Also on the Stands…

So, the 2nd printing of FF #587 came out – the comic also known as “The Torch gets blown… out.”  I was flipping through the issue and inside I was surprised to find a few panels of… MAESTRO!  The freakin’ Maestro! – So pick that up and of course the poly-bagged 1st printing and the variant.Continue reading “Also on the Stands…”

The Incredible Hulks #623 (2011) – The Review

So, yeah… I know this review is a bit late – a few days late – but, to be honest, I wasn’t all that jazzed about the issue.  The art of Dale Eaglesham was not my favorite – a real downgrade from Pelletier – and I hate to say it – but even the storyContinue reading “The Incredible Hulks #623 (2011) – The Review”

Tokidoki Hulk Shirt – Shirt #23 (2010)

This company brought out a couple of Hulk shirts – I found this one first and snagged it up immediately – because it’s just that awesome!  Not only did I think it was awesome I bought it and then changed into this right away.  Litterally, right there at the counter.  It was a sight toContinue reading “Tokidoki Hulk Shirt – Shirt #23 (2010)”

Marvel Universe Constrictor (2010)

This figure was brought out in the same wave as Thanos – and for some reason I hid not posted it yet!  I had 2 of them – but then Steve Yarish – of the best website ever – needed one and I hooked him up with my extra – because that’s what Hulk fans do. Continue reading “Marvel Universe Constrictor (2010)”

Hulk #30 (2011) – The Review

Is it in McG’s contract that he only work on frivolous Hulk stories?  I mean, this isn’t as bad as Loeb’s stuff – but it sure was silly.  Well, I don’t know what else to expect when we see “Compound Hulk” on the cover!  But hey, at least there is some continuity in play here.  The storyContinue reading “Hulk #30 (2011) – The Review”

More Marvel Masterworks Fun!

Now, here are the latest MM I’ve picked up.  I am making sure not to be swindled into purchasing the silver editions anymore – I think, like Gary Miller said in the comments last week, it looks so much better to have the books that look similar. Of course the most recent in these picturesContinue reading “More Marvel Masterworks Fun!”

The Incredible Hulks #622 (2011) – The Review

I don’t usually post on Friday – but I feel like I am constantly a week behind with Hulk issues – so in an attempt to catch up – here is a special Friday review of the latest Hulk to hit the shelves!  Enjoy! Now, raise your hand if you thought the Hulk was goingContinue reading “The Incredible Hulks #622 (2011) – The Review”

Hulk #29 (2011) – The Review

I had to re-read this issue a few times because a few things bugged me – the first being the somewhat lame “I lied to you about your absorbing powers being gone” twist.  I am not a fan of this type of writer’s trick.  It’s seems lazy to me – and I honestly thought betterContinue reading “Hulk #29 (2011) – The Review”

Marvel Masterworks… The Update!

I ended up picking up all of the green cover/gold frame Hulk MM.  It was bothering me too much not have them all this way.  When I originally picked up a grey cover it was a direct order from my LCS and that’s what they gave me.  It goes without saying that they no longerContinue reading “Marvel Masterworks… The Update!”