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Mini-Mates Speed Energy Hulk (2018)

IMG_1175 (2)

Who can deny the real appeal of Mini-Mates?  Not me!  They have released a couple Hulks in this new year even though they keep releasing Hulks the new ones are still exciting to see!  I especially thought this set was pretty nifty with the “Speed” theme.  The Hulk in particular is kind of awesome!  Is it just me or does every new series seem to improve the overall design of the product!  I really would like to see them tackle a “War” Hulk or even a Rick Jones Hulk – that would completely rock the house!

IMG_1174 (3)


Avengers Hulk Wall Crawler 2.0 (2018)

IMG_1177 (2)

The wall crawlers are one of the best possible toys out there – they are loads of fun… for at least the three minutes until the little sticky knobs at the end of the creepy spider legs become covered in dust and dirt.  The original was made of a light, almost Styrofoam body.  The new one is actually cooler because it was made of a light plastic.  The face looks way better on the new one than the original one does.  The new face looks cartoony while the original looks like a deformed nightmare meant to make little ones wet their pants.

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Compound Hulk Dorbz (2017)

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I was late to the party when I realized how great the Walgreens exclusives began surfacing.  I missed out on all sorts of Pops and Dorbz that I would love to purchase.  Venom, Carnage, Spider-Man 2099 are all Pops that kick butt!  I would rather not go to eBay so instead I do without. I was thinking I’d have to do without the exclusive Compound Hulk as well because I never bothered looking when it was all over the stores.  One Wednesday in February I was on the way to my LCS when I noticed an Iron Patriot Dorbz on the shelf.  I knew that the Iron Patriot was out about the same time as the Compound Hulk so I peeked at what was on the shelf behind him and saw… the Compound Hulk!  I was so surprised and excited I might have said “You’re kidding me!” in a voice much louder than acceptable.  I then hurriedly looked around to see if anyone heard me say that out loud.  Thankfully, I was alone.  Then I felt pretty embarrassed that I was talking to myself.

Either way, I was happy to stumble across this exclusive – while I have decided to really focus on the Hulk merchandise and not supporting players – I still have wanted this guy for quite a while.

IMG_1142 (2)

Shots from the Hulk Room


Just a random shot of the Hulk room.  This table is chock full of great pieces including the Sideshow Hulk/Wolverine Maquette and the Master Replicas Hulk #1.  The wall is covered with figures from the Marvel Universe and the Marvel Select line.  With more and more Hulk merch continuing to be released it’s always a fun game to play of trying to figure out where I’m going to fit the new stuff.


GameStop Exclusive Hulking Out of the Hulkbuster Pop Figure (2018)

IMG_1258 (2)

While it’s true this scene did not appear in the new Avengers movie I am optimistic about part 2.  The Hulk was served a raw deal in this new movie but the rest of the film was too good to focus on the negative.  After seeing the movie it makes sense that the Hulk offerings are also pretty sparse when it comes to merchandising.  Seeing as our favorite Jade Jaws appears in a total of 5 unfavorable minutes it’s probably best we don’t recall his cameo at all.

By the way – if you have yet to see the new Avengers you should absolutely stop reading!  In fact, it’s also advisable to not read the above paragraph either.  If you did already… my bad.  I don’t know about you but I was definitely waiting for a great scene like the one that is illustrated in this piece.  Even though it doesn’t happen yet I can still see this occurring and it being a total badass moment!

I’m still pretty excited that Funko released this Pop figure.  It is both slightly larger than a regular Pop AND still on a smaller sale than the regular Pops.  I was lucky enough to score this guy due to having a contact at GameStop – seeing as reports are saying most stores are only receiving 3 of them, if any at all.  I hope all my Gammabros out there were able to snag one!  Don’t get suckered into the second hand prices that the scalpers are charging.  It’s always demoralizing seeing just how many of these cool pieces end up in flippers hands.  Right now they are ranging between $35-$70 on eBay.  GameStop retails them or just $18.99.

IMG_1263 (2)

Kotobukia ARTFX Hulk Statue (2015)

IMG_0977 (2)

As a huge Hulk fan you can easily go broke collecting all of the merchandise out there.  Usually collectors have to draw lines on what their collection will contain.  Personally, even though there are some amazing custom pieces, I choose to keep my collection focused on officially licensed merchandise.  That being said – there are times I see released pieces and still pass.  This was one of those times.

IMG_0978 (2)


I first laid eyes upon this piece my LCS had it in their display cabinet.  My first thought after seeing it was noticing just how little it was.  For the money, this piece was just too small for me to feel it was worth it.  The statues seams also were too noticeable – not only on the arms but on the neck as well.  This statue is so small it could have easily been released as one solid piece.

IMG_0979 (2)

This is the Entertainment Earth exclusive version with the red eyes so you know he’s been brainwashed by the Scarlet Witch.  While I think the regular version was a little bit better looking this one landed in my collection because the sale that Entertainment Earth had during Christmas.  This $150 piece was on sale for an astounding $15.

IMG_0981 (2)

IMG_0980 (2)

This version also isn’t as bright green as the regular – this version seems a bit washed out and a slightly greyer look.  The base, while sculpted nicely, look very cheap and plastic.  My initial thoughts on this statue has not changed – I was very disappointed.  Overall, if this wasn’t $15 it wouldn’t be in the collection – but for the price I paid for it I fell like it was worth it!

Mini-Mates King Hulk and Red King (2018)

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The MiniMates are continuing to slay all of the other lines by constantly delivering some of the best and has the biggest array of characters offered than any other line produced.  Now the “Greatest Stories” line has given us the King Hulk and Red King of Sakkar.  I wish there was a Planet Hulk Dorbz – other than the Gladiator Hulk from Thor: Ragnarok – that was more comic based.  That would have been a perfect pairing for this set – besides, we already have a King Hulk – or as they called it originally – World War Hulk.  It was paired with Mr. Fantastic.  Getting a Red King is totally worth double dipping with a King Hulk – something they should have offered the first time around!

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