Super Hero Squad 2 (2008)

It’s interesting that they keep doing the same figures for the Superhero Squad.  Hulk here is different from the others because of ripped shirt – as well as the head.  The head is somewhat happier – the hair extra tussled!  I question who they comtinue to pair him up with though… first the Wasp –Continue reading “Super Hero Squad 2 (2008)”

Entertainment Weekly… right now

The recent Entertainmant Weekly has updates on the Hulk movie, like – for example – it confirms the Tony Stark (Downey Jr.) will make an appearence!  That’s pretty cool.  A nice article appears – as well as a Superhero stat page where it basically says the Hulk would “whup” the other superheroes with ease!  Okay,Continue reading “Entertainment Weekly… right now”

Hulk Bookmark 2 (1986)

I won this lot off ebay just the other day.  I love bookmarks… especially from yesteryear.  As much as I like the Hulk bookmark I really like the Spiderman one with the double meaning where it says “I’ll save you page!”  I think that is brilliant.  Now all I need is something good to read…Continue reading “Hulk Bookmark 2 (1986)”

Ed Norton isn’t talking… (UPDATE)

So, according to G4, Marvel Studios won in the battle of the final cut of the film against Ed Norton (Marvel wanted a trimmer, faster paced film – Norton wanted the longer, more detailed story).  Now Ed Norton won’t be found on the publicity tour for the new movie.  Norton’s camp is insisting that it’sContinue reading “Ed Norton isn’t talking… (UPDATE)”