pass.  This was one of those times.

IMG_0978 (2)


I first laid eyes upon this piece my LCS had it in their display cabinet.  My first thought after seeing it was noticing just how little it was.  For the money, this piece was just too small for me to feel it was worth it.  The statues seams also were too noticeable – not only on the arms but on the neck as well.  This statue is so small it could have easily been released as one solid piece.

IMG_0979 (2)

This is the Entertainment Earth exclusive version with the red eyes so you know he’s been brainwashed by the Scarlet Witch.  While I think the regular version was a little bit better looking this one landed in my collection because the sale that Entertainment Earth had during Christmas.  This $150 piece was on sale for an astounding $15.

IMG_0981 (2)

IMG_0980 (2)

This version also isn’t as bright green as the regular – this version seems a bit washed out and a slightly greyer look.  The base, while sculpted nicely, look very cheap and plastic.  My initial thoughts on this statue has not changed – I was very disappointed.  Overall, if this wasn’t $15 it wouldn’t be in the collection – but for the price I paid for it I fell like it was worth it!

Off to See Avengers!

hulk vs thanos

If you’ve seen the movie, like me, opening night then I know you’ll want to discuss it!  Leave a message below – anyone who doesn’t want to get spoilers, don’t read the comments! – let me know what you thought of the movie!

Avengers: Infinity War BAF Thanos (2018)

IMG_1135 (2)

IMG_1136 (2)

With Avengers: Infinity War hitting tomorrow let’s take a look at the new Thanos Build-a-Figure from the Marvel Legends line.  The last figure was from the Age of Ultron movie and it was before we really got a shot of what the Mad Titan really looked like.  Now, with a more clear vision Marvel has finally shown us what to expect.  A lot of people on the interwebs have been complaining that Thanos’ head looks too much like a California Raisin.  I am here to say… those people are totally correct – I hate to say it but t truly does look so much like a California Raisin as I was putting this guy together “I heard it Through the Grape Vine” was playing in my head.

IMG_1134 (2)

The last Thanos, while not perfect, was still pretty great.  So much so that I am looking forward to getting the WalMart exclusive that is a basic repaint (and comes with a gauntlet).  Still, this new BAF is larger and sculpted to look much like the movie version of Thanos – but that’s where the real compliments end.

IMG_1137 (2)

The look of this figure is too drab and the skin has no texture so it looks very plastic.  With the gold highlights there was a regal, almost arrogant look which fit Thanos perfectly.  Here he is almost monotone.  He and his leather pants looks like he’s ready to double date with Ross Gellar…

IMG_1139 (2)

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t buy all the figures to complete this Thanos – but I will say this… if you’re not a completest and want a great Thanos figure then buy the Marvel Select.  Still one of the best Thanos figures to grace the shelves ever.  Plus the MS comes with Death – so… bonus!

IMG_1140 (2)

Ummm… Part 56

ummm 1

Why is it I must find these things?  That’s totally not supposed to be Betty is it?  Did Betty pick up a crack habit?  Listen, there may be a reason that the Viagra is not working… that’s all I’m saying…

Funko Exclusive She Hulk POP! (2018)

IMG_1091 (2)

There are so many exclusives these days it’s truly hard to keep up!  Last month I was called about a new shipment at Toys R Us of the Exclusive She Hulk.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but I did make my way down there and was pleasantly surprised!  This She Hulk is completely different than the original She Hulk we were offered.  This She Hulk looks like she’s ready to head right into court and defend a man from being wrongfully accused of murder.

IMG_1091 (3)

She would stand up and stare at the jury and say “How could my client commit this murder when he is allergic to cheese!” and the jury would gasp!  Because, you see, this murder takes place in a supermarket… near the cheese aisle!

IMG_1092 (2)

The Way to a Monster’s Heart: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony – Week 17

Eating 1

The easiest way to the Hulk’s heart – or at least the easiest way to get him to do what you want – is to make the Hulk feel welcome.  How do you do that?  Well, it seems the answer is food!  “Hulk can you beat this monster up?”  The Hulk will try to naysay saying he just wants to be alone and then you add in “I’ll throw in a turkey leg and some Fruity Pebbles!”  Watch the Hulk tune immediately change!