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Guess That Panel!


Hoo-Boy!  We haven’t done this in a while – but I got a doozy for you!  As always guess the series and issue # for a fantabulous no-prize!  I’m pretty confident here – so someone out there prove me wrong and guess where this bad-boy came from!

Guess That Panel!

CCF01152015_0001 - Copy

I am not one to let a few losses shake me down – so here it is – another round of Guess That Panel with one that I think might actually stump you guys… man, will this be embarrassing if the someone gets it in the first hour that I post it.  But, as always, the Issue and # – GO!

Zeno Takes it Down!


Congrats to Zeno for correctly identifying the above panel is from Captain Universe #1 starring the Incredible Hulk.  I guess that makes it 0-Ratchet / 2 – you guys.  I will have to step up my game!


CCF01132015_0001 - Copy

Guess That Panel!


Here it is!  Another round!  Maybe this one will be a little harder than the last… but with the Hulk-o-philes on this blog I bet you guys are going to knock this one out of the park.  Remember, series and issue # – and – GO!

465 For the Win!


Nice job 465 for knowing the answer to this Guess That Panel.  I now know that I was delirious in thinking that this would be an easy stump.  Nice job Gamma Bro!  Ratchet: 0 – You Guys: 1  and so it begins!  See the answer below.


CCF03102014_0005 - Copy

Guess That Panel!


I know this was one of the favorite games that is played on this site – so let’s welcome back – GUESS THAT PANEL!  Guess what series and issue # this panel has come from – you win!  You don’t technically win anything – but you also don’t let me win in stumping you… so that’s something.

Good Luck!

I’m taking this as WIN! Ratchet-1 Viewers-1


So far this year I have just posted 2 of these challenges – but without an answer to the last Guess That Panel after yet – I am going to take it that I have stumped you guys and take the win!  The answer to the question below.  First the full page:

CCF03102014_0007 - Copy

Now for the cover (and the answer reveal):