The Incredible Hulks #618 & #619 (2010) – The Review

There are characters that die in comics – some of the deaths were so meaningful and so perfect that you hope they don’t ruin it by bringing them back… but they always do (Betty comes to mind – so does the Green Goblin).  But then there are deaths that you feel robbed and can’t wait forContinue reading “The Incredible Hulks #618 & #619 (2010) – The Review”

Marvel Universe’s Doc Samson (2010)

Alright – here is the other new release from MU.  I have this week of posts planned out, and yes, I will make sure I post the review for the new Hulks issue by the end of this week, but I want to make sure to show off the new MU figures first.  Seeing asContinue reading “Marvel Universe’s Doc Samson (2010)”

Marvel Universe’ World War Hulk (2010)

I showed off my Thanos and Juggy yesterday – now let’s bet back to Hulk!  Here is the latest wave to hit the shelves that include WWH here and Samson – who I will be posting tomorrow – and wait till you see THAT figure!  WWHulk is an amazing figure though – with plenty of accessories!  Marvel Hulk figuresContinue reading “Marvel Universe’ World War Hulk (2010)”

Let’s Talk About the MU Line!

This line of figures has started to impress me;  even with the smaller size of these figures the detail on them are outstanding!  I thought I’d show some of my nin-Hulk figures.  Wave 11 has proven to be extremely scarce around these parts – I was lucky enough to come across a Thanos and Constrictor inContinue reading “Let’s Talk About the MU Line!”

Tom’s Collection – Day 4

Let’s finish this week off right – and with some beautiful pieces of original art!  I am looking for a Larsen Hulk piece myself – but this one is just out standing: Defenders 3 Cover: When Kurt Busiek and Erik Larsen relaunched the defenders in 2000, I bought it mainly because I love Larsen’s Hulk.Continue reading “Tom’s Collection – Day 4”

Tom’s Collection – Day 3

I have the 1979 Hulk calendar – that’s why seeing this selection from Tom’s collection is that much more amazing!  Check it out: John Buscema Hulk Calender Art: 1979 was a great year to be a Hulk fan. The success of the TV show spawned a ton Hulk merchandise and Marvel, which did a calender each year, dedicated theContinue reading “Tom’s Collection – Day 3”

Tom’s Collection Day 1

A special week of posts for you- featuring the amazing collection of Tom.  This week you will see some of the most beautiful pieces – mostly Hulk – but other pieces that make me drool just the same!  Let’s start with his best piece ever!  This is how Tom and I came in contact – becauseContinue reading “Tom’s Collection Day 1”

The Incredible Hulks #617 (2010) – The Review

Pak has done some wonderful storytelling with the Hulk.  He gave us Planet Hulk.  He even made me warm up to Skaar.  But he was always pushing it with Hiro – and here is the final arc – the final showdown with the murderous villain known as Hiro: Other The Lesser Known and even Less AcceptedContinue reading “The Incredible Hulks #617 (2010) – The Review”