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Hulk Heroheads (1981)

yes Hulk Stuff 023

Weren’t the 80’s great?  They would come up with some of the most fantastic stuff!  Inside the little Hulk head is another tiny Hulk that you balance tiny beams on.  You try to get your beam to stay put – if the tower falls on your turn you lose – simple, right?  This is something I picked up at this year’s Boston Comic Con.  I didn’t stay very long but I had a blast.  I met up with a few people – including Mark Waid, who, when I said I was a Hulk fan, seemed to politely smile and then rush me a long.  I guess he wasn’t interested in chatting about my favorite character.  That’s okay – no hard feelings there.  He signed a few comics for me and I picked up those phony Lego Hulks – and this Hulk Herohead.  All in all I consider that a success!

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Hulk #5 (2014) – The Review


Hulk #5

W: Duggan
P: Bagley
I: Hennesey

The new Hulk has finally hit the stands and I have to say, right off the bat, the new writer has taken off like a shot!  The first issue is a doozy with a more malicious, concise and determined Hulk we’ve ever seen.  Hulk, who would rather not be referred to with that name anymore, now he’s Doc Green, is out on a mission,  He’s decided that there are far too may Hulks out there – and I couldn’t agree more – but he’s going to set things straight.  He has created a serum of sorts with nanites that will cure Gamma-Folk – only… not Doc Green.  He’s not looking to be cured.  Just to get rid of the impostors.  This definitely includes Rick Jones (A-Bomb) but also 6 others.  By my count we would be rid of Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk, Red Leader, She Hulk, Lyra… and a mystery guest I can’t put my finger on yet.

Duggan doesn’t just give us a fun first issue setting up Doc Green to face off against A-Bomb in the top of the next issue but also some new mysteries.  Yes, we will get back to shot Banner in the back of the head – but with Extremis pumping through his brain he’s hardly concerned about that at the moment.  What’s even more troubling is that Doc Green may have the smarts but Banner seems to be trapped and desperate to get out!  Also Doc Green, unlike any incarnation we’ve seen before, is rocking a sweet ass green mohawk.

Overall, the quick read is an energized new direction for the Green Goliath.  One I think everyone should check out!  Grade: A-


Marvel Super Hero Smash Action Hulk (2014)

yes Hulk Stuff 025

These kid friendly lines have released quite a bit of Hulk stuff in the past year or so – from the Target exclusive Hulk sets to the above figure – they are going strong!  The Smash Action Hulk here talks a bit and even looks extremely happy when doing it!  His soft hands help not to leave any marks on your enemies as you beat them senseless with this toy.  Of course, the soft hands means you have to beat them a lot longer than you normally would.  So, this little guy was found at TRU next to a similar Spidey.  Not sure if there are other characters out there like this – but all you really need is a Hulk anyways, right?

yes Hulk Stuff 025 - Copy

Marvel’s Infinite Series Valkyrie Figure (2014)

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I am shocked to see Valkyrie in an early line-up for this series.  How long did it take to get a Marvel Legend’s sized Valkyrie?  It took a hella long time!  Not to mention it was 2-packed with a sweet Hulk figure!  Here, we’re not so lucky this time around.  The figure looks decent – I’ve only found one thus far so I do not have an open figure to give a complete review – but from what I can see it does look nice.

yes Hulk Stuff 032

yes Hulk Stuff 034

Immediately I can see that it is the current costumed Valkyrie and not the classic – which I sort of prefer – but us beggers can’t always be choosers.  Besides, it’s not that the new costume is terrible – or even that terribly different – it’s just that the classic costume is so perfect.  Like I said though, having a Valkyrie figure at all is pretty cool.  Seeing as this is a Marvel Infinite series we don’t get very much as far as accessories.  I don’t know what makes it infinite when we get considerably less with the figures.  I have noticed that the prices of these figures remained around $10.  At one point it was pushing $13 in some stores.  Even though I still feel $10 might be pushing it for what we get I’m happy with the figure.  Grade: B+

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Marvel’s Battle Masters Hulk and Iron Man 2-Pack (2014)

yes Hulk Stuff 026

In the great tradition of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots Marvel brings you a new version with your favorite heroes!  I saw these hit the shelves a couple months ago and was disappointed when I didn’t see the Hulk in the single packs.  I scanned downward and sure enough there was Hulk in the larger (and why not, right?) pack with ‘ole Shellhead himself!  This is who you want to pair the Hulk with up anyways – because it’s an easy win for the Hulk!

yes Hulk Stuff 027

The little plastic guys have hollow legs where you can stick your fingers inside and make them throw a mean punch.  You set them on bases and then invite friends over and battle it out!  I would have loved this as a kid – although I’m not sure how many friends I would have had left due to always kicking their asses!  That, and I would have always demanded to be the Hulk.

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SDCC Exclusive – Hulks of a Different Color!

lego grey

lego red

So, I attended the Boston Comic Con this past weekend.  I was, as usual, mostly there to see the artists and creators – but seeing as Mark Waid was not signing until noon and I had time to kill I decided to look around the vendor tables.  Boy, am I glad I did!  One vendor had recently been at the SDCC and picked up the Grey and Red Hulk Lego figures – these are Hulks that will be coming out in sets sometime in January – but I snagged them now!  I was psyched to see them there.

bosom buddies

the classics

The vendor told me that there is a Thunderbolt set coming out – now, as much as I would have been enticed, I really only have interest in getting the Red Hulk – so this opportunity was perfect for me!  I can just pick up the figures and not have to buy the whole set?  I see nothing but win there!

UNSEXY UPDATE: My friend Steven Yarish informed me that he had gotten word from Marvel who said that they have no plans to release a Red and Grey Hulk Lego set. So, it turns out the vendor who sold them to me is, what I like to refer to as, a liar, liar pants on fire. Dude straight up and lied to my face. Uncool. Still, they are a neat set to have.

Just for real fun – a shot of all the Hulks:

the whole gang

In Honor of Shark Week…




In honor of Shark Week – here is the Hulk battling those Hulk Sharks from Aaron’s ridiculous run.  Also – the rare colorless version:

h2 068

The shot from the comic:

h2 082

That they used for the 2nd print cover:


But why let this cloud your memories any further?  Here’s a classic Hulk tale when he took on the ill-suited Tiger Shark!:


And just for fun – some of the images that come up in a Google search of Hulk Shark: