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The Incredible Hulks #618 & #619 (2010) – The Review

Incredible Hulks #618 - Abomination's back!

There are characters that die in comics – some of the deaths were so meaningful and so perfect that you hope they don’t ruin it by bringing them back… but they always do (Betty comes to mind – so does the Green Goblin).  But then there are deaths that you feel robbed and can’t wait for their inevitable return… and that’s where Abomination’s death falls.

Hulk - making sense

Hulk is on a Roll!

I do wish Marvel would make death mean something again.  At this point a character dies and you just roll your eyes, knowing that said character will return at some point later.  But Pak – as usual – isn’t just bringing Abomination back – he’s tieing it into the big event going on at Marvel!  I admit – I don’t read many other Marvel books… or ANY other Marvel books – other than Red’s series.  And, I only read that because Banner’s part of it… although it is better these days!

Demons on Earth... and that includes Abomination!

Now, Death is banished – making it impossible for people to die.  Not to mention that demons are crawling the Earth!  At least that’s what the Hulk Family finds when they return home.  That and of course the Abomination, ready to strike!  Abomination is looking for Marlo – but no one says a word about her whereabouts.  Abomination takes their silence out in violence – slashing the Hulk’s throat and literally ripping the armor off of A-Bomb’s body! 

A-Bomb is taught a lesson!

I have to admit – that last part made me laugh and cringe!  A feat that not many writers, Pak is in the rare company, can make me do.  Strange has asked the Hulk for help – Hulk says he will help, as he always does, but not for Strange.  Hulk is still bitter for being sent into space – and even worse is when Hulk returned, Strange tried to defeat Hulk by channeling ZOM. And at the end of #618 – as Rick tells Hulk where Marlo is – Strange reveals that he is ZOM!

Hoo - Boy! The Hulks might be in trouble!

Marlo had once channeled Death – and she still has a tinge of Death inside of her – which is why Abomination and ZOM are looking for her.  Now that they know where she is they destroy the stone ship and take off to get her.  Hulk transforms back into Banner and has Korg and Skaar collecting enough of the ship to teleport the Hulk family to where Marlo is – meanwhile Rick calls Marlo to see if she’s alright.  Marlo tells Rick that she is alive – but freaking out because dead people are following her!

Hulk, inspiring confidence!

Rick tells her about the tinge of Death inside of her – and she remembers – but oddly, it doesn’t make her feel any better.  The Hulk family arrives and gets ready for Strange and Abomination’s arrival.  They get busy building a place to protect Marlo – but then Marlo has an idea…

Samson is back - should we tell him about the MU figure mess up?

She brings back some friends from the dead starting with Samson.  Jarella, Talbot and Hiroim The Oldstrong of the Warbound also come back – and when Zom and Abomination come back – they are actually put on the rails by the Hulks and their new once deceased allies!  Just when they think they are winning – Abomination gets an idea – seeing all the dead people around gives him an idea to also resurrect Mama Banner… followed closely by Papa Banner… and oddly NO ONE is happy to see him!

A whole team... back from the grave!

Papa Banner... still a jerk

I think Pak has weaved such a great tale here – I can’t wait for the next issue!  I would like some confirmation on Talbot though… what happened exactly?  First he was thought to be an LMD – then Cho said he wasn’t – then Red Hulk ripped his head off proving he was – WTF?  I know we’re dealing with Loeb’s writing – but a little consistency would have been nice!  Let’s see if they deal with this.  Overall though – the issues have been stellar!  Be sure to pick them up! Grade: A

Incredible Hulks #619

Everyone have a Hulky Christmas!

I know this year was a bit rough with posts – but I promise the new year will be better – I know I still owe you guys a few reviews of the recent Hulk issues – I will get to them.  But I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas!

Planet Hulk Hero Clix (2010)

Planet Hulk Heroclix

Let me start by letting you know – it was this dusty when I took the freakin’ thing out of the package.  I have dusted it since – but couldn’t even see the dust this bad until I looked at the pics.  But, moving on, I don’t pick up a lot of these Hero Clix.  I picked this up though – not only because it’s a limited piece – but because they have 4 characters from the Planet Hulk series displayed!

Hulk and Meik

You have Hulk of course but also Meik, Korg and Silver Savage.  These are some of the more memorable characters from the storyline.  The Silver Savage fight was one of the best, most brutal fights in the whole arc!  Korg is the Hulk’s most loyal and powerful allies – this is evident because Korg is still in the pages of Hulk to this day!  Meik is, of course, the most despised character as he is the one who betrayed the Hulk and was the one who actually planted the bomb that destroyed Hulk’s kingdom on Sakaar.  Which of course started the events of World War Hulk.

Meik and Silver Savage!

I love how accepted the Planet Hulk storyline has become – even to those who didn’t read the Hulk before.  It really is one of the best stories told in recent years – the effects of which we are still reading today – be that good or bad.

Korg and Hulk

McDonald’s Hulk (2010)

Superhero Squad Hulk

Let me start off by saying that this Hulk is a HUGE improvement over the last one.  But I do have an issue… why couldn’t they cover the back of his arms?  Like I said though – this is one sweet little figure!  There is a small button on the back that makes his arms close in – and incidentally it makes my daughter laugh when it happens! 

Now turn!

Other side... note the back of the arms...

I do not eat McDonald’s but I was told that you can buy the figure seperately from having to buy the meal.  I guess that depends on what restaurant you visit though because while one place let me – another McD’s did not.  Thay said I HAD to buy the Kid’s Meal in order to get the toy.  Whatever Ronald!  You’re just a clown with a purple blob as a best friend!

The 2 McDonald's Hulk toys

Marvel Universe’s Doc Samson (2010)

MU's Doc Samson

Alright – here is the other new release from MU.  I have this week of posts planned out, and yes, I will make sure I post the review for the new Hulks issue by the end of this week, but I want to make sure to show off the new MU figures first.  Seeing as the new wave is just hitting the shelves and wave 11 hardly made an appearance these figures are still a novelty to see.

There's the guy who almost stole Betty away!


The best thing about the Samson figure?  The little base that the figure comes with says “Sampson”.  That’s right – they spelled the name of their own character wrong!  And while we’re on the subject of these bases – WTF?  The figures now come with just bases?  I know the cards/SHEILD file was cheesy – but at least it was something!  And now that they are trying to raise the prices on these figures – the absence of the sparingly simple extras is insulting!

One of these are for Steve Yarish - One of them is mine!

If Marvel expects fans to pay this much for these figures – we should get something worth our money – the WWH is an outstanding figure – but even  I  have a hard time justifying a $10 price tag for it.  This figure is mediocre at best.  But good luck to all who wants one!

Marvel Universe’ World War Hulk (2010)

MU World War Hulk

Closer Look in the package!

I showed off my Thanos and Juggy yesterday – now let’s bet back to Hulk!  Here is the latest wave to hit the shelves that include WWH here and Samson – who I will be posting tomorrow – and wait till you see THAT figure!  WWHulk is an amazing figure though – with plenty of accessories!  Marvel Hulk figures have come and gone – and usually with some issue…

The bounty so far... +1

To name a few – the original ML Hulk was a cool sculpt but didn’t have a fist – Hulk figures should always have a fist!  Planet Hulk’s face was an abomination!  The first MU Hulk’s paint job could have been way better – but let’s not forget there have been some beauties as well!  ML Face-Off Hulk – both sculpts were amazing – MU Secret Wars Hulk is also outstanding!  And I think this figure will also be included in one of the best! 

The Weapons Abound!

Hulk and the Weapons

The WWH all together!

The face sculpt is perfect!  The paint application is outstanding!  The accessories are even detailed with marks on the weapons and the textures on the loin cloth and skin!  One of the issues with the Planet Hulk figure was that the arm – that was originally painted silver – then green – was never really sculpted to be an arm covered in armor.  But this is a totally different story!  This figure really captures everything so perfectly!  As of right now I have picked up 4 figures, including one that my Mother has wrapped and put under our tree… even though I bought it myself.

Would you mess with a huge Green Guy armed to the teeth?

Oh IM - When will you learn? You don't stand a chance!

Let’s Talk About the MU Line!

Thanos - w/ Infinity Gauntlet

This line of figures has started to impress me;  even with the smaller size of these figures the detail on them are outstanding!  I thought I’d show some of my nin-Hulk figures.  Wave 11 has proven to be extremely scarce around these parts – I was lucky enough to come across a Thanos and Constrictor in a Toys R Us Express – even better they were having a sale on them!  While I have only seen these figures just once – I did get REAL lucky with Wave 12 – which is great because that’s the wave that includes WWH and Samson – both of those reviews will be coming up this week. 

I wonder if he's Grimace's cousin?

I did want to discuss something – and would like to know what you guys think as well.  Recent trips to Target has shown that the $6.99 or even $7.99 price tag are now being replaced again with $8.99.  $9 for a 3″ figure?  Really Marvel?  Really?!?!?  Is this what happens when they are bought out by Disney?  I have yet to pay that price – I am lucky enough to find Target’s that have not raised the prices yet.  In fact, so far I have only had to pay the $6.99 price!  A great guy named Ted from SF snagged me a Samson at Walmart where the inflated prices were already in effect – but after finding some in Braintree later that day I was able to return the expensive one.

Juggy! One big mutha!

I know we’re talking about $2 – but that seems like a world of difference when it comes to these figures.  What are you guys out there thinking?  Who has seen these price increases?  How do you feel about them?  Who is willing to pay them?  Who is ready to boycott?!?

Jugs and Hulk have fought many times - and it's one of the best and most lively debates ever! Can the Hulk stop the Juggernaut?