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Hulk Shirt #24 (2011)

New Hulk Shirt - Hope you're watching the Oscar's though...

Watching the Oscars – so I am going to make this real quick – here is a new Hulk Shirt I found at a LCS.  I think the art looks familiar but I am not exactly sure who it is.  I want to say Keown – but man – I could be wrong… who can help me out here?  Sorry – getting back to the Oscars now!

Also on the Stands…

Issue #587 - 1st and 2nd printing

So, the 2nd printing of FF #587 came out – the comic also known as “The Torch gets blown… out.”  I was flipping through the issue and inside I was surprised to find a few panels of… MAESTRO!  The freakin’ Maestro! – So pick that up and of course the poly-bagged 1st printing and the variant.

The Final Issue... LOL - Good one Marvel... the final issue until it comes back.

Also – Issue #588 has a very tender moment between the Thing and Hulk.  Made me feel all misty eyed.  Or that might have been the mace that this hottie sprayed in my eyes after I wouldn’t stop trying to convince her how sensitive I am. 

Hulk, Thor, Thing 3-way... get your mind out of the gutter!

The Incredible Hulks #623 (2011) – The Review

The Incredible Hulks #623

So, yeah… I know this review is a bit late – a few days late – but, to be honest, I wasn’t all that jazzed about the issue.  The art of Dale Eaglesham was not my favorite – a real downgrade from Pelletier – and I hate to say it – but even the story was leaving me underwhelmed.  I mean, maybe it’s a direct result of the new… different art style – maybe it’s because it’s the start of a new storyline and it’s just getting going but either way I finished reading the issue and I am not all that excited to see where the next issue leads.

Hulk - showing off his pimp coat

Basically, the Hulk is being treated for his injuries from the fight with Zeus.  The Hulk isn’t really into being treated – or into a recovery – or into being the Hulk… anymore – I think, anyways.  But Hulk gets a message about heading to the Savage Land – and that’s where he heads off to – leaving behind everyone except Skaar, Korg, Elloe and No-Name. 

Hulk does kick a "little" butt in this issue

They arrive to a dinosaur attack which Hulk immediately leaps into action – but also immediately gets bitten by another humongous reptile.  Ka-Zaar has to help the Hulk out – mainly due to his loss of power from the Zeus beat down Hulk is now… well, kind of a pussy.  Sorry for the spicy language – but he totally reminded me of a cat.  Wait – what did you think I meant?

"Woah! Would you look at the butt on that!" - "Yeah, he must work out..."

Later that night as the whole crew sleeps – the bugs come and take Hulk away – to the bigger, stronger Miek – who, as he says, has something NEW to fight for.  I mean – not a bad issue in total – just not all that interesting of a way to start a new storyline off.  Grade: C+

Tokidoki Hulk Shirt – Shirt #23 (2010)


This company brought out a couple of Hulk shirts – I found this one first and snagged it up immediately – because it’s just that awesome!  Not only did I think it was awesome I bought it and then changed into this right away.  Litterally, right there at the counter.  It was a sight to behold.  A month later I took the shirt off again.  By force of course…


New Marvel Universe Figures Coming

MU Skaar

There are a bunch of figures set to be released and one of the ones I am most excited about is this great Skaar figure!  Kudos to Greg Pak who made one of these heroes kids actually enjoyable to read!  There is also an Avengers boxed set coming out with the Hulk included!

Marvel Universe Constrictor (2010)

MU Constrictor

This figure was brought out in the same wave as Thanos – and for some reason I hid not posted it yet!  I had 2 of them – but then Steve Yarish – of the best website ever – needed one and I hooked him up with my extra – because that’s what Hulk fans do.  They stick together.  They DO NOT get naked and paint themselves green and streak down the street saying “Hulk Smash!”  I learned that lesson the hard way… twice.

Also on the Stands!

The Siver Surfer #1 out of 5

For any Hulk completists out there – just to keep you in the loop – the Hulk has small, one panel appearances in both the new Silver Surfer mini – AND the Marvel Girl 1-shot.  So, go get ’em if you want!  The Surfer issue is really good to boot!  It’s like an extra bonus!

Marvel Girl 1-Shot