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Amazingly – I’m Rooting for the Duck


I will ever remain Hulk loyal – but in this case I’m on Darkwing Duck’s side.

“Let’s get dangerous”


Christmas Wishes from Across the Pond!


Some Art I Found…


I wish I knew more about the artist of this piece or the piece in general.  I found it scrolling through Hulk art pics and hit a dead end instantly.  I see a lot of Jack Kirby inspiration.  Either way, it’s awesome.  If anyone knows anything about this piece I would love to know more!

A Win is a Win


Just think outside the box!

Good Luck…


Try naming them all in the comments below!

Happy Father’s Day to Me!


I might be one of the luckiest guys ever!  My 9 year old made me my very own Hulk card for Father’s Day!  Looks like his purple pants might be ripping off too!

Marvel Fanfare #29 Mini-Canvas (2012)

mike hulk 021 (2)

John Byrne should come back to Marvel to tell more tales!  Let’s put any silly disagreements aside and make some more art!  We need him back in comics!  He obviously has the chops still as we’ve all seen some of his recent commissions.  I also believe that he still has stories to tell!  1999 Hulk reboot aside I think his style would certainly fit into today’s narrative.  This mini-canvas is great with the weathered look and classic art.  Wall space is more the issues these days!