Clash of Furies (2009) – The Review

So, here’s the back-up story in TIH #601 – and I’ll be straight darned if it ain’t pretty dang good!  I mean, are we really going to have all these Hulk bastards running around?  And I mean the technical term bastard – not the mean spirited slang word…  so Lyra (Hulk’s child with Thundra) isContinue reading “Clash of Furies (2009) – The Review”

A Week of Cobalt-Man! – Monday (Defenders #43)

This will actually be a short week since I am in my Brother-in-law’s wedding this Friday.  So it will be a short Mon-Wed week – but it’s perfect to showcase a great character that I love!  Cobalt man!  I’m already switching things up here – not only is this NOT Cobalt man’s first appearance – but thisContinue reading “A Week of Cobalt-Man! – Monday (Defenders #43)”

Alright – who wants a “No Prize?”

I love bad movies – bad, bad movies – but boy was I surprised when I saw this image in the movie I was watching!  Alright – so here’s the No Prize opportunity: Name the movie Name the Actor in the front seat Identify the issue number of the Incredible Hulk that is being readContinue reading “Alright – who wants a “No Prize?””

A Week of Valkyrie – Friday (Defenders #27)

Let’s end this week with a great cover featuring the one and only Hulk saving Valkyrie.  Because – well, heck, why not – Valkyrie may be a powerful, scary woman with a bad-ass attitude – but she still needs the Hulk to come to the rescue every once in a while – to which heContinue reading “A Week of Valkyrie – Friday (Defenders #27)”

The Incredible Hulk #601 (2009) – The Review

So, the Hulk is gone – Banner’s on his own – out to find his son.  But there is good news – Pak is back!  Now, this issue starts with Banner on a train where a young boy is abused by his father.  When Banner steps in the man hits him – and what normallyContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #601 (2009) – The Review”

A Week of Valkyrie – Thursday (Defenders #45)

Alright – I have a bunch of things to post tonight – and throughout the day since Hulk #14, Incredible Hulk #601 AND Son of Hulk #14 all came out today – so while I’m working on the reviews enjoy the next Valkyrie cover – one where the Hulk and V are facing off –Continue reading “A Week of Valkyrie – Thursday (Defenders #45)”

A Week of Valkyrie – Wednesday Parts I & II (Defenders #4/#66)

So – The Defenders were an interesting group.  It all starts with Strange, Namor and the Hulk – and sometimes the Surfer – but this was an unbeatable group – mainly because these guys were the heavy hitters in the MU – Groups have a hard time beating just one of them – never mindContinue reading “A Week of Valkyrie – Wednesday Parts I & II (Defenders #4/#66)”

A Week of Valkyrie – Tuesday (The Incredible Hulk #142)

So, here’s the next issue to be showcased – it’s of course The Incredible Hulk #142 where the first Valkyrie (as Barbara Gordon) squared offf against the Hulk.  And, as this cover depicts, it seems Valkyrie is a fan of wrestling – and in particular the stylings of Jake “The Snake” Roberts.  Go V, go!

Valkyrie Lead Figure (2009)

These little figures are pretty great. One of the only real issues I have is that the figures paint job can be inconsistant – but the sculpts are pretty excellent and the size makes them easy to display. Valkyrie, of course, has a lot to do with the Hulk – her first appearance (as BarbaraContinue reading “Valkyrie Lead Figure (2009)”