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Epic Collections: Hulk – Ghosts of the Future (2019)

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These Epic Collections are pretty great.  Who knows how long it will take Marvel to release these issues in Marvel Masterworks form?  Until then Marvel has gifted these trades to us – complete, full storylines that would not be collected together in any other form.  I sort of wish they would release Villain collections to highlight the more obscure villain moments like Tyrannus’ greatest hits!”  Like I mentioned – I’m just glad to have these being produced right now – since they seem to have stopped collecting Visionaries and only scratched the surface of Peter David’s legendary run!


Marvel Limited Future Imperfect Hardcover (1994)

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I am a huge fan of originals.  Monthly comics – the first print original press issues that hit the stands.  Love them.  But I may have a bigger problem that I should have addressed.  I also love the reprints – especially when they are in gorgeous hardcover glory like this Peter David opus.  This bound classic only houses two single issues but they are still, to this day, some of the most brilliantly written issues of all time.

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This book has a silk bookmark, some extra goodies in the final pages and even dyed green edges.  It’s truly separates this book from just regular collected trades when they give you such a beauty like this.  I have seen this trade being listed for up to $400 on eBay but luckily I had the opportunity to pick this up at a shop that was even offering a half off sale!

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Hulk Pocket Books! (Various)

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There is nothing I love more than some of the offerings from yesteryear with new ways to read our favorite character!  Wile I have posted about these books before I did pick up a few more and thought it would be fun to show them off!  The best part about this reprinting of the first 6 issues is that #1 is re-colored from grey to green!

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I have a few books that don’t JUST feature the Hulk – one of the classic matches: Batman vs Hulk is collected into pocket size and while this isn’t the best showcase of the Hulk’s powers it is a beautifully drawn story that really rocks!  If you’re looking for a collection of stories with a plethora of different heroes then Marvel Novel Series #9 is your answer!  It has an Avengers, Daredevil, X-Men AND Hulk story!  Fun fact: the story in this book was originally published as a comic in issues #197 & #198.

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Moving on, more novelization Hulk stories in these two: a Harlan Ellison story AND one called Cry of the Beast.  Both of these copies are fantastic fun and if you have yet o pick them up then get your act together and order them today!

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If your taste only lies with the comics then you can still buy the two below to have your comic fix!  The only downside for the book on the left is that it is in black and white – but some people have no problems with that!

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I did pick up a couple more early marvel books including the first two volumes of Amazing Spider-Man and also volume 1 of Fantastic Four and finally an illustrated version of the original Star Wars!

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The Little Book of The Incredible Hulk (2018)

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From one of the largest books to one of the smallest!  This little book packs quite a wallop of history showing off classic panels and advertisements from the 55 year history.  I can’t recall a better collection of the best character from Marvel comics!

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Taschen has created a book here that any novice to expert should be able to glom some knowledge from.  Especially looking at the beautifully reprinted pages of, not just the single issues but also, the classic comic strip.  Rough sketches of classic covers, magazine covers, and sections from classis titles like Avengers, Defenders, Fantastic Four and, of course, the Incredible Hulk adorn this pocket sized treasure!

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A section even covers the merchandise, the 70’s T.V. Hulk shows and the old Rampaging Hulk magazine.  If you see this book it is a definite pick up. If you’re curious about anything the Hulk has been through or what this character has done then this book is the something you need in your life!

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One of the greatest thing is the many, many talented artists that have graced us with their talents are included in this book.  I’m even impressed by the amount of content that this piece packs!  Really, you can’t find anything else like this for less than $10 so this is the way to go!

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Hulk Pop-Up Book “Trapped” (1982)

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People make fun of the 80’s a lot – and mostly for good reasons – but there is some amazing stuff that came out of the 80’s that we should cherish.  I’m not talking about the seemingly endless barrage of characters from random shows that people are now clinging to in a desperate attempt at some nostalgia.  *cough strawberryshortcake cough* Characters that have lasted through the test of time have some great pieces left over that any collector should consider themselves lucky to find.

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Personally, some of the more gimmicky pieces are the ones that make me the happiest.  Glow in the dark covers and pop-up books are easily in the top of the list of pieces I will always be excited to find.  A month or so ago I was with my friend John, owner of Saturday Morning Collectibles, and saw this in his display case.  I was psyched for two reasons – one, I needed to add this to my collection and two, it was super affordable.

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I know there are a few of these that Piccolo released and I am on the hunt for the others.  If you’re interested in the story check out this website.  I was hoping for more Hulk popping up from this Hulk Pop-Up book but either way – glad this is now in a collection that really appreciates it!

IDW Herb Trimpe’s Incredible Hulk Artist’s Edition (2015)

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Along with the beautiful Sal Buscema book IDW released late last year they also released this gorgeous collection of the greatest Hulk artist to ever live.  The man was a true talent and gentleman.  Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting the man knew of his enormous generosity toward the fans who celebrated his work.  Nothing made me happier than to meet this man and see just how much he enjoyed conversing with fans.  I was lucky enough to afford a few commissions as well – my favorite being the Fixit cover he did for me:


This fantastic book gives you the opportunity to see his work in a new way! While enjoying the raw pencil and inks of each page from his illustrious career they showcase just how amazing of an artist Trimpe truly was.  You can get lost exploring the imperfections of a true master of the craft and studying the details he left to his many partners.

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In the book you can read a few complete Hulk issues including one of my all time favorites, issue #131!  Each issue showcases not only the original art for each page of the comic but also the inserts.  The pages are filled with the blemishes, yellowing tape and stains from yesteryear.  The handwritten comic notes scribbled across the top of the pages.

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Even better, the book is almost the exact size of the original art.  Like you’re reading issue from the pages handed to you by Mr. Trimpe himself.  If only the man himself was still with us,  I’m sure he would be humbled by how fantastic this book came out.  At the end of the book we are treated with scribbles, doodles and notes from Herb and his collaborators.  We are even given a small portion of covers from the master, including the greatest issue of them all: The Incredible Hulk #165.

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As soon as I saw this beautiful book at my LCS I had to have it (that being said, and me being me, I had to haggle to get the best price possible) and I considered it a huge Christmas present to myself.  This… and something else – but we’ll get into the other piece later.  This book is a class all by itself though – and even in its beauty it still holds something even cooler.

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There are stories reprinted inside that are picked by the man himself.  The book is limited to 999 copies and each one is signed and numbered.  My issue is #504.  More and more though I appreciate every extra this book includes.  There is an excellent interview at the start of the book and then we’re served with some of the tastiest issues from Sal’s legendary run.  Each page is absolutely gorgeous – over sized and perfect!

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At the end is a color guide – and I am not sure if everyone gets the same page or if they are all different – but I have the first page to TIH #272 and below I have scanned each color guide:

CCF01052016_0001  CCF01052016_0002

CCF01052016_0003  CCF01052016_0004

While I love this book and think it’s amazing – there is a different (better) version that I would have loved to own… but I couldn’t make it swing with the wife.  Check it out here.  Yes, that version allows you to own a piece of original art from Sal himself.  While I was bummed not to get the more premiere book I made amends with this fact because I do already own a piece of Sal Hulk art.  Check it out at the ART page.

Check out these images though:

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Get this book now!  Stop reading this and head out to buy this amazing book – or order it from IDW themselves.  Either way is fine – as long as you own this book celebrating one of the greatest Hulk artists to ever live.